The Influencer Bookshelves

I never thought I´d see the day come…

But then again, I kind of saw this happening.

My beloved bookshop added a new category to my favorite book corner.





Huh. Well, slap me silly… This is a somewhat unpleasant surprise. Yeah, you guessed correctly- I´m not a fan. There was a time when I couldn´t´ve cared less about Influencers until I stumbled upon some on Youtube, Instagram, etc.

It goes without saying what an Influencer´s sole purpose is. These individuals influence their followers. And the larger the following the wider the influence can be. But do they need their own category in a bookshop? Hmm, not sure. That´s why I decided to check the new shelves out.

Low and behold- Influencers have branched out and are now authors of cookbooks, journals/diaries, self-help paperbacks, and memoirs. I´m not sure if I should feel impressed or saddened by this.

I know. I know. It´s all a matter of marketing. Let the young folk, who probably don´t have any other job options, have their shot at 15-minute fame. To each is their own, right? Right.

Of course, we all have the option to take all this in however we want to. I´m sure many think an influencer is no different from a celebrity. A job is a job no matter in what light you´re standing in. Celebrities write memoirs and publish them, why shouldn´t influencers be allowed to do the same?

From where I´m standing, though, influencers don´t have the appeal of a celebrity. Their word ( which is what they´re basically trying to sell ) isn´t gold. I find the two are on different levels.

From all the books I´ve seen from influencers on those shelves, it´s the memoirs that agitate me the most. I see a 25-year-old with the face of a 16-year-old trying to tell me about the hardships of life. Which brings me to my next point:

Do I even belong to the targetted audience? Me, a 37-year-old mother and wife with a job that gives me a steady income? Probably not. It´s the younger people they´re looking for. Which is fine. I don´t think an influencer can do much “influencing” on me, anyway.

I don´t know- The idea of a bookstore having a corner for influencers is just mind-boggling.



What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you care for this category in bookstores?  Let me know in the comments below ❤








Locked In A Book Store

Trust me, I can hardly believe the title myself, but it´s true. I was locked in a book store!

In fact, I just got back from my 3 hour after closing time stay. I actually experienced every book lover´s dream and I´m having a hard time coming to grips with it.

I bet you´re asking yourself how when and why… And I bet you´re wondering if this is even possible. I assure you- It is. And I will give you the long run-down on EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL.

Yesterday, my mother – in – law invited me to join her and her fossil gang for a special night out. My first instinct was to kindly decline her offer ( because I´m trying to reserve hip replacement discussions for birthday parties only ) but she started winking at me in the most odd way ever. I can be very dense at times and not understand body language right away. Her winking and smiles confused the flipping foo foo out of me.

It took my mother – in – law a while before she FINALLY spat out her good news.

“I was gifted a night being locked in a book store. I can take 6 people with me and I have one spot left. Would you like to join us?” 

And all of the sudden… I was desperate to hang out with the fossil gang and listen to their stories of deceased villagers they absolutely hated. Thanks to the fossil  gang I am now fully up to date on who passed away and who they think will be next to see the carrots grow from beneath.

Back to the book store lock up!

Of course, I accepted the invitation. How could I not? What book lover doesn´t want to be alone with hundreds of books after closing hours?!

Let´s stop right here for a moment.

Apparently, I´ve been living a way too secluded life because some time a few years ago, book stores here in Germany started offering book store lock ups. For a certain amount ( I wasn´t able to catch the actual pricing ) one could practically rent a bookstore for 3 hours and spend some quality time there alone, or with a maximum of 6 guests of their choice. I was told that this is super popular.

And on the side, you get a bottle of prosecco and cookies.

I was able to turn down the prosecco but there was no way I was going to ignore the cookies! ( PS: I ate them all ).

I was told to meet the fossil clan at 7 p.m. in front of the next village´s local book store, where we would be let in and locked inside until 10 p.m.

And boy, did I ever make it on time. I´m a punctual person ( as punctual as anyone with kids can be ) but I made a point to be the first one at the book store. The shop owner and I chatted for a bit until the fossil gang arrived. Then it was lock up time.

And after that, the magic began.

Oh. My. Laawd! The feeling! The smell of all the printed books! Being trapped inside a shop with 5 other giggling fossils! An experience I will not forget in a looooong shot.


