Top 10 True & Depressing TBR Pile Memes

Don´t bother denying it. You all have those pesky TBR lists that make your lives a living bookish nightmare. Even Norrie from Reading Under The Blankie calls her TBR pile the Mountain of Doom. That´s exactly what a TBR pile is – A good for nothing pile of books that do nothing but collect dust and cobwebs somewhere in a hidden corner ( or in plain sight ) and makes us feel a special kind of guilt.

The guilt trip our silent companions put us through isn´t pleasant. We keep pacifying our guilt by promising ourselves that we´ll, ONE DAY, reach out for the pile and grab an untouched treasure.

( Insert hysterical laugh )

Yeah…. Good one, right? We all know it´s never going to happen. Even the meme world thinks it´s worthy enough to make fun of.

Which brings me back to this posts topic….

I present you the Top 10 True & Depressing TBR Pile Memes. 

Mind you- These memes are spot on true. Let me hear y´all book loving people´s opinions on these… Enjoy.


  1. A book lover´s anthem.

( insert tune from the Star Spangled Banner) O-oh say can you seeee, all the books I can never find time to read….

meme 6










2. * Cough cough, clears throat, looks away *










3. TBR Bookcases, my dear. Plural. 

I´m often speechless when someone complains to me about their itsy bitsy 2 book TBR pile.

meme 3










4. * Looks down at feet, whistles, runs away *

meme 4












5. One day we´ll find someone who believes us.

meme 7











6. The TBR – O – Meter

Thank all that´s fully and pink that no one has invented a TBR – O – Meter gadget. We don´t need the evidence.

meme 5




Then become a sobbing mess because the month has just started and you´re already dirt poor.




8. The reason why I´ve grown fond of Kellogg´s Corn flakes.




9. Some things are better left unknown.

Those numbers are depressing. And they´re not even my own.

meme 9



10.  * stops singing the national TBR Pile anthem *

No shit?

meme 2


That´s it for today. It´s time to retreat so I can lick my depressed wounds.

Tell me…. do these come close to your TBR pile truth? 

I hope you all enjoyed my Top 10 True & Depressing TBR Pile Memes.

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November Bookshelf Clean – Out

It´s time for the unthinkable – Time to clean out the bookshelves!

I know, right? It hurts to think about permanently removing books from a bookshelf. I don´t like it either, to be honest. It pains me just as much as it would hurt any other book lover / hoarder /collector/ ( or whatever we like to call ourselves ). It´s also November. A bridge month between Halloween and Christmas. I have nothing else to do besides spring clean, or should I say… autumn clean?

But, if we´re all honest with ourselves… not every book on our bookshelves is worth the spot it´s occupying. And I´ve had it up to here * holding hand up and leveling it with my cheekbone * looking at the books I didn´t like or haven´t read. Why should I keep what I thought wasn´t out of this world great?

So I have a plan. One that might work in my favor. Trust me, I´ve thought about this for a long time ( exactly 20 minutes ) and am totally okay with this master plan of mine. This might sound a little savage to you lovely bookworms out there… but I assure you, no harm has been done to books nor do I intend to harm any books mentioned in this post.

The TBR pile. That blasted, grief giving pile needs a clean out.

From a logical point of view – There shouldn´t even be a to – be – read list. Read what you want and move on to the next book, right? If one would actually do this then there wouldn´t be such a flipping list. We´re not looking at this from a logical point of view, though. Readers / book bloggers keep piling book after book on each other, feeding the ever starving TBR list. Why do we do this? Because we like to read. It´s an endless cycle I´m about to break for myself.

The problem with my TBR pile / list is: I have books on that list that I´ve bought 5 years ago. And once a week I remove the dust off those TBR books and watch them collect a new layer of dust all over again.

My master plan: SORT THEM OUT! That´s right. You read correct. I AM FED UP! * waves arms dramatically in the air * I will no longer put up with the misery that´s attached to a TBR list. So, I began. And guess what? I got rid of nearly half of my physical TBR books.

How did I do that, you ask? I´m glad you asked. I figured… since my tastes have changed over the years.. my taste for certain books might have changed as well. I was right!

We all need to sit down and ask ourselves WHY certain books land on a TBR list. My reasons are:

  • The book sounded interesting, but not interesting enough to make me want to drop everything and read immediately
  • The book looked good
  • The book was recommended by a friend

I have a very peculiar taste when it comes to books. I read romances but not all types of romances. I read paranormal and fantasy but not all types. I´m super picky when it comes to sub genres and often, when I get a book, I find out much later that it has certain elements included that I don´t really fancy. So, those books land on my TBR list because I can read it in the far future,.. possibly when I have nothing to read.

