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`Tis the season to be jolly.flake

flake`Tis the season to love. `Tis the season of giving.


Today I´d like to give back to the book community for being so supportive. Today is about shining some book blog love on one of my favorite book blogs out there and giving everyone the chance to meet the person who runs that blog via book blogger interview.


Let´s give it up for Norrie from Reading Under The Blankie!


Norrie is a London based book blogger who spends time reading crime fiction and thrillers and loves science fiction! She also shouldn´t be approached until she´s had her breakfast ( I can relate ). She also mentions on her blog that she´s a coffee drinker, a cat hugger who hates ignorance and can´t function properly below 25 degree Celsius.


Why Do I Love Reading Under The Blankie?

Norrie´s book blog is one of those simple, yet powerful blogs. She´s on point, her content is refreshing and her overall attitude is great! Those points play a huge role when it comes to book blogging. Because book blogging is never only about books. It´s about sharing a unique style. Reading Under The Blankie definitely delivers on that account.

Let´s get to know the mastermind behind Reading Under The Blankie!





Morgana:  Norrie, thank you loads! I´m so happy to have you here. With the holidays being around the corner I´m sure you´re busy reading and writing reviews, so… I truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule for little ol´ me.

Can I offer you something to drink? Soda, water, coffee? How about snacks? What´s your go – to food & drink on an easy going full on interrogation night? ( as if we do this once a week. Lol )


Norrie:  I really want to say coffee, especially caramel flavoured one, but since we are talking about nightly interrogation, I’ll go with sugar free peach ice tea I think. I’m not fussy when it comes to snacks, but my current favourites are cinnamon crisps and toasted mixed nuts. Minus the walnuts… so if you find some stuffed down behind the cushions… They are totally not from me.

Morgana:  Oooh, I could die for cinnamon crisps right now. About the nuts: If the nuts weren´t from you…  then they were from me. I´m actually terrified to look behind the cushions ( Who knows what else is back there )




2. I´ve been following you for some time now and I can say, without a doubt, that you belong to one of my favorite book bloggers, even though we enjoy complete different genres. This just shows that book people don´t necessarily have to like the genres others prefer… It´s, in fact, all about the common appreciation for books that´s important. What are your thoughts ?


Norrie:  *melts*

I always like to say that bookish people are very similar and will always find a common ground, regardless of what kind of books we enjoy reading. Any story from any genre has the potential to transport you into wonderful worlds, teach you something, or help you through some tough time. Or you know, they are just great as ice breakers. Like, I’m almost positive I could have a great conversation with a fellow bookworm even if we’ve never spoken before. I’m not someone with great people skills, and can’t do small talk for the life of me, so having a shared interest would definitely put me at ease.


Morgana: I hear you loud and clear! Books are fabulous ice breakers! You´re also right about having a great conversation with a stranger fellow bookworm.


3. When I read this line in your About Norrie I couldn´t help myself but laugh out loud. “…would probably not touch a romance with a stick.” Now, I know you love to read a good crime fiction and thriller. But what I want to know is: What would it take for you to read a romance? What would the romance have to have in order for you to enjoy it as much as you enjoy crime fic and thrillers? And don´t say “Nothing.” because that doesn´t count.


Norrie:  What would it take? Well, let’s see. Hours upon hours of convincing, some bribery (food usually works), threats to my well being perhaps?

In all fairness, I have read and enjoyed a few books that could possibly fit in this genre, but they all had something else going for them. Liane Moriarty is one of my favourite contemporary authors, and both What Alice Forgot and The Hypnotist’s Love Story focuses on couples and their relationships and I found both of them utterly fascinating. It was not sappy, or overly dramatic. Their love was not the main point of their existence.

I like stories about relationships if they are realistic, have well written characters that do other things apart from falling head over heels for each other on the first page.


Morgana: So, I can knock on your door next week and give you all my “normal” romances? YAY! Lol. I completely understand what you´re saying.



4. Oh, speaking of books: What was the worst and best book (- related item) purchase you´ve ever made? And why? ( because we all want to know what Norrie recommends… or doesn´t )


Norrie:  Without a question, the best thing I ever bought was my Kindle. I love it. I read way more books ever since I got it. I’m quite the rebel, and don’t like physical copies all that much.

