9 Bookish Images That Mirror My Life

Sometimes book memes fit a book lover´s life situation to the T. They feel personal because book people can mostly identify themselves with a quote, a joke, or even simple yet hilarious facts.

While some book memes are truly great they still don´t capture the visual reality of a book lovers life. Words can be powerful but images show that power. Hence the reason for this post.

The other day I found a few images on Pinterest that, more or less, mirror my life as a book lover. I´m sure these images hit close to home for many other book fans but for me they, oddly enough, feel personal. As if someone had taken photographs of me, my life situation and my surroundings.

#1 Reading In Public

There are people who can read in public. There are people who can´t. I had a friend once who told me he could easily snap his full attention to a book no matter where he was or in what situation he was in. Much to my delight, we had/have that in common. I´m one of those people who can block everything out the moment I start reading a book. I´m good at squeezing 1-2 pages in when I have some time off, too. This image reminds me of all the times I sat in an overcrowded train but never feeling people around me. Once my nose is stuck in a book I don´t really see anything else around me.

#2 Reading Barefoot By A Window

This Pinterest gem is not me doing some fancy book-shot for my nonexistent bookstagram following. It could be, though. This is basically me on any given day- Feet propped up near a window, holding a book and balancing a mug in my lap. Why the window? Because the lighting is great and when the sun shines through I can enjoy the warmth ( I´m always freezing ).

#3 Bathroom Reading Sessions

Many parents will be able to relate to this image. I certainly can. I can´t tell you how often I sat on the edge of the bathtub with a book in my hands while one of my daughters sat on the loo. Although the bathroom isn´t an ideal place to read to your kids ( especially while they´re getting business done ) I didn´t really mind that much. They couldn´t read when they were younger and toilet visits were boring * shoulder shrug *. The only thing missing in this image: Cookies. Thankfully, they´re both old enough now to read themselves.

#4 Reading In Bed

It´s as if someone snuck into my bedroom and took a pic of my bedside! This image is so relatable because, I too, have a bed filled with books and magazines. What can I say? I´m a dedicated bed-reader. And God forbid when I´m working on a blog post…. Then we can add journals and notepads into the mix. I´m kind of surprised my husband hasn´t moved into another room yet.

#5 Window Book Shopping

Again, this isn´t me. But it´s someone checking out books from the sidewalk. I am so guilty of doing this. I´m even guilty for doing the exact same pose ( leaning forward to get a better look ). When I see this image I can´t help but smile because I have a few pics of myself doing the same thing. Sometimes you just have to stop to take a look. And with enough will power you can resist going inside and spend 5 hours looking for the perfect read. That was a joke. Of course, this is just the warm-up pose before entering the book store.

#6 The Overloaded Shopping Cart

The book stores in my neck of the woods don´t have shopping carts but if they did mine would definitely look like the one in the image. I wish my book store had shopping carts, though. Would make my life so much easier than having to hold 8 books in my arms before deciding to only buy 2.

#7 The Car Reader

I´m a car reader through and through. I love reading a book on road trips, when driving to the grocery store ( gotta squeeze in those 1-3 pages. And no, I don´t read & drive. I read when hubby drives ) or even when hubby and I are invited to a party… I´ll have a book in my purse and will read until we reach our destination. When I saw this image I remembered all those glorious moments of being able to finish that last chapter.

#8 Surrounded By Books

No, I´ve never been in a room that looks like the one in the image. But I sometimes feel like I am. Especially when I´m in a book store. This goes back to me being able to forget my surroundings when I start reading a book.

#9 Reading Hours

When my girls were in first grade the teachers looked for volunteers to read to the children during recess on rainy days. I wasn´t so hot on being on “reading duty call” but my daughters begged me to sign up. I did and spent a good school year reading to first graders more than once. I have fond memories of those days, especially of one kid who constantly fell asleep ( I probably bored him to death or he just missed nap time ). This picture reminds me so much of that time.

Those were 9 bookish images that mirror my life. But what about you?

Can you relate to any of these images? Let me know in the comments below. I´d love to chat. <3

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed.

I hope you have a wonderful bookish day,

Much love,

Bookish Creativity – Making A Book Sleeve

It´s time to unleash the bookish creativity!

It´s time to (re)start my book sleeve project! 

