Mug Monday & Netflix

Heya, and welcome to this week´s Mug Monday.

I´m going to be honest with you guys- January has something against me. I don´t know what it was I did to piss it off but I´m feeling its hate. Remember the nasty flu? Well, as predicted, that passed. And just as I was feeling myself again I decided to “do something fun” with the husbutt and a few friends.

“Let´s go roller skating!” One friend suggested.  And I couldn´t resist. Little did I know how bad of an idea that was.

You see, my brain isn´t on the same page with my body anymore. I can roller skate. It´s one of the few things I kept up with until my mid 20´s. I don´t want to toot my horn here ( okay, maybe I do want to… a little ) but I was one of those who did all types of stunts on wheels. Backwards, forwards, jumps and little dance moves. Yes, I was Queen Skate Glam until the weekend. We went skating. We had fun. The fun lasted until I fell.

In my mind I was still this blooming 20 something year old with a promising professional skating career ( that was the dream ) and now I´m an injured old fart vegetating on the sofa watching Netflix.

On the plus side, though… My right knee has never looked so shiny and purple and symmetrical before. * sigh *

Oh, speaking of Netflix… I finally caved. You see, since I´m sofa bound I can´t really move. The kids blow me air kisses from the other side of the room then they leave. Husbutt thinks it´s funny to make fun me ( I have to admit though- some of his jokes even made me laugh )… I don´t have the right mind set to read so… I decided it was time to join the Netflix world ( because I´ve been avoiding it like the pest ).

Okay, so the real reason was that I wanted to watch The Haunting Of Hill House. And I did. Boy, did I watch it.

I might be a full on, hardcore romance reader but funnily enough, I don´t like watching romance movies / shows. They´re just not for me.  When it comes to movies though, I´m a total movie buff with a love for anything creepy and horror. Weird, I know.

So, that´s what I´ve been doing. Watching anything remotely spooky on Netflix while chilling with a swollen knee. I have to say, though- Netflix feels like it´s a flea market of unorganized shows/movies. Haven´t really worked out the system yet ( because everything shuffles all the time ) but I´m getting there. So far I´ve watched:

  • The Bird Box ( which I didn´t like. I like Sandra Bullock but that one didn´t do it for me. )
  • The Haunting Of Hill House ( brilliant!)
  • Apostle  ( That one was decent )
  • American Horror Story ( I´ve already seen all the AHS but love to rewatch )

See? I´m boring.

With that being thrown out there… I need to get back to doing nothing productive. But before I leave I´ll give you a small TBM (throw back mug ) feature I did a while back ( because right now I can´t really make much effort with mug features ).

My deepest apologies.

insta book old

What do you like to watch when you´re not reading? If there is anything you can recommend to watch on Netflix feel free to throw some titles my way! 

Wishing all of you the best of health and a wonderful Monday! Stay safe and feel hugged.

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Mug Monday & The Truth

Hi everyone and welcome back to my apocalyptic Mug Monday special!

I hope you all are enjoying your day so far? If not- Do not fear. Tomorrow is Tuesday. All will be better in a few hours ( or so I keep telling myself ).

I don´t know why I keep wanting to reveal my latest blog news on Mondays. I belong to  those people who should never be approached at the beginning of the week. I´m moody and grumpy and just… bla. This is also usually a no filter day for me, too. Because of my bla mood I tend to act like I´m entitled to have all the chocolate in the world. Because it´s Monday and all. So, why I bother wanting to share news is beyond me. I should pick a Friday for these posts…

Still, I´m just going to go for it and see what happens.

The title says The Truth.  That´s what I´ll give you. I´m at a point in my blogging career where I feel like I´m not feeling to the book world anymore.  And this is not because I´m suffering from the Monday blues or because I think the content I´m publishing isn´t worth it. I´m sure some of you actually enjoy my concept ( I hope that´s the case ).

