Mug Monday & Bookish Happiness

Hello everyone and welcome to Mug Monday!

With everything that´s been going down in the book community lately, I think it´s time for a little happiness. Because all us book people need more happiness in our lives.


Happiness is a good book


`Happiness is a good book.` says Snoopy on one of my favorite Snoopy mugs. And he´s right- Happiness is a good book. But happiness is also many other things.

For me happiness is…

  •  Book blogging. As demanding as book blogging sometimes is- I still everything about it. I´m truly happy when I can share my thoughts, my ideas with others.


  • Connecting with others. I love to meet new people. Whether it´s through comments on my posts or on social media… I´m happy when I´m able to find new friends and connect with likeminded people. Communication is a wonderful thing.


  • The little bookish things. It doesn´t matter if it´s something as simple as a bookmark or a book sleeve… These things bring me so much joy.


  • Bookmail. I´m that person who´s on first name terms with the postman. Because he brings me happiness in a package. Author mail, amazon mail, letters, cards… I LOVE book mail.


  • Book related news. This could be a cover reveal for an upcoming release or other author announcements. I´m always happy when someone has something new to share.


  • Positive feedback. This is something that brings me immense joy: When someone gives positive feedback on my posts or on someone else´s post. It´s truly something special when a book blogger is able to make someone´s day, week, month.


  • Hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top and a sprinkle of cinnamon. HEAVENLY!


Now to what makes my OCDs sing.  Happiness also is:

  • When the spine of a book doesn´t crack
  • When book cover colors match on my bookshelves
  • When a bookmark matches colors with the book I´m reading


What about you? What is Happiness for you? Shower the comments section with what brings you joy ( book-related or not ). ❤


Thank you so much for reading this week´s Mug Monday post. I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful Monday.

Many warm hugs,


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Book Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Book recommendations – They come from all corners of our social circles. Friends, family, neighbors, teachers, book store sales people and of course, from book bloggers, as well. Especially from book bloggers.

Everyone knows what the sole purpose of a book blogger is.

Yes, us book bloggers spend time reading and post book related topics on our blog. We take pictures of books and post them on Instagram and what not. Book bloggers are what I like to refer to as the “middle men”. Us underpaid lot stand between the publisher and consumer. Even if we love our book blogger life we can´t ignore the fact that we´re holding the asshole card in this game. We´re highly needed in this business but our work is often not valued as it should be. Our reviews are read but the effort behind our reviews hardly bear visible fruits. I´m not saying the efforts book bloggers invest in reviews and other book promotion are worthless. It´s actually quite the opposite case. What I´m saying is – Book bloggers hardly know when their book recommendations have paid off. We have no way to track down how much our reviews have helped. Because people are silent ninjas who want to avoid any form of communication / interaction. Do anything, just don´t talk to the book blogger.

That´s a crying shame, if you ask me. As I´ve mentioned in my What Does A Book Blogger Do post – Book bloggers don´t need a lot to feel appreciated. Our modesty is screwed down so low we´re happy when we receive a single comment. This needs to stop.

Here´s a thought: Wouldn´t it be nice if our hard work actually paid off? Wouldn´t it be fab if our reviews received more than just a like or a comment? The answer is: YES!

This is why I´ve decided to include another monthly theme on my blog.


Book Bloggers Made Me Buy It


A simple post where I reveal the books that were recommended by other book bloggers.  I´ll also include where the recommendation came from and how I was convinced to buy said book. I will also include a monthly insta feature and a blog mention in my review. 

Because working the book bush drums isn´t always helpful. Positive word to mouth promotion works slow ( unlike negative book promo. That shit travels at the speed of light ).And guess what? This whole thing isn´t some new invention of mine. This is me reviving what worked beautifully back in the book blogger glam days. At some point this simple act of courtesy died and it´s high time this cool way to spread the book love is brought back from the dead. Aside from that –  I like recommendations from like – minded book people. I love being convinced to buy a book. So, here we go:

A HUGE thank you goes out to…

Paige @ Bookish Paige 

Love Song

Thanks, girl, for recommending `Love Song` by Sophia Bennett. 

It´s been a while since I last had a chance to read a rockstar romance. Fingers crossed that I´ll love this as much as Paige did. ❤


And again, I have to thank Paige for giving me that last push for `Throne Of Glass` by Sarah J. Maas. I have to admit that this one has been on my shit list for so long that I´ve developed an unhealthy distaste towards this series ( because of the fact that many have tried to shove this book in my  face and down my throat ). Paige assured me there was romance in this book. No harm can be done when romance is involved, right? RIGHT? 

Cinder and Ella

A warm thank you goes out to the mother of my daughter´s best friend, Simone, for recommending `Cinder & Ella` by Kelly Oram What would have been a 30 minute drive to Ikea turned out to be a 1 hour detour ride because Betty made me miss the exit twice with her book recommendation abilities.



book bloggers pic


There ya have it. These are the books recommendations I´ve taken to heart .Be sure to stick around for my reviews on each book. But before you leave…. 

Tell me: How do you find your next reads? When a book blogger recommends a book, do you read it and share your feedback with that blogger? Let´s chat! ❤

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Reading List – May 2018

Good – bye, April. Hello, May.


Yeah, I know, I know. I´m late with my reading list…again. But I have a great excuse. One that will have you shrugging your shoulders as if to say ” So?”.

I was extremely busy. Busy as in I – had – to – be – social – for – once.

