Instagram Project ‘Book Box’ 2 weeks later…

Roughly about 2 weeks ago I started my new Instagram project called ‘Morgana’s Book Box’.

When I began this little project of mine I had no expectations, what so ever. I mean- if all had failed I would have gone on to the next best thing- watching Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute dishes on YouTube. 

I’m now one happy and proud book box momma! 

It’s funny because… I’m actually having fun walking around in the cold ( it’s so freezing cold at the moment). It’s tricky when I smile because my face starts to burn from the minus 10 Celsius outside but it’s still fun! Also- They don’t lie when they say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”lol. 

If you haven’t already, go and check out some of the pretty outdoor book pics available on Instagram. Just click here and enjoy.

And if you like…. feel free to follow or leave a comment OR, leave a suggestion in the comments below with which book you’d like to see with the book box. 💙💜💙💜

Instagram Project 2017

It´s happening. I´ve finally collected enough courage and energy to make a small dream of mine come true.

I´ve been watching book blogs on Instagram post book pics after book pics for some time now, all doing mostly the same thing: Uploading pictures from feet and books, coffee and books, etc. etc.  I´m not going to lie, I tried that as well but I´m not very comfortable taking pictures of my hideous feet ( with or without socks…. there´s really no beauty to be found down the feet area )… AND I kinda suck at doing the coffee mug & book shot.

So, what´s left for a woman to do? I don´t have many options, right? How am I going to be apart of the Instagram Book World without having to include my stumpy legs or my old looking hands in a pic? It´s not easy, let me tell you that, but it´s not a mission impossible, either.

I felt hopeless until I found an old wooden box in my garage. Within seconds, my Instagram idea was born! CRASH! BOOM! BANG!

Starting now, I´m the proud founder of The Book Box.

What is The Book Box and why does the world need it?

The Book Box is just a simple project where I promote paperback copies that are placed lovingly in an open, old, beaten down wooden box, which is placed somewhere outdoors or in a cool indoor location. Brilliant, right?
Does the world need what I´m offering? Of course, NOT. *  cracking up  * But I think it´s a nice idea and also pretty to look at. *  smiles  *

Wanna see?


Ain´t that purdy? 🙂

If you´re interested in seeing more then just click on Morgana´s Book Box and see what else I have in store. Or- if you´re on Instagram yourself then feel free to leave a like or follow me directly ( but only if you´re really REALLY want to see more, no pressure.) Be sure to let me know ( via PM, email or comment that you saw my post on WordPress so I can thank you properly!

I want to make a statement and show the world that it´s not necessary to pull out the good Sunday bedspreads and sheets for the perfect pic and that no feet are needed to promote a book.

Thank you for showing ANY interest in this article. Now I´ll go back into my cave and hide.

Warm regards,

the book nerd, Morgana xx