Reviews, discussion posts, tags…. It´s not like I belong to a selected few who do these things. I´ve already ditched the cover reveals for upcoming releases and have eliminated the book blog tours from my repertoire ( Why? You´ll get to read all about it soon ). I´ve reduced my book blogging to a simple read / review / discuss book related stuff concept.

It´s what I love to do. It´s also what I´ll continue to do.

Remember- No matter what niche in this business you´re working in ( book blogger, promoter, PA, professional reviewer, etc ) this is all supposed to be fun. It´s about getting in touch with like-minded people and sharing thoughts… even make a friend or eight ( or more ).

November has given me so much time to think about book blogging and what my hobby means to me. Does it still excite me? Do I feel like I´m adding to the community? Do I think I can do better / worse? These questions have been bugging the foo foo out of me.

And no matter how often I asked myself those questions, the answers are always the same: Yes. I feel like I´m supposed to be where I´m at. And I definitely feel like I can do better. The problem with excitement is: It´s temporary. I would like much more to feel like I´m doing whatever the hell I want, instead of feeling like I´m getting lost on a road I find exciting. Because I´m holding back. I´m keeping a lid on things for the sake of peace. We never want to offend a fellow book blogger or an author or a publisher, right? We never want to say things that could make people uncomfortable.I hate this feeling. It´s not who I am. It´s not who I want to continue to be.

All this is sounding like I´m about to give up book blogging. I assure you, I´m not. But I do feel like it´s time for a content make – over.

I don´t want to throw reviews at my followers/ friends and call it a day.  I want to be able to share the weird book related stuff I do offline with the book blog community.

I want to sit down and talk about things hardly anyone bothered to mention. Believe it or not- I bitch a lot about these things when I´m not online. I want to talk about book pricing and explain how they´re created. I want to reveal why a paperback ( sporting 250 pages ) by a self published author costs 16 euros ( 14 British Pounds , 18 USD ). I want to expose the wrong doings and highlight the brilliance of the community. And I want to add in personal stuff that surrounds book topics.

I have worked with authors and blogger for close to a decade and there´s always something to tell. I want to see where I can take this book blogging hobby of mine. If this means slightly branching out then… by all means – Let´s do it.

Starting December I will be gifting you with a new concept. How that will look and what it means for everyone who´s been following me… Be patient. You´ll see soon enough.

November still has a few days left. Let´s enjoy what´s left of this month with the old before we reveal the new right away. Still, I advise you to be prepared. * Insert evil laugh *

It wasn´t my intention to bring down the general mood of this post. So, before this gets more depressing I´ll leave you all on a good note and FINALLY reveal my Mug of the week.

pink mug
The blinding neon pink mug

See those books? Those are the gems from my TBR pile, waiting to be reviewed. See the mug? * face palm * My daughter asked why I never featured her mug. I had no other choice this time. This hot pink neon blinding mess of a color is far better than the one I have to feature next week ( because daughter #2 thinks I need to show her favorite mug, as well ). Dear bookish Padawans… I advise you to be prepared for the dinosaur horse mug next week.

Okay, lovelies,

I´ve had a blast tonight.

Share the book love and watch out for new features!

Much love,

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Mug Monday & Book Shopping

Hello and welcome back to another Mug Monday special! Today I´ll be touching on a subject that´s as delightful as it is depressing. Book shopping.

Earlier today my youngest came home from school and told me she needed a book. A book they talked about in class. My youngest is in 2nd grade and with the current non existent school system I was more than surprised the teachers even touched books ( yes, my daughter´s elementary school is just a kindergarten for bigger kids. 3 hours effective school hours and the parents do the rest of teaching).

So, Lillian needed a book. Not a problem at all! Mommy is able to buy books. It´s what mommy does. The second best thing mommy´s good at doing.

She gave me the title and told me a little about the story. I knew what book she needed and I knew I wouldn´t need to drive into the city to get it ( as that´s usually the case when I go book shopping for myself ). The neighboring village´s local bookstore would have such a popular children´s book like the one we needed.