You know what a book sleeve is, right? Those functional fabric pouches that protect books? The ones with all kinds of stylish designs that are mainly seen on Instagram or Pinterest? Yeah, those. Now, some claim these book sleeves are a must-have for every book lover. Personally, I think book sleeves are nice to have but they´re definitely not a must-have item. Especially for the prices they´re being sold for. 10 – 18 Euros for a book sleeve is not in my book-ish budget. I also don´t really feel the need to protect my physical books. But I still see the appeal. Book sleeves are cute. Sometimes a tad expensive but adorable.  

This is why I started making my own. I wanted to see for myself if the prices for these book sleeves are justified. I was curious to find out if these book sleeves could be easily made at home by someone who´s totally incapable of using a sewing machine ( like myself ). So, I started my book sleeve project.

The only things I needed were:

  • fabric
  • sewing machine

I have fabric. I have a sewing machine. So I began. And the end result wasn´t so terrible.

Not bad, right? All I did was take old shirts and an old comforter, cut them to the right size and sewed in semi-straight lines. Voila! Yes, I know it´s not perfect but I did the job. A book fits in each sleeve and that´s all that matters. I saved money! I didn´t save much time, though. Sewing these book sleeves took me almost 3 hours.

But this time I wanted to take things a little further. I wanted to see if I could ditch my sewing machine and use a different, easier technique. Cause let´s face it, I can´t handle a sewing machine. Not only am I terrible at sewing straight lines ( which you can see in the right picture ) I´m also afraid my finger will slip under the needle. I´ve heard sewing machine horror stories from people who knew people who also knew people, you know? Can´t be too careful.

It took me weeks to find an alternative- Hemming tape. So, I ordered a roll ( 4 Euros for 5 meters ) and when it arrived I went straight to work!

As for the fabric: I went for something simple again- Jeans and cotton. An old, last worn in 2001 jeans shirt from the hubby and an old pair of shorts I used for garden work.

The reason for the two fabrics is because I need something smooth and soft that acts like a puffer on the inside and something rougher on the outside. We don´t wanna harm our books, right?

After I cut the fabric to the right size ( which size that was, I don´t know. I go by eye measurements ) I cut some of the hemming tape and placed it on 3 edges.

( NOTE: The third pic has hemming tape on the top and bottom. I had to remove the upper stripe to create a pouch, which I didn´t take a picture of )

I used a paperback book from Devney Perry as it´s one of the larger paperbacks I have ( 22cm x 15cm ).

With everything cut and in place it was time to whip out the iron. Hemming tape is nothing more than ironing tape. It needs to be ironed between fabric. The heat from the iron melts the tape and glues the fabric together.

I know I´m not fooling anyone. I´m not trying to. My eye measurement skills suck just as much as my sewing skills do. That won´t stop me from continuing, though. The idea is to see if I can save money. Not to win the book sleeve of the year award.

This is the left side of the book sleeve. The part that gets flipped. No one will see my errors. I can totally live with that.

The next part was the easiest and most satisfying: cutting off the excess fabric around the parts I didn´t glue together and flipping the fabric inside out.

The hemming tape did its magic! The fabric held together. The only problem I noticed after having flipped the fabric was that I needed to do something with the opening. That meant I had to flip it back to the left side and use a little more hemming tape.

I´m happy to announce that the book sleeve project was a success! It may not be as perfect or as beautiful as the book sleeves offered on Etsy but it still works. I´m proud.

So, what did we learn today? You don´t necessarily need to buy a book sleeve. You can easily make one yourself with older shirts/towels/blankets/older pillowcases. Also, you don´t necessarily need a sewing machine to make a book sleeve.If you´re as talented as I am with a sewing machine then go for the hemming tape!

Time invested: 40 minutes

Cost: 4 Euros

All in all, think if anyone wants to pay good money for a handmade product that “protects” books then they should. If the quality of a handmade product is great then there´s no reason not to want to invest. Because that´s what´s valued. Personally, I value handmade products but it´s more of a “Do I really need it?” issue for me.


Do you own a book sleeve? How many do you have? Have you ever made your own book sleeve? Let me know in the comments below. I´d love to chat ❤

Dear bookish Padawans, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Be sure to stay tuned for the next DIY bookish-project!

Much love,

Books & Wine Monday & Being Bookish Productive


This self-isolation business…. I think it´s great. The time I´m able to spend on reading is incredible. Book blogging has crawled up the priority ladder. I´m finally able to get shit done since everything else has taken a back seat. I´m actually enjoying my healthy self in my little isolated bubble * knocks on wood 3x *.

So yeah, I´ve been reading.

