Mug Monday & Birthday Month

Welcome back to Mug Monday! So glad you decided to pop in and see what new news I have in store for you.

Let´s get my well-being out of the way before we start this explosive post.

I have the flu…. again. It´s like this never ending nightmare that comes back. I´m a clever one, though. I figured out WHY i´m being attacked by viruses or germs. My girls drag it home from school. I swear on all that´s pink and fluffy, some parents need to learn to NOT send their little angels little shits little precious mini me´s to school when they´re sick. I´m slowly fed up and will probably end up contacting the school principal if this shit continues. Not that she will do anything…. But complaining does improve my mood.

I´ve been successfully living off soup, crackers, dry toast, tea, water and of course… I live in a sea of Kleenex. Fun times.

I wish I had a bathrobe like that.

Back to the topic:

It´s February. This might not mean much in general, other than it´s still winter. But for me, February means much more. It´s my birth month. In a few days from now I get to spend the one and only day of the year being pampered and get showered with Amazon gift cards ( because for some reason my family doesn´t believe in gifting Amazon gift cards on Christmas ).

It´ll be a one man fest ( until the kids come home from school ) and I will make sure to enjoy every single minute of my day without my mother in-law and her absurd demands for cake.

A little private fun fact from my trusty private treasure chest:

My mother in-law truly demands I serve cake and coffee on my birthday. She once explained that it´s not only polite but it´s also sort of an exchange. She gifts me something and I serve cake in return.

In other ( unspoken ) words: I don´t deserve a gift if I don´t have cake. Good thing I didn´t marry her * snorts *

As for books:

Forgive me if there hasn´t been much of that lately ( please re-read reasons above ). It´s been kind of rough for me. And you know what sucks even more? I have untouched book mail I haven´t had the energy to open yet. 5 Amazon and 2 Book Depository packages. I´m gutted.

Nevertheless- I´m determined to get back on track because I´m bored out of my wits.

So, my piss poor attempt at a Mug Monday Feature will hopefully be the start of something better. Voila!

mug stipe


See? I have my Kindle fired up and ready. * sigh * Maybe after my nap. And after I tried getting a review scheduled. God, haven´t done one of those in ages.

Okay, that´s it for today. My deepest apologies for boring the bejesus out of you all.

Have a wonderful day, my dear Padawans.

Much love,

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Mug Monday & Romance Rant

Welcome to another wonderful Mug Monday, everyone! I trust all, if not most of you have navigated your way into 2019 safely? If not, don´t worry. I haven´t recovered myself.

I feel like I haven´t slept in ages. In fact- I haven´t. It all started the January 1st.

Pink eye, sinus infection, the flu, repeat. 2019 has started very cruel but you know what? It´ll all pass… Not like the romance genre.

I made a tragic discovery while I was sofa bound.

Romance is a dying genre.



How I´ve come to this conclusion? Because every romance I´ve managed to read since mid – December has been a floppy, luke warm 3 star read. Most of the romance reads I´ve read in 2018 hardly lived up to my romance standards. What does this tell us? That romance writers are either not working their magic, or they´re in a romance funk themselves, or they´ve written off romances.

This isn NOT a good sign. It´s only January and I´m already bitching. We´ve all got 11 more months ahead of us. I don´t want to nag for 11 more months.

Let´s see if the stack of new books can make me fall in love with the romance genre again ( stack of mystery romance purchases to be revealed ), Fingers crossed.

False optimism.

Now, as for the rest of my apocalyptic Monday… I´ve started my new reading log. Oh yes- This bitch is going double weird this time. Journals aren´t enough. I am now the proud owner of a journal where I can keep track of ALL my 2019 reads. Space for 100 books should be enough for 2019, right? I sure hope so.


Oh, I nearly forgot! Mug Monday wouldn´t be Mug Monday without a mug pic. A wonderful Christmas gift from my younger brother. ❤ I´m not so sure about the bestie part ( as I´m sure he´d rather die of shame than call me his bestie ). We are close enough where I can be considered a sidekick , though. *  sigh  *

mug monday sis


I guess that´s it for today, my dear bookish padawans. I shall now retire back to the sofa and hope that I´ll survive January…. somehow.


Feel hugged,

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A Book Blogger´s Wardrobe ( incl. Mug Monday)

17th banner


To wear sweats or to not wear sweats… I guarantee you no book blogger has ever asked themselves such a devious question. In fact – I´m sure the wardrobe issue has never popped up at all because… Us common foot folk don´t need to think about what to wear or break our heads over matching socks, makeup, great hair and what not. What for?


We Have Freedom Of Clothing And Appearance!