* insert hysterical laugh *

Another thing I´d like to say about the nerve wrecking TBR list. Once a book lands there, there´s no telling when or if I´ll ever read it.
I bid all my former TBR books farewell. It was nice dusting you off.

Now, let´s get to the nitty gritty of my bookshelf clean out.

This won´t come to a huge surprise to you all but… I have a shit load of books. So many that one might think I have a problem. The main spot for my books: My livingroom. Then bedroom, bathroom, basement, kitchen, car…. I have books everywhere around the house. This means I actually had no flipping clue how many books I actually have.

The results, after collecting all the books and placing them in my livingroom, were shocking.

book friday clean

There is a positive side to this, though. If I read a book and wander around with it then it´s actually a good sign. It means I couldn´t put the book down! But, by God… so many books scattered around the house.

Unfortunately, these books are also on the clean – out list. Books from series I´ve started and never really felt the need to continue, book series I totally forgot about, etc. The list is ENDLESS!

I´m not the only one to blame here. It´s not entirely my fault that I´ve lost interest in most series. I put half the blame on authors who don´t think it´s revelant to publish within a year´s time span ( I predict a dark future for the next Game of Thrones book).

So, my new goal will be to organize EVERY book I have and categorize them in different sections. Beware though. I´m a complete beast when it comes to organizing shit. I´m one of those super anal organizers who buy a pack of multi – colored rhinestones and sort them out by color in one night. Organizing books will be a piece of cake!

As much as I love to organize by color, I´m going to do the following:

Organize books by;

  1. Author
  2. Publication date
  3. Series / Standalones

Then I will take stock of what I have, who´s apparently my favorite author and begin to sift out what´s hot and what´s not.

  1. Everything with a 4 star and above stays
  2. Everything with a 3 star gets a reread
  3. Everything with a 2 star and beneath needs to go

It´s that simple.

This will not only help create more space on my bookshelves, it will also keep me more focused on keeping my TBR list to a minimum and being more conscious about buying my next read.

With that being said- I feel absolutely great about this whole bookshelf clean – out. It´s cleansing in the best way possible!

NOTE: All sorted out books will not land in a book graveyard. They´ll be kept in a box until they find good, loving and caring homes.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Personalized signed books will land in my ever trusting IKEA storage box, where I keep all my other golden book babies.

book friday
A mug in the middle of a book mess


Tell me: What do you do with your TBR list? Do you clean out your bookshelves once in a while or does your collection just keep growing? I´d love to read your thoughts!


Have a wonderful day and don´t forget to share the book love!

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Mug Monday & Happy Bookish October

Mug – Hearts

Bookish Topic – Happy Bookish October


Heya! Welcome back to Mug Monday. Today is extra special because it´s the first day of a new month… on a Monday, the first day of the week. ( Jeez, I hope I got that one right. )

Anyway- It´s pumpkin season, Halloween month, the start of the brutal birthday party season ( because I somehow know too many October people ), and all that shibaz. Personally, I´m just happy it´s cold outside. The rest is just a nice and fun bonus on the side.

What´s more important, though, is….

October the perfect month for long reading sessions. 

This excites me the most- Reading and watching the sun set early, feeling the cool crisp air from outside and listening to the husbutt complain about the heaters needing to be aired out… again, and dreaming of an endless supply of hot drinks and cheesecake while bundled in a comforter. For me, rainy lazy reading days don´t come near the magic of October reading sessions. To show you my point feel free to examine my from 1 – 10 scale.

scale done
My life in a nutshell.

That is why October is awesome. I can get away with “Honey! Can you bring me another blanket?” without having to move. Because life under a blankie is a life worth enjoying.


As for the bookish part of this post….

I´ve found a new challenge for myself. Yes, that´s right, dear Padawans… My “tackle the TBR list ” challenge isn´t working out as planned so I found another way to reach my goals.

A new approach that makes working down the TBR list more exciting.

New Goal:

Finish all series I once started.

That´s it. The idea came to me while I was outside, reading.

If I can´t manage to start and finish the standalones on my dreaded list I might as well pay the unfinished book series a little more respect and at least finish those, right?

It´s a solid plan and I have high hopes for that plan.


