Dear Friends, Family & Followers

Dearest friends, family & followers ( old and new ),

May Christmas fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. Create special memories with your family or loved ones.

Oh, who am I kidding? It´s the season of eating until you pop! Now go and stuff yourselves with lush dinners and amazing desserts.

Wherever you are, whatever your plans… Feel loved and hugged.

Merry Christmas.

Much love,

Mug Monday & Book Besties Talk

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Book Besties


Mynthe, Gray – IbLaursen


Happy Monday!

May I present – My book bestie, Mirjam.

You know that moment when you finish a great book and you literally have no one around you to talk to about the amazing book? Yeah, well… I don´t have that someone. No one in my inner or outer social circle tends to be a fan of what I like to read. Not even my book bestie.

But that´s what book besties are for, right? I thought that´s what book besties did. Talk about the books they love.

In my / our case… we don´t gush over books we love ( well, we do. But you don´t necessarily want to be apart of those Whatsapp conversations or late night, on the sofa chats ). No. Our book bestie friendship is on a different level.

We talk book business. And we put authors under our imaginary magnifying glass and discuss every tiny little detail.

That´s us.

You´re probably thinking, “That´s odd. Book besties should have something in common.”


Mirjam book


And you´re right. We should. We do. We just don´t like the same genres.

While I´m more of a full-blown Romance worshipper, Mirjam is more for Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Thrillers ( who occasionally reads romances and YA / NA).

While I´ll spend days / weeks swooning over Jesse Ward from the This Man trilogy and suffering from terrible book hangovers, Mirjam will chew your ear off with Harry Potter and will give you a Powerpoint presentation on Game of Thrones that will leave you speechless.

Our tastes couldn´t be more apart from another but we have one thing we do agree on:


That´s right. It´s not the genre that get´s us going. It´s the anatomy of a book. It´s the author, the writing style, the quality of a cover / print. It´s a story idea, book fans, reviews and so much more!

We don´t need to love the same books to be book besties.

Mirjam book2


We talk about our latest book purchases. How we load our basket on Amazon and get the shock of our lives when we see the amount and then we sort that basket out with a tear in our eyes.  We discuss poor dialogues and editing issues.

Kindle Unlimited is also a favorite topic of ours.

We´ve even gone so far and thought of doing a podcast for books because we have so much to say!

That (!) is what a book bestie is.

Having someone to talk books. Talking about every stinking detail regarding books. We don´t always agree on everything but we do with most bookish topics.

She´s my partner in crime in all other areas in life. She´s my quirky friend who lives down the road. She´s my book bestie and bff material….

book bestie 2

… who has a healthy love for tea.

As it usually is with friends, our outer bookish interests go their seperate ways, too.

Tea. Mirjam is a tea drinker. Not just any kind of tea drinker. I´ve never met a person who knows their tea like she does. I find people who know how to remember which temperature is used for what sort of tea and how long to let a tea sit really fascinating ( because I lack that sort of interest and patience). I only drink tea when I´m dying of some Hell sent flu, or when Mirjam invites me to drink black tea ( that nearly killed me ).

Mug l

I, hereby, dedicate this Mug Monday to my book bestie and bestie in all other areas.

Here´s to you. ❤

I hope you enjoyed today´s Mug Monday.

Don´t forget to share the book love!





Bookstore Heaven

” Let´s go to a bookstore.”, she said.

” It´ll be fun.”, she said.

When I talk about “she” then I´m referring to my best friend and book buddy in crime.
Everyone has that one special friend who comes up with different ways to brighten up one´s day. Mine is named Mirjam and she lives down the road.

Today was the day Mirjam and I decided to have a coffee ( in my case, a hot chocolate because I can´t stand coffee ) in our local bookstore ( the only bookstore with actual books inside).

Our brilliant idea was to take some time to relax while being surrounded by the things that bring us immense joy- books.

A small but cozy shop with nooks and corners everywhere…rows and rows with books lovingly stacked for display by the ever so polite staff. I felt at home. I felt even more at home when I held my hot chocolate in my hands and saw books from the corners of my eyes.


(Mirjam )

Just like magic- time flew by. We spent 3 hours discussing books, admiring covers,…practically combing the whole store!

And what did we get out of the experience? Pure satisfaction. Seriously- if you´re an avid reader you definitely have to make time and relax in a bookstore. I´m not talking about walking in a Starbucks and reading there or going to a Barnes & Noble. THAT is not an experience.  I´m referring to the small, local places hardly anyone knows about. Bookstores that have character. You won´t find the intimacy, the flair or anything unique in a chain store. A local bookshop might not have the same book selection as or B&N has but that´s okay. We didn´t need to see everything the world has to offer.

Besides- it´s also good to support the smaller businesses. They bring originality. They´re authentic. They care more than anyone at some large retailer ever will.


( Mirjam )

This isn´t the last time we´ll be going in for a quick, 3 hour, coffee / hot chocolate!