Sounds just as fantastic as it actually is, to be honest. There´s no catch. No “but”…. We have the ability to do as we please within our own four walls at any given time. It´s our special. Our way of unintentionally protesting against society´s restricted dress codes. We have the power to do whatever the hell we want!

Uncombed hair? No problem.

Food stains on a shirt? Who cares!

Favorite ratty sweats with a huge hole near the crotch area? Think of air circulation ( because we have to see things from a positive POV ).


A book blogger´s dress code is simply the finest. 


Now, before I go all fashion show on y´all´s asses I figured it would be kind of me to give a little shout out to the folks who aren´t into the timeless ratty home wear trend. It´s completely understandable if people care about their appearances when they´re home… alone… with having no one but themselves to appreciate their cozy glam chic. I feel you, hombres.

Just remember… I´m here should you ever consider coming to the dark and fun side of home fashion.


A small foreword before the tiny prêt à porter begins:

Contrary to popular belief, I do dress appropriate when leaving the house. In fact, I go the whole nine yards with my outfit and make sure colors, shoes, belts, purses and jewelry match. My hair is made and my half non existent makeup is immaculate ( one simply can´t do much damage with mascara, blush and highlighter ) In short: I´m polished for my standards. But at home? Dear heaven´s above- I´m someone completely different. And I love it. I embrace it. If I could I´d forever dress in husbutts sweats and fling a bathrobe on. But I can´t. I have shit to do like go to parent / teacher meetings and do adult stuff like work, mingle at other people´s places because I´d have no friends if I didn´t….


But it´s not always about wearing rags and faded shirts with holes under the armpits. Us book bloggers have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to working “books”. Okay, we don´t really but I can at least name a handful of different home styles. There´s something for every type of person!



  • Homeless – chic:  Clothes don´t match. Clothes have holes of all sizes in the weirdest places. Dirty. No makeup. Not giving two fucks what the world thinks.


  • Gamer – chic:   What started out as normal lounge wear turns into a mess. Shirt tucked in at one side, messy hair, dark circles from staring at the computer for hours. Possible unintentional food stains from poor aiming or not paying attention or simply from wiping greasy fingers on shirt / pants.


  • Cozy – chic:   Finding something cute to wear that gives off the feeling of “actually lounging”. Everything is neat and fixed. Think of matching sweater and sweats with matching socks and even a matching hair band. Or take the term literally and feel cozy in whatever doesn´t look like shit on you.


  • Glam – chic:  Lounge home wear has bling. Make up is set and not a hair is out of place. You look like you just came off of the book blogger fashion runway.


  • Wanna – be Homeless look but it turns into a boho lounge style – chic:   Worn by people who were born with a fashion sense and can´t seem to turn it off, not even when they “try” to look homeless.


Personally, I can do homeless, gamer and cozy without much effort ( because none of these require much effort! Ha! * slaps thigh with glee * Glam and boho – lounge chic don´t work for me at home because I sometimes work those looks when I leave the house ( AND I FEEL NO SHAME IN ADMITTING THAT!) I also don´t mind saying that jeans are the devil.

me mug
My Kindle shines brighter than yours.


If you want some TEA though, I´m going to say that all this depends on everyone´s personal preference. Not all book bloggers look like homeless people and not all book bloggers are dressed in business attire. There´s a gray area with lots of wiggle room for creativity.

If you ask me ( and I hope you do ) my personal go – to outfit consists of whatever I find. If I find clean sweater- great! If I so happened to come across a bathrobe – fantastic! As long as I don´t have to wear a bra then I´m a happy camper. Because bra´s restrict creativity (!!) and we can´t have that happening.



Tell me: What type of chic do you consider yourself to be? What´s your go – to lounge wear?


Thank you loads for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful day and don´t forget to share the book love,

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Mug Monday & Behind The Book Blog Scenes

Mug Monday Feature – My Monday Mug ( sorry about the dino horse mug. Daughter #2 and I had a very opinionated discussion on the feature. To be presented when we´ve come to an agreement )

Book Topic – Behind The Book Blog Scenes + Book news


Happy Mug Monday! And welcome to something I´m sure isn´t as interesting as a Top 10 post or a Tag… But what the Hell, right? This is a blog and I can do whatever the flipping foo foo I want ( apologies – I´ve only had a slice of toast with Nutella for dinner earlier ).


What I have in mind for this week´s post ( and for the next Mug Monday posts ) will be more revealing than anything else I´ve done.



For the next few Mondays I´ll be showing you what it is I do before hopping online and giving you all ALL the glitter and glam. Yes. You´re going to see the mess.


This is not a post about me unloading the super ugly onto you ( I´ve got that special reserved for the husbutt. Lol ). You´re going to see the harmless mess. The type that´s sort of mandatory when it comes to book blogging.

