The Spam Treasure Box: Part Three

Heya! Welcome back to The Spam Treasure Box special!

I guess I can go ahead and announce that I´ll be doing a monthly Spam Treasure feature from now on. How cool! Seriously, folks… The spam comments I´m getting are too hilarious. Far too hilarious to delete. There´s just no way I can ignore these because some of these are just too good to be true.

So, now it´s official. Be prepared for future spam post features!


For those who have no flipping clue what this is about: These are screenshots from my spam comments. No more info is needed. 🙂 If you end up enjoying these spams you also might want to check out my previous treasures Spam Box Treasures and More From The Spam Treasure Box. Trust me… they´re fab in their own special way.

So, now that we have that settled.. Why don´t we dive right in and see what my spam folder had to offer this month.




  1. You needed 2 solid days for a 16 page children´s book? 




2. Daddy, even the neighbor´s cat left town because of Larry´s worship singing. Do something! 

spammish 2



3. So, the Bible has a talking snake but it´s not once mentioned what toys Mary and Joseph played with? Pfft. ( taking 2 stars away from Bible rating ). Thank you, Larry, for pointing that major detail out for me. 

Spammish 3



4. Okay, Flossie. How about I check out your shoe collection and tell you how I can see the reason for why you´re still single?

spammish 4


5. What what what?? I did no such thing! And don´t you dare make use of my ideas. My pitch fork is polished and I´m not afraid to use it!

spammish 5



6. Hello MargaritaJuicy. I´m sure other blogs protect their existing content with pitch forks, too. Now, go away! 

spammish 7



7. Flossie, Margartia… See? This is how a spam needs to look like, you old hags! Irecssgsvaa… spam me anytime!

spammish 8



8. Jeanie, sorry to hear about the job you weren´t good at yet.

spammish 9



9. The conclusion? The supply? Am I at some weird drug dealer debate? Nevermind the compliment about my greatest monthly review… What supplies are we talking about here?

spammish 10


That´s it for this month, bookish folks! I hope you enjoyed my spam treasures! I seriously cannot wait to see what more Larry the singer has in store for me.


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More From The Spam Treasure Box

My beloved spam box. Oh, how I´ve squealed with joy when I saw the 20+ messages in my spam box.

And because I had so much fun the last time I shared all my spam treasures, I thought it would be a great idea to enlighten you all once again.


Are you ready? I sure am. Let´s do this!




1. – I don´t accept incomplete pitches. You can´t just end a sentence where you want to. Go back and redo the pitch. Contact me again when you´re ready. 

spam 2.0

2. You got it all wrong, Dude. I wanted to be a lawyer. Not a paralegal. 

spam 2.1


3. It seems to be good?! Just good?! And what´s happening Brussels? Be more specific, dude!

spam 2.2



4. Uuhm, all I wanted was to reveal the cover trends I observed. ( insert pout )

.spam 2.5















5. I once told a girl in 2nd grade that everyone could rope skip, as it doesn´t require any qualifications, prior experience or specialized skills. All she needed was time and a rope. Poor girl lost a tooth afterwards. Just saying. 

spam 2.6












That´s it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed the treasures from my bogus spam box.  Be sure to check out my previous spam treasures here.

Until next time.


Much love,

Morgana ❤