Mug Monday & Blog News

Dear Mug Monday friends,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! My weekend was spent continuing the books I wasn´t able to finish during the week, sorting out my TBR shelves and eating trendy foods. Yes. Bird food for the wealthy and dusting off books. I gave up my trendy food weekend shortly after I choked on Chia seeds. That went pretty well, I´d say. I´m pracitally living the dream, people!

Now that I´ve shared my near death by tiny seeds experience with you… it´s time for the big reveal.

I´ve got news! Okay, this might not be spectacular news to you all but for me it´s huge. I´d even go so far and say this will be a small blog – life changing event ( Ooh, that sounds so dramatic, doesn´t it? )

With the recent events that have happened, and long talks with the husbutt and a few trusted friends, I´m ready to venture out and touch new grounds in the book universe.

Gif winner of all time. 

I´ve decided to vlog. There. I´ve said it.

Yes, I remember saying I wasn´t really pro vlogging because I couldn´t see myself in that sort of light. But after all the wine and evening discussions I don´t really think it would be such a terrible idea.

Besides – Why the hell not, you know? Life is too short to dwell on the idea for long. I even think it could turn out to be fun. Wanna know a little secret? I´ve even tested my talking to my phone abilities already on Instagram.

A 1 minute mini book review where I either approve or disapprove books. There´s nothing more to it. Approved books land in my tattered wooden book box or they don´t. Voila!

For those who don´t have a flipping clue what I´m talking about, you are more than welcome to check my mini test vlog review out.

Forgive the idiotic cover image. I haven´t figured how to look appropriate, not even for a nanosecond. But, I have to start somewhere, right? Why not start ignorant and work from there, right?

The initial idea behind all this was to avoid misunderstandings of all kinds.

Written reviews are often misunderstood. Authors and fans of said authors tend to read too much between the lines. Also, fellow book bloggers like to judge a review and stamp it off as a rant when it´s anything but. The problem at hand is the lack of facial expressions and voice tones. A short vid clip can prevent these types of problems.

Also, 1 minute book reviews aren´t tiring ( not for me, at least ).

Besides- I have done close to everything there can be done regarding book blogging. Everything aside from video reviews.

So, there ya have it. My big news.

While vlogging might be a new path it´ll remain a side project. I´m still going to continue my current blog. This blog. The blog blog. * gg * This is my baby. I don´t want to neglect my pride and joy! ( So dramatic today )

Also, I think I won´t dive into the Youtube world just yet. That will happen eventually but for now,  we´ll all have to live with a once a week Insta-vid.

Here´s to hoping I won´t screw things up.


As for the Mug Monday feature: I´ve been slacking. My weekend almost killed me ( those damn Chia seeds ) and I didn´t have the mind to get a proper mug feature done. Instead, I present you an old mug pic. A terrible one. So terrible I had to dig it out of my archives.

mug monday socks

But those socks! I still have them. They´re dangerous AF. Livingroom ice skating used to be more fun.. like – 20 years ago. And that star mug in the upper right corner? It no exists. * sigh * The socks make up for the loss, though.

That was it, my dear bookish Padawans. I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful monday!

Don´t forget to share the book love!

Hugs and more hugs,

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Mug Monday & Booktube Thoughts

Mug – Plain white        Book Topic – Booktube Thoughts

Featured Book – Absinthe Of The Heart ( book #1 ) by Monica James


Welcome back to Mug Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday, so far.

My weekend was fairly uneventful. Saturday I went out with a few friends for drinks. You can imagine how our fossil meet up ended and how badly I suffered on Sunday? PS: I survived. All´s good again. I even managed to drag myself outside for some outdoor reading!

mug mon
Book: Absinthe Of The Heart ( #1 ) by Monica James. Genre: romance

Marshmellows are my hangover cure. Just eat a bag and suffer shortly after for a different reason. 🙂

Needless to say –  while chit – chatting and enjoying colorful cocktails with the old lady squad, one friend asked if I booktubed.



To be honest – That threw me off balance a little. I mean, I book blog. Isn´t that sort of the same thing? Well, aside from being visible… booktube is the same thing as traditional book blogging, right?

Yeah, maybe. I wouldn´t truly know because I´ve only watched one booktube video in my entire life.

I can´t even remember what the video was about anymore. But I do remember zoning out after 2 minutes. Then I began looking at the messy bookshelves behind the booktuber. It was distracting to see so many unorganized books and papers shoved between the books. Made my OCD heart bleed something fierce. Since then, I haven´t watched a book blog video. I thought it wasn´t worth the fuss.

Our booktuber discussion ended just as fast as it started and we continued to drink our wrinkles away until we were asked to leave ( because the bar closed! Not because we caused chaos. Old people, remember? We drink and release the magic of the mascara thinner when we enter our homes so no one can witness anything ).

Guess what I did the next day? Sunday was then spent watching booktube. Because maybe I just had a first time bad experience, you know? So, I watched and watched.

A hundred book review videos later…

I came to one conclusion: You see one, you´ve practically seen them all.

And that´s not meant in a negative way. Far from it, actually. Most booktubers are lovely beings with great style. Some I just adored and some were a little on the shy side, not really knowing what exactly they were doing, but still cute in their own right.

But they kind of seemed like a faded copy of each other.

Is that what traditional book bloggers are, too? Let´s not answer that one or else I might fall into a funk, take a long bubble bath and force myself to finish my current read- The one I´m avoiding, atm.

Booktubing stayed on my mind all Sunday long. Because it´s a tad exciting. Eventually, I talked with a few book bloggers and asked them if they ever considered booktubing before. Everyone I spoke with said they never have and never would. The reasons weren´t shocking or surprising.


“No. I can´t. I´m too shy.”

“I don´t feel comfortable with people seeing me.” 

“I´m an introvert.”

“I´m not cut out for that kind of stuff.”


Okay. All fine. Totally understandable. If recording yourself feels awkward then don´t do it. It´s as simple as that. Not everyone is ready to leave their comfort zone.

Only one of my book blogging friends asked me why I´m not a booktuber.

Good question. To be fair, I´ve never given booktube a thought. I certainly don´t have good excuses not to become one. Why?

  • I´m outgoing / outspoken. An extrovert.
  • I really don´t give a hoot if people see me or not.
  • I have enough to say ( Oh, don´t we all, baby )

So, what´s keeping me from diving head first into Booktube Land? Probably the fact that I´d have to wear a bra. No woman should ever underestimate the powers of bra – less book blogging. Maybe showing general interest in booktubing would be helpful, as well.

For now, I think I´ll stick with traditional book blogging. It´s something I can easily shove in my already packed schedule. Should I ever feel the overwhelming need to show myself via video and give everyone some real book talk I´ll let you know…

Questions: What are your thoughts regarding booktube? Have you ever considered becoming a booktuber? Do you follow booktubers? Share your favorites. What would be the main reason for not going into that niche? Let´s chat!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Many hugs and virtual kisses.

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