What I´ll be revealing:

  • My notes ( Yes. I´m a note whore )
  • The way I prep props ( Yes. I´m a master at organizing shit )
  • Where I shop for props ( this includes stealing  borrowing from a selected few people)
  • Blog routine ( Yes, I have one )

Etcetera, etcetera….

Here´s a very organized sneak peek of what´s to be expected.

mug basement

So, basically… you´ll get to see my book blogging life in form of pics and…. maybe a vid or two ( who knows. Haven´t thought that one out yet ) I can´t really give you much more info because I´m currently distracted by all the new sparkling lights and Christmas ornaments and glitter crap I just bought.

My attempt at being funny. Sparkly… get it? HAHAHA

Speaking of Edward Cullen ( Laawd, I can´t remember the last time I typed that name out. Years, people! IT`S BEEN YEARS!) 10 years, to be exact. Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick- A decade flew by in a blink of an eye! ( Need to eat something or else I´ll turn into a poet )

I´m not mad that this is Twilight´s tenth year anniversary. The more time passes the more we´ll forget all about the era where people romanticized vampires.

Oh, and speaking of being mad….

This. I am literally fuming. F.U.M.I.N.G.


I go online and the first thing I see is this?! * deep breaths, Morgana. Count to 3…. *

A movie poster for the upcoming Àfter film. After- as in Anna Todd´s bestselling After. But hey, that wasn´t the only shocker of that hour. The trailer popped up after I saw the poster.



How was I able to miss out on this terrifying news? Why did anyone think this was a good idea? After is a story about an unhealthy relationship between teenagers ( or young adults. Can´t remember. Don´t really care, either ) And WHY (!!!!!!!!!!!!) make the trailer look like this movie is going to be the next Fifty Shades Of Grey? There´s no reason for the seductive background beats unless they´re turning this into a….. I´m sorry. I can´t even finish that without breaking out in a hysterical fit. Does this surprise anyone?

I can feel my blood pressure rising. Would you like to know why? Feel free to read my review on the After books HERE.


Okay, my lovely bookish Padawans. It´s time for this lady to kick her house shoes off and try to pick out my next read. Because right now, I´m in the worst reading funk I´ve ever been. Not a great position to be in when you’re a book blogger.

I hope you enjoyed this week´s Mug Monday.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the Twilight anniversary below. And don´t shy away from expressing your own feelings towards the upcoming After movie. I promise- all thoughts are welcomed. ❤ 

Until next time!


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Mug Monday & Bookish Talk

Mug Feature – Monday, White     Bookish Talk Topic – Bad Book Month


Hey Book Family. Welcome to another wonderful Mug Monday!

This month has, so far, been a successful reading month for me. It looks like I´m on a reading roll, y´all! The 4 book goal has been reached and now I´m on the sixth October read. What a rare moment for me.

I would ask of you all to get out the champagne flutes, shot glasses, plastic cups ( or whatever you usually use to drink. I´m a whatever – I – find – works type of person ) so we can celebrate this apocalyptic moment with me.



If only we had something to celebrate.

To be honest – I think I´m October cursed. Every single book I´ve touched this month has been a 2 star read for me. Rockstar romance? Meeh. Hyped Young Adult read? Meeh. Fantasy – * hanging head *

I´m pretty sure I´m not suffering from a case of It´s – Me – Not – The – Book. This is definitely a It´s – The – Book – Not – Me.

It´s slightly depressing, if you ask me.

Still, I haven´t given up all hope, yet. I´m still holding onto the positive vibes and clinging to the last shred of hope for the last 2 reads for the remaining October days. Because not everything can be shit, right? Fingers crossed, bookish Padawans!


As for the private part of life – It´s going surprisingly well. I haven´t had the flu yet ( although, I probably just jinxed myself. With my luck… * face palm * ) and I haven´t gone bankrupt from my bogus book shopping spree. YAY! I was even able to smuggle my newest mug purchase in the house without the husbutt knowing.

mug monday cinnamon
Smuggled Item

I am feeling so much love for this mug. Won´t you look at the cute Zzz´s? I´m living for this. ❤ And the cinnamon… It´s unfortunately just decoration and smells more like plastic than cinnamon. I´ve even thought of sprinkling cinnamon over the fake cinnamon sticks… but then it dawned on me that I also have fake dried lime slices laying around and I´m not willing to squirt fresh lime juice over them. Because I don´t have limes in the house. Plus, I´m not crazy.

Nevertheless… It´s been a floppy reading month but otherwise highly eventful.

QUESTION: Have you ever had a terrible reading month? Let me know so I don´t feel alone and miserable.

I hope you all have a wonderful start of the week. Enjoy your day ( or what´s left of it ). Don´t forget to share the book love!

Until next time, my book lovelies.

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