The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson

The gruffalo

For those who haven´t heard of the Gruffalo ( to you childless lot out there: I do not blame you for not knowing. You´re forgiven )… it´s actually a nice story about a mouse who more or less tries to save it´s own ass.

PS- Forgive the piss poor book description. I might have kids but I hardly am the role model mom. I forgive myself, so all´s good.

With the book in hand I decided to seize the moment and check out what bestsellers are missing in the german bookshelves while Lillian was checking out other books.

And what I saw ( or didn´t see ) broke my heart. The bookstore removed the english book section. This means 2 things:

  1. I have to do all my book shopping online
  2. I have to drive to the one place I hate the most: Frankfurt.

While online shopping isn´t much of a problem ( for me, at least ) driving into Germany´s 5th largest city is. It´s an adventurous nightmare. That also includes public transportation. Never on time, always over filled.

I mean- I get that german´s aren´t really into reading foreign language books. I can´t expect everyone to read english books here ( although I would very much appreciate if they did. Would make my life a little easier ). I understand…. somehow. It doesn´t mean I´m happy about it, though.

It´s just one of those things that kept me connected to my roots, if that makes sense. To be able to have easy access to english books.

So, I wasn´t what some would call a happy camper. Not until I was able to hop on Amazon and order some books for myself.

After spending a nice hour scrolling through the latest releases ( there weren´t many ) I decided to load my cart with tons of new releases and older works.. only to delete half of the books in my cart again. I ended up buying 3 books. That´s how I shop for books on Amazon. You´re welcome.

And then I immediately felt bad because I had broken my rather loudly outspoken TBR list rule, again.

Now, what does this all tell us? The bookstore is to blame.

And what did we learn from this? That bookstores shouldn´t remove foreign language bookshelves. And that the Gruffalo is a pretty cool book. And my daughter loves the book. That´s all that matters. ❤

Speaking of TBR lists….

Because I felt so terrible for ignoring my own rule I decided to just grab a book from my I – Bought – The – Book – Ages – Ago – And – Can´t – Remember – Why shelf and make up for my personal faux pas.

mug monay love

And as it´s always the case- I´m wondering why I haven´t read this book directly after I bought it. I´m only 1/3 in the story and am enjoying it so far.

Before We Were Strangers – Renee Carlino

before we were strangers

The cover definitely wasn´t the reason why I bought this book. Maybe the Love Story bit? The pink in the font? If only I could remember. *  sigh *

As for the mug…. A simple flea market purchase from a few years back. Unfortunately, the mug is heavy and because of that, no one wants to use it.

Okay, lovely people. That´s it for today. I hope you enjoyed my random ramblings.

Feel free to share your book shopping experiences! I would love to find out how you shop for your books.

Until next time.

Much love,

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Mug Monday & Bookish Talk

Mug Feature – Monday, White     Bookish Talk Topic – Bad Book Month


Hey Book Family. Welcome to another wonderful Mug Monday!

This month has, so far, been a successful reading month for me. It looks like I´m on a reading roll, y´all! The 4 book goal has been reached and now I´m on the sixth October read. What a rare moment for me.

I would ask of you all to get out the champagne flutes, shot glasses, plastic cups ( or whatever you usually use to drink. I´m a whatever – I – find – works type of person ) so we can celebrate this apocalyptic moment with me.



If only we had something to celebrate.

To be honest – I think I´m October cursed. Every single book I´ve touched this month has been a 2 star read for me. Rockstar romance? Meeh. Hyped Young Adult read? Meeh. Fantasy – * hanging head *

I´m pretty sure I´m not suffering from a case of It´s – Me – Not – The – Book. This is definitely a It´s – The – Book – Not – Me.

It´s slightly depressing, if you ask me.