I spent 3 full hours looking at books, taking my sweet time checking everything out that looked remotely interesting. All while drinking orange juice from a champagne flute ( I´m not a fan of prosecco ). I felt like the queen of bookish county!

My queen of bookish county feeling didn´t last long, though. Three hours might seem like a short time for a book lover but three hours are more than enough.

I know. BLASPHEMY! How can I say that three hours were enough?! I should be tarred and feathered for even typing that. It´s true, though.

While shopping for books is a lovely thing ( and something I can actually do for hours, if I have the time and money to spare ) but there´s a difference between shopping in a small shop with limited books and shopping at a large chain store with a large book selection.


Don´t get me wrong. I do love the cozy flair and intimate atmosphere local book stores give. I love small rooms with hidden corners and nooks. The smell of tea and coffee mixed with the scent of new books. I even love the smiles from the local sales people, because they feel more genuine. Everything is more personal. But the book selection isn´t as large as it would be at a chain store.

What I´m trying to say is: I had troubles finding books I wanted to take home with me.

Not a terrible thing, in my opinion. I don´t always need to run home after a book shopping spree with a car load of books. But 3 hours…. That´s a long time looking for books that aren´t available.


So, after my excitement faded and my queeny feelings dimmed I decided to take a closer look at the kids section. Because, Christmas is around the corner and I have 2 book rats at home.

The entire Children´s section

The Children´s books corner is also tiny, but by God… It´s my favorite place in the whole book store! Especially with that old school desk. And the best part of that part of the book store….


There´s a hole. A peephole for kids to see the ” book dragon” that´s being held captive in the basement! We´re talking about a small local book store located in the middle of nowhere and they have a peephole and a dragon. This is a winner for me.
I spent an hour in the Children´s section then moved on to my second favorite part of the book store ( since romance novels don´t have a big shelf in the store )…..

The Cook Book Area.


Spices, wine, cooking oils and cook books. I grabbed Jamie Oliver´s 5 ingredient cook book and just enjoyed life while the fossil gang had a great time in the Thriller aisle with the prosecco.


When it was time to move on to the next area I spotted these babies.


Journals and notebooks. Because it´s not enough to have one addiction. And I fed my journal addiction tonight. * sigh *



As I´ve mentioned before: To spend 3 hours in a tiny book store is more than enough. But all in all: I had a lovely time.

It´s a weird feeling not having to hurry up due to closing hours. It´s also weird not having someone looking over your shoulder or offering help. But it´s an awesome feeling to just act like you´re the queen of bookish county!

Can I recommend being locked up in a book store after closing hours? Yes! I think this is something every book lover should experience at least once in their lifetime. What I would NOT recommend is giving 5 70 year olds access to prosecco.. in a book store. That shit can be dangerous.

Would I do it again? Yes and no. Maybe in a different city and in a different book store. It all depends on how large the romance collection is.

That´s it for today, dear bookish Padawans. I´m now completely and utterly exhausted.

Before I go: Do you have a rent a book store near you? Have you spent time locked up with books before? If so, what was your experience? If not, would you like to? 
Let´s chat!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Mug Monday & Book Shopping

Hello and welcome back to another Mug Monday special! Today I´ll be touching on a subject that´s as delightful as it is depressing. Book shopping.

Earlier today my youngest came home from school and told me she needed a book. A book they talked about in class. My youngest is in 2nd grade and with the current non existent school system I was more than surprised the teachers even touched books ( yes, my daughter´s elementary school is just a kindergarten for bigger kids. 3 hours effective school hours and the parents do the rest of teaching).

So, Lillian needed a book. Not a problem at all! Mommy is able to buy books. It´s what mommy does. The second best thing mommy´s good at doing.

She gave me the title and told me a little about the story. I knew what book she needed and I knew I wouldn´t need to drive into the city to get it ( as that´s usually the case when I go book shopping for myself ). The neighboring village´s local bookstore would have such a popular children´s book like the one we needed.

The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson

The gruffalo

For those who haven´t heard of the Gruffalo ( to you childless lot out there: I do not blame you for not knowing. You´re forgiven )… it´s actually a nice story about a mouse who more or less tries to save it´s own ass.