It was tough but I survived. My brother is married and now I need some quality time away from people.


It´s still early in the month, though. So, technically…. I´m not THAT late with wanting to present my reading list for May.

Ready to see my wicked list of books that I randomly picked to read and review?


A Court Of Frost And Starlight ( A Court Of Thorns And Roses #3.1 ) – Sarah J. Maas

A Court Of rost And StarlightGenre: Fantasy / NA

Pages: 229

Publication Date: May 2018

While I wasn´t happy with books 1 – 3 from the ACOTAR I´m still willing to give this “what happened after ” read a try. Why? Well, I don´t like unfinished business. The author created so many characters in books 1 – 3 that there´s a small chance we´ll get to see some of these characters get their own spotlight. Fingers crossed!

A Court Of Thorns And Roses , A Court Of Mist And Fury,  A Court Of Wings And Ruin


The Little Book Of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well – Meik Wiking

hygge Genre: Non – fiction

Pages: 240

Publication Date: September 2016

I saw this book on one of my book shopping sprees and had to have it. I haven´t read it yet but from the looks of it the book looks and feels like an oversized magazine about Denmark rather than being a self-help book ( it was also classified as Self Help ).  I´m loving the cover and loved what I saw while I scanned through the pages before I bought this little gem. I can´t wait to see what the Danish have that can improve my already weird and wacky lifestyle. I´m hoping for learning more about the country and what the people do that makes them so awesome.


Little Black Book – Otegha Uwagba

little black book


Genre: Non – Fiction

Pages: 113

Publication Date: June 2017


I´m a working woman. I want to see what the toolkit has to offer. Maybe I´m doing something wrong that I´m not aware of? Who knows. All I know is that I like the package of this book. Not so much the fact that it´s also in the feminism category. I´m a little suspicious about that because if there is anything I dislike more,  it´s a book written by a 2.0 feminist who wants to shove her extreme beliefs down my throat. Let´s hope that this is just a simple “how to juggle work and life” booklet.


Ash Princess  ( Ash Princess Trilogy #1 ) – Laura Sebastian

Ash Princess

Genre: Fantasy / YA

Pages: 432

Publication Date: April 2018

I can´t have a reading list without including at least one fantasy read, right? I don´t know why… but I´m actually looking forward to read `Ash Princess`. Sounds like something I´m in desperate need of.


And of course, I´ll be working off my TBR list while reading these awesome picks.

Let the fun begin!


Much love,

Morgana xx

Mug Monday & Book Recommendation Talk

Hi and welcome to Mug Monday! The place where I love to feature my Mug of the Day and current read.

My current read is `The Birthday List` by Devney Perry. A book recommendation from a fellow book blogger.

mug monday & book recommendation

Book recommendations come in many MANY forms these days. I´m a fan of the classic face to face book talk but will definitely settle for the good old review reading. Instagram book recommendations are my least favorite because I often have to hunt a book description down after seeing a cover to my liking.


Now, I´ve slightly given up on book recommendations from friends and blog buddies. Not because the recommendations are crappy. Not at all.

The whole problem is, book recommendations and I have a love hate relationship.

Because let´s face it – When someone recommends a book they loved then there´s a 50 % chance of actually hating that very same book. Some recommendations are pushy. They´re the in – your – face – type. You let someone talk you into reading a book because THEY loved it so much. Then you read. Then you finish the book and wonder why you´re even friends with that person.

And then things become awkward.

You have to give your thoughts on the book to the same person who recommended the book in the first place.

If you´re like me ( which I truly hope you´re not because I´m extraordinarily weird ) then you won´t have any problems voicing your real thoughts to the people you love ( and to those you don´t love )

“I love you, Marlene. But promise me you´ll never recommend a book to me again.”

And my friend always replies with a..

“Pfft. You have no idea what a good book is.”


It´s because books are a matter of taste. My friend´s taste differs from mine by a long shot. Always does.

On the other hand, though, I LOVE when someone recommends a book. I love it when the recommendation is made in a not so obvious way. Kind of like an unspoken “You have to read this.”  I love to listen to the passion and see the excitement in someone´s face when they talk about a book.

“The characters! You´ve never met such intense figures… And what they go through! Girl, you´re in for a ride with those.” 

It´s a one-sided conversation I fully enjoy. I just sit and listen like some kid hearing about Santa for the first time.


That´s exactly what happened with `The Birthday List` recommendation. I had time to appreciate the thoughts that were given regarding the book. I had time to see the appeal. I was allowed to become curious.

That where I think the main problem lies with book recommendations ( for me ).

It´s not just a matter of taste when it comes to book recommendations. It´s a matter of how the recommendation is delivered.

A pushy book recommendation doesn´t really give you time. It´s a “READ THIS NOW!” situation. Words like LOVE, AWESOME, FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, LIFE CHANGING are thrown into a convo and you hardly have time to process everything because the only things that stuck were the words “READ” and “NOW”. You READ IMMEDIATELY and realize in the end that the book was okay but not as LIFE CHANGING as it was set out to be by your friend.

When the recommendation is subtle but at the same time passionate then you have air to breathe and time to appreciate the love coming from the other person.

Does this make any sense? * scratching head *

So, now you know about my book recommendation love / hate relationship.

What did we learn today? That my friends don´t have taste and neither do I.

Thank you for joining in on Mug Monday & Book Recommendation Talk.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Much love,

Morgana xoxo