3 books last week and 2 the week before that. I´m mostly finishing up on duets and trilogies and sneaking in a standalone, which I´m loving. This feels just like the old days when I used to constantly read.

There was a moment of weakness when I thought about picking up a hyped book but then decided against it. As much as I liked the idea of giving a hyped book a chance I just can´t jump over my shadow. Once a hyped book, always a hyped book. I´d rather reread my favorites than cave in and buy an overly praised book.

 Other than that I’ve been working on some book sleeves which I´m excited to feature this week. All I´ll say is: Making a book sleeve was an adventure.

So what else is new? Well, I bleached my hair by myself. Didn´t necessarily turn out the way I would´ve liked it to but okay. I´m at home. It´s not like people will get to admire the multi-shades of yellow. Kind of looks like I have a yellow helmet on my head. * sigh *

Ooooh! I also watched the Tiger King on Netflix. People said it was bad. I think it´s just one sad piece of film work as it doesn´t really focus on the problem at hand- Big cat ownerships. I mean, with all due respect… Does a guy with a mullet who wears glitzy shirts need 150 tigers? Does anyone need a tiger?
What can the human race learn from someone who calls themselves Joe Exotic? Nothing. The Tiger King was a huge miss for me.

I guess that´s it for now. Not much excitement in my neck of the woods but that´s okay. I´m thriving. Living off of books and wine!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Books & Wine Monday. ❤

Sending out much bookish love,


Book Review Bar – April ´20 Edition

The Book Review Bar…

A place where Short Stories Receive Short Reviews… 



Sinful Abandon

( Abandon Collection #4 )

Jeannine Colette

You know… In a way, this novella was picture perfect. Only 8 chapters long and 101 pages. The story about a * cough cough * bitch who needed a guy with money only to end up falling for a guy who doesn´t have any… Well, that was great, too. It´s just that the Heroine wasn´t anywhere near my cup of tea and that made it so hard for me fully ship the romantic couple.
A cute and short standalone romance perfect for in-between reads!

Off Sides 

( Off #1 )

Sawyer Bennett

Here´s the deal: 158 pages. 18 chapters and an epilogue. Dual POV. The writing was right up my alley… the story wasn´t. I´m convinced Off Sides ( Off #1 ) and I weren´t meant for each other. I felt underwhelmed from start to finish ( which didn´t take long ). Also, I didn´t like the characters. On a positive note: I´ll definitely have a look at the author´s other works because the writing really drew me in.


Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women

Otegha Uwagba

Any woman with common sense would do best to not buy this book. Every piece of advice offered in this booklet is nothing new. Nothing groundbreaking or life-changing. I kind of expect toolkit booklets to be a tad more enlightening.  113 pages filled with Meeh.  Would not recommend it.

What Would The Spice Girls Do: How The Girl Power Generation Grew Up

Lauren Bravo


This book was a real treat. A fab walk down the 90´s memory lane. I wasn´t much of a fan of the Spice Girls but I definitely grew up with their music and their “girl power”. Their message impacted me just as much as it’s touched any girl/teenager/young adult back then.

A nice reminder of what happened back in the day and how the events shaped our world today. I would highly recommend reading as it shines a new light on feminism the Spice Girls era delivered.

Buchrezension: The Curse #1 – #3 – Emily Bold

The Curse #1

  • Buchtitel:  Unsterblich Mein
  • Autorin:  Emily Bold
  • Genre:  YA, Fantasy, Romance
  • Buchseiten:  330


Ein Jahrhunderte alter Fluch, ein geheimnisvolle Amulett und eine junge Liebe, die eine längst erloschene Blutfehde neu entfacht …

Die Außenseiterin Samantha findet im Nachlass ihrer Großmutter ein altes Amulett. Wenig später führt ein Schüleraustausch die Siebzehnjährige nach Schottland. Kaum bei ihrer Gastfamilie angekommen, wird sie bereits von den Sagen und Mythen des Landes in den Bann gezogen. Als sie dann auch noch den

attraktiven Schotten Payton kennenlernt, gerät ihre Welt vollends aus der Bahn. Der mysteriöse Highlander erobert Sams Herz im Sturm. Im Strudel der Gefühle bemerkt sie nicht, in welcher Gefahr sie schwebt, denn was sie nicht ahnt: Paytons Vergangenheit birgt ein dunkles Geheimnis. Ein Geheimnis, das die Schicksale ihrer beider Familien seit Jahrhunderten untrennbar miteinander verbindet und welches nun auch Sam in Lebensgefahr bringt …


Es hat knappe zwei Monate gedauert bis ich das erste Buch, UNSTERBLICH Mein endlich gekauft habe. Ich war mir so unschlüssig. YA – Bücher sind normalerweise nichts für mich weil sie irgendwie doch alle sehr ähnlich sind. Doch nachdem ich zum 5. Mal davor stand dachte ich “Scheiss drauf. Nimmste jetzt mit.”