I don’t think I’ve made a particularly bad purchase. Mostly because I don’t mind waiting for book prices to drop, or buy them in the charity shop, so I don’t usually spend more than £1.99 on a book. So, patience padawans! That’s my advice.


Morgana: * Heart just stopped * You´re a Kindle advocate? I feel like I should hiss in shock, or something. *gg* Just kidding. Even though my Kindle is my worst enemy I can see the appeal. And only 1.99? What am I doing wrong with my life?




5. Books are often filled with wise quotes and sayings that often help readers in one way or another. Personally, I never spot these quotes but that doesn´t mean you wouldn´t. Is there a wise saying you´ve spotted in a book that´s stuck with you and can you share? Or, was there ever a quote you´ve seen that made you roll your eyes?


Norrie:  Oh, I’m an ardent highlighter of quotes. One other reason why I just love reading on Kindle so much. It even shows the lines other people saved.

Beartown is such a goldmine for wise stuff.

Just look at these ones…

  • A great deal is expected of anyone who’s been given a lot.


  • And when enough people are quiet for long enough, a handful of voices can give the impression that everyone is screaming.


  • Hate can be a deeply stimulating emotion. The world becomes easier to understand and much less terrifying if you divide everything and everyone into friends and enemies, we and they, good and evil. The easiest way to unite a group isn’t through love, because love is hard, It makes demands. Hate is simple. So the first thing that happens in a conflict is that we choose a side, because that’s easier than trying to hold two thoughts in our heads at the same time. The second thing that happens is that we seek out facts that confirm what we want to believe – comforting facts, ones that permit life to go on as normal. The third is that we dehumanize our enemy.

I just want to wrap these words around me like a blankie and live in them.


Morgana: And I want to read that book now! The first and second quote you mentioned hold so much truth. I´m going to send the third quote to my book bestie ASAP.




6. Now, let´s get off the book road for a second and see what talents aside from book blogging Norrie has. Tell us- What useless ( yes, useless. Because we all have that one thing we´re good at but not good enough to turn us into millionaires ) talent do you have? I´ll tell you mine if you´re willing to share yours.


Norrie:  Oh, I am intrigued!

I can weave my toes together.

I often swear in various accents.


Morgana: * giving you a standing ovation *  That toe action is pretty impressive. I´ve tried that but never got further than linking the big toe and index toe ( is that what it´s called?) together. You´re an accent person?! Marry me! That is SO cool!

Okay, here is mine: I can balance the tip of a broom on my middle finger, throw it in the air and catch the tip with my palm again WITHOUT letting the broom touch the ground. Oh, and I can nap like no other.



7. Norrie, you´re a London-based reader and book blogger. You practically live in the book blogger hotspot! I´m feeling all sorts of envy at the moment because of that.  Have you had a chance to meet up with fellow book bloggers / followers for a drink or two?


Norrie:  One would think I’m tripping over famous authors on a daily basis and go to secret blogger hangouts, but alas, I’m an introvert and barely even leave my borough. My postcode even…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the set up, my borough for example has two postcode areas. I live pretty much in the center, and I rarely stray away from it.

That said, I do think it would be fun to actually meet some of the bloggers I only know online. House party, anyone?

Morgana: Oh honey, you´s gotta leave da house! London is swarming with book people just waiting to get in touch 🙂 Did you say house party? Mark your calendar. Imma be in London in April and September 2019. * wink wink *




8.  Describe your book blog using 5 words:

Norrie:  Snarky, Honest, Funny, Cozy, Laid-back

Morgana: SPOT ON!




9.  Us book bloggers seem to spread out and make good use of many ( if not all )  social media sites. You have 4 social media icons on your blog. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads. Where do you spend most of your time?


Norrie:   I want to say I’m quite balanced and don’t spend all that much time on any social media. However every now and then I somehow an hour seem to have gone by after I started browsing Goodreads.

I do spend more time on Facebook when I’m talking to my friends, but I don’t actually brows the feed too much. Nothing to see there, most of the time.

