Mug Monday & Happy Bookish October

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Bookish Topic – Happy Bookish October


Heya! Welcome back to Mug Monday. Today is extra special because it´s the first day of a new month… on a Monday, the first day of the week. ( Jeez, I hope I got that one right. )

Anyway- It´s pumpkin season, Halloween month, the start of the brutal birthday party season ( because I somehow know too many October people ), and all that shibaz. Personally, I´m just happy it´s cold outside. The rest is just a nice and fun bonus on the side.

What´s more important, though, is….

October the perfect month for long reading sessions. 

This excites me the most- Reading and watching the sun set early, feeling the cool crisp air from outside and listening to the husbutt complain about the heaters needing to be aired out… again, and dreaming of an endless supply of hot drinks and cheesecake while bundled in a comforter. For me, rainy lazy reading days don´t come near the magic of October reading sessions. To show you my point feel free to examine my from 1 – 10 scale.

scale done
My life in a nutshell.

That is why October is awesome. I can get away with “Honey! Can you bring me another blanket?” without having to move. Because life under a blankie is a life worth enjoying.


As for the bookish part of this post….

I´ve found a new challenge for myself. Yes, that´s right, dear Padawans… My “tackle the TBR list ” challenge isn´t working out as planned so I found another way to reach my goals.

A new approach that makes working down the TBR list more exciting.

New Goal:

Finish all series I once started.

That´s it. The idea came to me while I was outside, reading.

If I can´t manage to start and finish the standalones on my dreaded list I might as well pay the unfinished book series a little more respect and at least finish those, right?

It´s a solid plan and I have high hopes for that plan.


Something is telling me I´ll fail but it´s still worth a shot. I´m not going to give up on that damned list yet.

So, with that being said… I think it´s time to show you why reading in October is pretty.


That´s why. ❤ I bought this beauty not too long ago and my daughter claimed it for herself the minute she set her eyes on it. ❤

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Monday and a beautiful October!

Many hugs and air kisses,

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Mug Monday & Outdoor Reading

Book / Kindle Paperwhite

ARC – To Be Revealed

Mug & Tea Pot

Red Mug – GreenGate, Tea Pot – IKEA


Happy Mug Monday!

The `Reading Outside Season` has officially opened!

Well, for me, at least. You see, it´s not easy finding the right day for an outside reading session. Where I live, we deal with 365 days of pure Autumn or Spring weather.

If it´s not raining, it´s windy. If It´s not raining or windy then it´s usually dull outside. Temperatures rank from low to high ( depending on the season ) but keep a steady murky sky color.

Over here, a heavy gray clouded sky belongs to our weather norm. That´s our usual. Our everyday normal.

There´s no chance to read a book outdoors because I´m always afraid of getting wet or being blown away by pseudo tornadoes.

And God help us when summer decides to show it´s face. We suffer from unimaginable 42 °C heat and wish we were never born ( while staring at a gray sky). Summers are icky and humid.

I´m not one to complain, though. I have a brutal sun allergy that keeps me locked indoors on most sunny days. I think the only true way to survive my sun allergy is to eat sunblocker. It all starts from within, amirite?

Germany has weird weather. It´s a simple fact. If you thought the UK weather is dreary… you haven´t seen what Germany has to offer. Compared to this place, Great Britain is an island of sunshine.

Now that you´re well acquainted with the weather structure from Germany it´s time to praise the rare beautiful days we get. When the weather Gods give us a good day, then you better drop everything you´re doing and get out to appreciate the sun.

Today was one of those magical sunny days without rain, wind, snow, heat. Can you believe it? I sure as Hell couldn´t. Not until I took a step outside and felt the first sun rays on my skin.

You cannot imagine how fast I acted. I made my hot chocolate, grabbed my kindle ( after removing a 3 inch dust coat from it ) and practically flew out onto the back porch. I yelled for someone to bring me the comforter I forgot and VOILA!

mug M

And I read. I took my sweet time to soak in the warmth of the Spring sun. I was outside for hours, reading my latest received ARC, listening to birds chirp and cars driving my in the background.

My reading session was only interrupted once by some bike rider who chased a car, yelling “You stupid idiot! PULL OVER!” And by bike rider I don´t mean motorcycle. I´m refering to an actual bike. The sight was one to behold!

Needless to say – I tanked hours worth of fresh air, enjoyed the sun & my hot chocolate and nearly finished my ARC.

That definitely counts as a successful Monday!

As for tomorrow´s weather – The weather forcast said it would be a stormy week with rain showers.

Since I´ve become a pro at indoor reading…. I might as well suck it up and get back into the reading cave and wait for another rare, beautiful day.

The Mug –  I´m in love with the GreenGate Alice series. It looks a little nostalgic, a little shabby chic and definitely an eye catcher. I have that same mug in dark blue, mint, powder pink and baby blue.

The Tea Pot / Hot Chocolate Pot – What´s the point in calling a tea pot a tea pot if I don´t drink tea? My brilliant idea: Rename the tea pot into a hot cocoa pot. Problem solved. An IKEA purchase done not too long ago. I normally don´t need any kind of pots for drinks but I couldn´t resist buying this tea pot. It´s SO PRETTY! And does NOT fit in with anything in my kitchen.  ( wipes tears from laughing so hard )

The ARC –   I wish my hands weren´t tied and I could tell you about the book I received but… I can´t. Not yet, at least. All I can say is that it´s a rom-com and it´s good.. * Wnk *

That´s it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful start of the week! Share the book <3.


Much love,

Morgana ❤