10 Bookish Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

What would our small book universe be without bookish memes? Probably only half as great.

The bookish memes below are what I would classify as “It´s funny ’cause it´s true.” because… well, they hit so close to home ( don´t all book memes? ). They express moments we´ve either felt, thought, or lived through.

Alas, here are my 10 favorite bookish Memes that´ll hopefully brighten your day.

#1 That Dreadful Moment...

#2 Word.

#3 Marie, who hurt you?!

#4 Naaw, the good old days.

#5 The pain is real, folks.

#6 YES!

#7 They forgot the re-read option.

#8 Sometimes it´s the combination of reading all night and wine.

#9 I know the feeling.

#10 But ONLY just in case.

Out of all 10 memes #5 is my all time favorite.

What about you? Which of these bookish memes can you most relate to? Let me know in the comments below. I´d love to chat ❤

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you enjoyed.

Much bookish love,

10 Bookish Memes That Hit Close To Home

And here we are once again. It´s great to have everyone back for another bookish meme parade. This time we´re Team – Reader.

A friend once said readers don´t really have problems. Well, guess what? We have more than you´d think. Granted – We´re dealing with first world issues… But, they´re still issues, ya know? Things that frustrate us, annoy us and even things that make our blood boil.. Those are OUR issues.

Alas! We shall begin with 10 Bookish Memes That Hit Close To Home…


#1    Rational Investment

Although, you won´t see me saying anything out loud when standing in front of a $25 book. I´d just wordlessly let a tear roll down my cheek and hope someone will have pity and buy me the damn book.


new 7




#2    The Science Behind Our Relationship With Books

This explains E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.


new 2




#3    A Book Addicts Life

4. How I´m going to finish the books I started months ago

5. Thinking about starting a new book

6. …


new 1





#4    It´s The Movement That Counts

We give our brains a good workout. That should be enough.


new 10





#5    Life Goals

I definitely see myself on a remote island with an unlimited supply of cocktails and books. That will also be the day when my reviews will be a simple ” Fuck yeah” or “Fuck no”.


new 5





#6    It´s All About Priorities

No comment.


new 6




#7  The Ugliest Face Of Our Book Universe

Bah. I hate, HATE books with the movie version cover. * Storming off to get a much-needed bottle of rosé*

book publisher





#8  Our Empty Threats

That´s what we do. We´re so passionate about our books that we even threaten no one in particular while reading. The words just come out of our mouths. It´s not our fault.


new 15




#9   Our Determination Is Limitless

I seriously don´t know why people keep doubting us when it comes to wanting to finish a book. We said we would, right?


new 11





# 10   The Good Ol´ Cliffy

This is actual footage of me when I encounter a cliffhanger. Even the dialogue is spot on.


new 12




That´s a wrap for today. I hope you enjoyed the 10 Bookish Memes That Hit Close To Home.


Which one is your favorite? Which one can you relate to? Leave a comment below. ❤


Have a wonderful day.

Much love and many hugs,

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Top 10 True & Depressing TBR Pile Memes

Don´t bother denying it. You all have those pesky TBR lists that make your lives a living bookish nightmare. Even Norrie from Reading Under The Blankie calls her TBR pile the Mountain of Doom. That´s exactly what a TBR pile is – A good for nothing pile of books that do nothing but collect dust and cobwebs somewhere in a hidden corner ( or in plain sight ) and makes us feel a special kind of guilt.

The guilt trip our silent companions put us through isn´t pleasant. We keep pacifying our guilt by promising ourselves that we´ll, ONE DAY, reach out for the pile and grab an untouched treasure.

( Insert hysterical laugh )

Yeah…. Good one, right? We all know it´s never going to happen. Even the meme world thinks it´s worthy enough to make fun of.

Which brings me back to this posts topic….

I present you the Top 10 True & Depressing TBR Pile Memes. 

Mind you- These memes are spot on true. Let me hear y´all book loving people´s opinions on these… Enjoy.


  1. A book lover´s anthem.

( insert tune from the Star Spangled Banner) O-oh say can you seeee, all the books I can never find time to read….

meme 6










2. * Cough cough, clears throat, looks away *










3. TBR Bookcases, my dear. Plural. 

I´m often speechless when someone complains to me about their itsy bitsy 2 book TBR pile.

meme 3










4. * Looks down at feet, whistles, runs away *

meme 4












5. One day we´ll find someone who believes us.

meme 7











6. The TBR – O – Meter

Thank all that´s fully and pink that no one has invented a TBR – O – Meter gadget. We don´t need the evidence.

meme 5




Then become a sobbing mess because the month has just started and you´re already dirt poor.




8. The reason why I´ve grown fond of Kellogg´s Corn flakes.




9. Some things are better left unknown.

Those numbers are depressing. And they´re not even my own.

meme 9



10.  * stops singing the national TBR Pile anthem *

No shit?

meme 2


That´s it for today. It´s time to retreat so I can lick my depressed wounds.

Tell me…. do these come close to your TBR pile truth? 

I hope you all enjoyed my Top 10 True & Depressing TBR Pile Memes.

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15 Funniest Book Memes You´ll Relate To If Your A Book Lover

15 funniest book memes guaranteed to make you smile, chuckle, giggle or even laugh out loud!

That is – If you´re a book nerd.


  1. When reality guy clashes with book hero.



2. It´s NEVER just a book!!




3.   1 a.m. is like Happy Hour for readers. 




4. Books bring out a readers chocolate side.



5. Everytime. E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E.




6. Some things are just uncalled for.

images (1)


7. It´s not the love but the husband´s farts that forces you back to reality.

images (4)



8. His farts won´t be missed, either.

images (10)



9. Until my dying day. 



10. You tell ´em, Suzy! I got your back on this one.

images (7)


11. A book lover´s golden moment. The highlight? A powerpoint presentation.

images (8)



12. Some questions are better left unspoken.

images (5)


13. Have I mentioned how relaxing reading is?

images (2)



14. They never listen.




15. What? Jesus!

images (3)


That´s it for now.

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