Morgana: I couldn´t agree more with the “nothing to see there, most of the time.” Facebook just isn´t what it used to be. And I can definitely relate with the Goodreads browsing. Heavens… that sh*t´s dangerous. Lol




10.  Norrie, I´m so sad to say that we´ve already hit the end with this interview. I can´t begin to tell you how much I´ve enjoyed this. Please, let´s do this again sometime. Thank you once again for being apart of this December Book Blog special. You´re a star! ❤


Norrie:  Well, this was fun! Thanks for having me ❤

Morgana:  Anytime! Hopefully some time again soon! ❤





Dear fellow bloggers / friends / family / followers,

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Norrie from Reading Under The Blankie 

Do yourselves a favor and show this awesome book blogger some book love! Be sure to stalk Norrie on all her social media. flake


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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Many hugs and kisses to Of All the Books in All the Libraries for the nomination!




  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and ask them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post/or on your blog


Let´s see if I can answer Suziey´s questions without blowing it completely. Ready? Ready. Okay, everyone. Time to take a deep breath. This is gonna be fun (fingers crossed)


1. Would you rather travel back in time and alter history or go to the future and find out how and when you die and why?

I´d definitely go back in time and change a few things. I´m not one to regret my choices but I would love to go back and reword arguments / try not to hurt people as much as I´ve done. I´m a very proud person and can lash out when stuck in an ugly situation.


2. What songs would the soundtrack of your life consist of? 

When I was a teenager I used to say “All by myself” was the complete soundtrack of my life ( yes. I was a dramatic little turd ). Now, I have a colorful list of everything. Each of these songs represents me. My life.

  • Bad Ideas from Alle Farben ( This is my life anthem )
  • The Middle – Jimmy Eat World ( So my life )
  • That´s Not My Name – The Ting Tings ( Because many people call me by nicknames and to this day, have no clue what my name is. The guessing games at parties were and still are always fun. )


3. If you woke up tomorrow in somebody else’s body, who would you want to be and what would you do?

Uuhm… * scratching head * Not sure. I´ve never thought about this before. Thinking about it now- I wouldn´t want to go through a body swap. I have enough on my plate as it is- Changing bodies would only bring more problems and I´m too exhausted to deal with new issues. But if a body swap was to take place then I sure as hell hope it´s with someone who has a nice fluffy plush bed.


3. When was the last time you binge watched a show and what was it?

I´m currently binge watching Friends.. for the hundredth time. And before that it was Game Of Thrones. Next up- Game of Thrones ( mainly because I think husbutt still doesn´t understand it. HAHAHA )


4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

From my girls- “You´re the best Mommy.” That´s all I need. Although I´m their only mom they still feel the need to point out that I´m their best. Lol. Like they have much to compare with. 🙂 Still warms my heart. ❤


5. Have you met any celebrities before, and if so, who?

Ooooh, probably. But I belong to those people who´re too ignorant to notice a celeb even if he/she were tied to my back.


6. What books would you recommend to someone that says they hate reading?

I wouldn´t recommend books to those people. Lol. In fact… I´d do a convo swap, pull someone else ( who´s just walking by ) into the convo and say “Oops. Won´t you look at the time. I gotta head out.” And elegantly make a run for it.


7. Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet?

Most of Jane Austen’s Heroes.


8. What is your favorite word?



9. If you had a boat, what bookish name would you give it? 

Bookish name as in title or character name? A title I´d give my boat would be `The Mighty Storm` which is from The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle. And a character name for my boat would be Pigeon from `A Beautiful Disaster`by Jamie McGuire


10. What would be the title of your autobiography?

Nap Time. Give Me 5 More Minutes. Leave Me Alone. I Survived. Not My Fault. It´s All His Fault. I Wasn´t Paid Enough.


11. What is the one question that you absolutely hate being asked?

Omg. This question is made for me! I get asked the same stupid thing every-damn-time by people who I believe are fairly clever but act like total idiots when then ask that ONE question.

“Are you wearing contact lenses?”

Hmm… Would it be wise to wear contact lenses when I wear glasses? Have you seen how thick my glasses are? I mean- I wear them all the damn long time. Night and day. You´ve never seen me without them because if I don´t wear them I couldn´t see you. I´d be talking to a tree instead of you! OH! You´re talking about my eye color? So, gray can´t be natural? Is that what you´re saying?

That´s how the convo inside my head goes. Instead, the convo goes more like this:

Person:  ( squinting eyes and coming close to my face) Are you wearing contact lenses?

Me: ( having the convo above with myself) No. I have these babies on for a real reason. Why?

Person: I don´t know. Your eye color..Is that gray? ( sounding like I just escaped the Zoo )

Me: ( wanting to run away ) Yeah. I know. Sorry. They´re real.