Still, I haven´t given up all hope, yet. I´m still holding onto the positive vibes and clinging to the last shred of hope for the last 2 reads for the remaining October days. Because not everything can be shit, right? Fingers crossed, bookish Padawans!


As for the private part of life – It´s going surprisingly well. I haven´t had the flu yet ( although, I probably just jinxed myself. With my luck… * face palm * ) and I haven´t gone bankrupt from my bogus book shopping spree. YAY! I was even able to smuggle my newest mug purchase in the house without the husbutt knowing.

mug monday cinnamon
Smuggled Item

I am feeling so much love for this mug. Won´t you look at the cute Zzz´s? I´m living for this. ❤ And the cinnamon… It´s unfortunately just decoration and smells more like plastic than cinnamon. I´ve even thought of sprinkling cinnamon over the fake cinnamon sticks… but then it dawned on me that I also have fake dried lime slices laying around and I´m not willing to squirt fresh lime juice over them. Because I don´t have limes in the house. Plus, I´m not crazy.

Nevertheless… It´s been a floppy reading month but otherwise highly eventful.

QUESTION: Have you ever had a terrible reading month? Let me know so I don´t feel alone and miserable.

I hope you all have a wonderful start of the week. Enjoy your day ( or what´s left of it ). Don´t forget to share the book love!

Until next time, my book lovelies.

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Mug Monday – Mug Gifts

Welcome, my dear Padawans, to another wonderful Mug Monday!

I´m not going to start on how wonderful it is to be back because even I can´t stand to waste another moment moping over the flu from Hell and telling you how boring it was to do nothing but chill. Life was boring- Now it´s not. Let´s get on with it, shall we?

Guess what this chici´s been doing while getting back on track? YES!

I´ve managed to get some reading done. Some much-needed and much welcomed reading!

And it felt good to be able to dive into a story again. What I read, you ask? Well, I managed to finished `Church.` by Stylo Fantome… That one practically killed me. I almost DNF´ed the book around 30%. I pulled through, though, and finished the damn book. ( review will follow shortly ).

Then I spotted an unfinished read from a few weeks back. `Tattered`by Devney Perry. I think I found myself a new favorite author. One I´ll be stalking at the RARE London 2019 book signing event in September.

And in my moments of silent reading the husbutt came home with a little gift for me. I admit… I always feel anxious when he says the words “Honey, I got something for you.” because he´s the type of guy who gifts me a screwdriver and claims it´s specially made for women ( insert the loudest sigh known to mankind ).

But this time… it wasn´t another screwdriver. He did the unexpected and…

…bought me a mug.

mug monday snoopy m

A SNOOPY MUG! Be still, my beating heart!

A snoopy mug with the letter M on it! * faint *

Can I love this man any more than I already do? I guess so. * gg *

So, it said on the package that the M stands for magic. To me, the M stands for so much more. It stands for….

  • My blog
  • My name
  • The Mmmm sound I make when drinking hot chocolate
  • More books
  • More book love

For my kids the M stands for Mommy ( obviously ). For the husbutt… the M stands for More death glares ( because he obviously hasn´t seen enough of mine ).

I don´t really care about all of that, though. I got a snoopy mug with the letter M. And it´s in purple. So much positivity from a simple gift… ❤

Now the only thing missing is: a 5 star read! People, I´m desperate for a mind-blowing story! Let´s hope I manage to find one in the next days / weeks. Finger´s crossed.


Unless some of you have some AWESOME, TOTALLY MIND BLOWING, OFF THE CHARTS FANTASTIC 5 star book recommendations for me that you can name from the top of your hat…. If so, feel free to leave a list!


Okay, lovelies… It´s time to wrap this up and cuddle with a thick comforter on the sofa and read my next highly anticipated read from my apocalyptic TBR pile.

But before I go…. I was serious about the book recommendations. Lol.

Tell me about the last book that completely blew your mind. I´m dying to know!


Until next time…

Mucho love

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