PS- Forgive the piss poor book description. I might have kids but I hardly am the role model mom. I forgive myself, so all´s good.

With the book in hand I decided to seize the moment and check out what bestsellers are missing in the german bookshelves while Lillian was checking out other books.

And what I saw ( or didn´t see ) broke my heart. The bookstore removed the english book section. This means 2 things:

  1. I have to do all my book shopping online
  2. I have to drive to the one place I hate the most: Frankfurt.

While online shopping isn´t much of a problem ( for me, at least ) driving into Germany´s 5th largest city is. It´s an adventurous nightmare. That also includes public transportation. Never on time, always over filled.

I mean- I get that german´s aren´t really into reading foreign language books. I can´t expect everyone to read english books here ( although I would very much appreciate if they did. Would make my life a little easier ). I understand…. somehow. It doesn´t mean I´m happy about it, though.

It´s just one of those things that kept me connected to my roots, if that makes sense. To be able to have easy access to english books.

So, I wasn´t what some would call a happy camper. Not until I was able to hop on Amazon and order some books for myself.

After spending a nice hour scrolling through the latest releases ( there weren´t many ) I decided to load my cart with tons of new releases and older works.. only to delete half of the books in my cart again. I ended up buying 3 books. That´s how I shop for books on Amazon. You´re welcome.

And then I immediately felt bad because I had broken my rather loudly outspoken TBR list rule, again.

Now, what does this all tell us? The bookstore is to blame.

And what did we learn from this? That bookstores shouldn´t remove foreign language bookshelves. And that the Gruffalo is a pretty cool book. And my daughter loves the book. That´s all that matters. ❤

Speaking of TBR lists….

Because I felt so terrible for ignoring my own rule I decided to just grab a book from my I – Bought – The – Book – Ages – Ago – And – Can´t – Remember – Why shelf and make up for my personal faux pas.

mug monay love

And as it´s always the case- I´m wondering why I haven´t read this book directly after I bought it. I´m only 1/3 in the story and am enjoying it so far.

Before We Were Strangers – Renee Carlino

before we were strangers

The cover definitely wasn´t the reason why I bought this book. Maybe the Love Story bit? The pink in the font? If only I could remember. *  sigh *

As for the mug…. A simple flea market purchase from a few years back. Unfortunately, the mug is heavy and because of that, no one wants to use it.

Okay, lovely people. That´s it for today. I hope you enjoyed my random ramblings.

Feel free to share your book shopping experiences! I would love to find out how you shop for your books.

Until next time.

Much love,

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Bookstore Heaven

” Let´s go to a bookstore.”, she said.

” It´ll be fun.”, she said.

When I talk about “she” then I´m referring to my best friend and book buddy in crime.
Everyone has that one special friend who comes up with different ways to brighten up one´s day. Mine is named Mirjam and she lives down the road.

Today was the day Mirjam and I decided to have a coffee ( in my case, a hot chocolate because I can´t stand coffee ) in our local bookstore ( the only bookstore with actual books inside).

Our brilliant idea was to take some time to relax while being surrounded by the things that bring us immense joy- books.

A small but cozy shop with nooks and corners everywhere…rows and rows with books lovingly stacked for display by the ever so polite staff. I felt at home. I felt even more at home when I held my hot chocolate in my hands and saw books from the corners of my eyes.


(Mirjam )

Just like magic- time flew by. We spent 3 hours discussing books, admiring covers,…practically combing the whole store!

And what did we get out of the experience? Pure satisfaction. Seriously- if you´re an avid reader you definitely have to make time and relax in a bookstore. I´m not talking about walking in a Starbucks and reading there or going to a Barnes & Noble. THAT is not an experience.  I´m referring to the small, local places hardly anyone knows about. Bookstores that have character. You won´t find the intimacy, the flair or anything unique in a chain store. A local bookshop might not have the same book selection as or B&N has but that´s okay. We didn´t need to see everything the world has to offer.

Besides- it´s also good to support the smaller businesses. They bring originality. They´re authentic. They care more than anyone at some large retailer ever will.


( Mirjam )

This isn´t the last time we´ll be going in for a quick, 3 hour, coffee / hot chocolate!