Okay. Don´t get me wrong. It should be flattering when someone asks me if I´m wearing contact lenses. And sometimes it is ( depending on the person, of course ) but most just look at me ( when they´re close enough ) like I´m some abnormal species. It pisses me off. To tell you the truth… My eyes are blue with just a gray-ish shade that have a weird snowflake pattern. That´s all. Not my fault. Go to my mom and complain. She´ll give you a full blown run down on where I got the color from and who MIGHT get it in the future. Meeh. I´m just fed up. Ignore me. Lol.

Thank you, again, Suziey from Of All the Books in All the Libraries ❤



The Cozy Pages

Reading Under The Blankie

Caroline Book Belle

Bookish Paige


My 11 questions for you!


  • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  • Complete the sentence: Never have I ever…..
  • What does the perfect weekend look like for you?
  • Do you believe in Zodiac signs? If so, why? If not, why?
  • What turns you on / off? Why?
  • If you could travel by the speed of lightning.. Which place would you visit first?
  • Which do you prefer: A bustling city that never sleeps or a quiet small town in the middle of nowhere? Why?
  • What book made the biggest impact on you?
  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
  • Name 3 things you´d do to make someone happy.
  • Have you ever had a book discussion that went terribly wrong?


That´s it, hombres! Hope you enjoyed.

Please, do not feel pressured into participating. ❤ I´ll still love you if you don´t.

If you haven´t been tagged but would still like to participate… Y´all have my blessings. ❤




Mug Monday & Special Thanks

Hello, and welcome to another awful, beastly hot Mug Monday!


As you probably already know, I won´t be exhausting you today with snippets from my personal life ( book related or not ). Just…. relax and take a deep breath…. No Powerpoint presentation today.


Instead, I thought of taking some time to give some of you some virtual hugs, kisses, chocolates and cake! Why?


Because you are awesome!


Well, you´re awesome online… So, I guess you´re just as awesome in person.

To all who´ve gone out of their way to read my posts and leave likes and comments…

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart ❤

To all the new bloggers who, by some miracle, found me in the never-ending sea of blogs…. THANK YOU. ❤

I can´t begin to show my appreciation for your patience with my nonsense, my misspellings and my sentence structure. I bow before you for not telling me to go straight to hell!

Time for some finger-pointing!


I know it isn´t necessarily nice to point fingers at someone but in this case, it´s more than appropriate. One simply cannot say thank you and leave it at that.

( Please forgive me when you belong to this list but aren´t mentioned. I tried reviving all the blog names but WordPress doesn´t like me sometimes…. So, it´s not my fault. I still love you.)


Suziey @ Of All the Books in All the Libraries

Norrie @ Reading Under The Blankie

Danielle @ Books, Vertigo & Tea

Nina @ The Cozy Pages

Sabrina & Ashley @ 5171 Miles Book Blog
I love reading your comments and discussing topics ( deep or light ) with you. Sending you mucho sunshine, hearts, flowers and drinks. Feel hugged ❤ ❤



Kerrie @ Carolina Book Belle

Paige @ Bookish Paige

Angelica @ The Book Cover Girl

Sara @ The Bibliophagist


Hi, and welcome to whatever it is I´m doing. If you find my blog half as amusing or informative as the mentioned blog babes above then you´ll have a wonderful time here. ❤ Feel free to free your mind, discuss anything you heart desires and… well, let´s just say I´m up for great chats and lovely debates! ❤ ❤

Tags are welcomed. Shares and likes never frowned upon. <3.

I´m SOOO looking forward to dive into the treasures you´ve been posting on your blog and will gladly share fab posts ( not on FB, though. I´ve left that cult. )

For all who I´ve forgotten….

Just give me a nudge in about a month or so as a reminder to thank you as well.

( because you all are dealing with a 30+ year old here. Be kind to the fragile brain )


And now…. for the Mug Monday…. Can I have a drum roll, please?

mug monday appreciation

Very creative, huh? I think I´ve outdone myself with this one ( insert sarcasm ). Not really. It´s just too hot to drink hot chocolate and my brain can´t come up with anything fancy at the moment due to the world living in Satans butt crack.


I guess that´s it for this week, my dear Padawan-ish book people!

Again…. THANK YOU. ❤

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