Something is telling me I´ll fail but it´s still worth a shot. I´m not going to give up on that damned list yet.

So, with that being said… I think it´s time to show you why reading in October is pretty.


That´s why. ❤ I bought this beauty not too long ago and my daughter claimed it for herself the minute she set her eyes on it. ❤

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Monday and a beautiful October!

Many hugs and air kisses,

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It´s Time To Tackle The TBR List

A book lover has 3 enemies.

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3.  The blasted TBR List

While some of you might see only 2 out of the 3 as a true problem.. I consider all 3 points a pain in my spring chicken bum.

Time is always working against me. There´s never enough money at the right moment for the newest release / newly discovered book. And that good for nothing, ever-growing TBR list keeps getting longer by the day / week / month.


The Struggle is real.

It´s like a vicious cycle that never ends.

If I do, by some miracle, have money for books, then I usually don´t have time to read.

The end result: I buy the books I want and they land on the TBR pile. And since I avoid ebooks I literally have a pile of unread paperbacks, neatly stacked somewhere safe, with the false promise that I´ll one day read those books. ( I have more unread ebooks but since I´m avoiding my Kindle… those may never meet my eyes )

book stack pile

It´s the same crap every month.

But it´s time to break the never-ending cycle. It´s time to be the breaker of TBR lists.

I am so done. Fed up. Tired of looking at all the pretty paperbacks and thinking I´ll get to those one day.

The brutal truth is- I bought all those books for a reason. TO READ THEM. At some point in my life, they all sounded awesome. Why I haven´t read them?

Because something always got in my way. New releases, social life, the latest fb gossip, a hot bubble bath session, dinner… There was always something that kept me from diving into the books on my dusty TBR list.

Not anymore.

My grande idea: To tackle the TBR list.

Now, hold on a minute.

I know there´s no way I will EVER be able to get rid of the mile long TBR list. I´m doomed for life. All book lovers are. Even the occasional readers who have miniature TBR lists are doomed. There´s no escaping. We´ll all die with a TBR list one day. ( What an awful thought. Bah. )

But wouldn´t it be fab if our lists weren´t a mile long?

Think of all the money we could save if we touched the books we already possess instead of buying new ones or accepting new advanced reader copies!


So, the idea of tackling the TBR list is there. Now on to the next step.


How Does One Tackle The TBR List?

I can´t speak for others but my idea looks like this:

  • Avoid social media
  • Avoid bookstores
  • Avoid Amazon

And while avoiding the internet altogether I´ll do the unthinkable.

  • Pick a book from my TBR pile and start reading.
  • Pick another book after I´ve finished the last.
  • Pick another one until the TBR list looks somewhat presentable.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it is simple in theory but it won´t be an easy task. I can already smell the sweet scent of failure in my near future. That doesn´t mean I can´t try, right? RIGHT?


So, let´s raise our drinks ( Mugs, cups, flutes, bottles ) and make a toast!


How long is your TBR list and have you ever attempted to downsize it? If you have then tell me your secrets! I´m dying to know how you did the unthinkable.

If this post has inspired you to tackle your own TBR list then feel free to join in on the fun! Shared pain is half the pain! Let´s create a miracle together. If not then I´ll be sure to give you updates on how I´m suffering from not buying the awesome new releases. But be warned- I´ll be moaning and nagging a lot while reducing the TBR list.

I hope everyone has a great day!


Many hugs,

Morgana ❤ ❤











Reading List- Febuary 2018

Alas! My Febuary reading list.

With Febuary being my second most busy month I´ve decided to keep my reading list a little smaller than I usually would.

But then again- Febuary is my birth month and I can´t NOT treat myself with just 2 books. Either go big or go home, right? Yes, I´m absolutely right.

Here´s my reading list for Febuary 2018!

feb reads.jpg

1. A Shadow Bright And Burning – Jessica Cluess  ( Fantasy/YA )

2. Forgetting You, Forgetting Me – Monica James   ( Romance )

3. Glitter – Aprilynne Pike   ( YA, Fantasy, Dystopia)

4. The One – John Marrs   (Thriller)

5. A Crack In Everything – L. H. Cosway   (Romance)

6. Prelude – Auden Dar   ( Romance )

What a chaotic mix of books! Some were recommendations from friends, others I found while snooping around on social media.

I can´t wait to start these and share my thoughts on each of them. Let´s hope  none of these end up on my dreadful TBR list.

Much love,

Morgana xoxo