UNSTERBLICH Mein von Autorin Emily Bold war KEIN Fehlkauf! Im nachhinein ärger ich mich sogar das ich das Buch nicht viel früher gekauft habe weil es einfach eine schöne Geschichte ist.

Spannend. Abenteuerlich. Aufregend. Und zum schwärmen schön! UNSTERBLICH Mein ist genau das was ich mir unter Young Adult Romanze vorstelle. Eine YA, Fantasy Romanze die ich definitiv weiter empfehlen kann!


Das Cover – 4 Sterne:  Find ich echt schön.

Die Geschichte – 4 Sterne:  Etwas mysteriös aber doch leicht vorhersehbar.

Die Charaktäre – 4 Sterne:  Von den Hauptfiguren bis zu den Nebenfiguren… Ich fand sie alle klasse ( ausser Kim. Kim hat mir nicht zugesagt )

Mein finaler Gemütszustand:  Absolut Happy!



The Curse #2

  • Buchtitel:  Unendlich Dein
  • Autorin:  Emily Bold
  • Genre:  YA, Fantasy, Romance
  • Buchseiten:  378


Nachdem Vanoras Fluch gebrochen ist, sollte das Glück von Sam und Payton eigentlich perfekt sein. Wäre da nicht die Tatsache, dass die böse Hexe Nathaira mit ihrem letzten Atemzug Payton erneut einen Fluch aufbürdet: Da seine große Liebe Sam überlebt hat, soll er nun an ihrer Stelle sterben. Sam macht sich fieberhaft auf die Suche nach einer Lösung. Diese führt sie nicht nur zurück an den Ort, an dem alles begann, sie zeigt ihr auch, dass die Liebe über die Zeiten hinweg existiert…


Buch #1 ( UNSTERBLICH Mein ) war kaum fertig gelesen schon hatte ich Buch #2, UNENDLICH Dein, in meinen Händen. Ich musste UNBEDINGT wissen wie es mit Sam und Payton weiter geht. Ich hatte einige Fragen nachdem ich mit Buch #1 durch war und hoffte in Buch #2 die Antworten zu finden.

Himmel! Ich habe nicht nur Antworten bekommen. UNENDLICH Dein gab mir weitaus mehr! Mehr Spannung und soviel mehr Abenteuer. Mehr Herzschmerz und Hoffnung. Sam und Payton´s Reise hat mir vom Anfang bis zum Schluss ( also, bis zur letzten Seite von Buch #2 ) so unendlich gut gefallen. Ich kann, ohne weiteres, sagen dass das zweite Buch mein Lieblingsbuch ist.

Das Cover – 4 Sterne:  Ich mag es wenn Buchcover in einer Serie zusammen passen. Da blüht mein Buchcover-Herz.

Die Geschichte – 5 Sterne:  Die Geschichte ist Outlander und Highlander kombiniert mit Emily Bold Magie. Genau mein Ding!

Die Charaktäre – 5 Sterne:  Ein Traum. Es war richtig schön zu sehen wie sich Hauptfiguren entwickeln ( ausser Payton ). Sam ist mit ihre Aufgaben gewachsen.

Mein finaler Gemütszustand:  Aus´m Häusschen vor lauter Freude!


The Curse #3


  • Buchtitel:  Unvergänglich Wir
  • Autorin:  Emily Bold
  • Genre:  YA, Fantasy, Romance
  • Buchseiten:  323

Das fulminante Finale der packenden Romantasy-Trilogie von Bestsellerautorin Emily Bold!

Sam will nur noch eines: ein normales Leben mit Payton führen. Doch das Schicksal macht ihr einmal mehr einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Nicht nur, dass Sam von einer Entdeckung erschüttert wird, die alles verändert, auch ihre Liebe muss einer harten Zerreißprobe standhalten: Weder sie noch Payton schaffen es, das Geschehene hinter sich zu lassen. Bald muss sich Sam der Frage stellen, erneut in die Vergangenheit zu reisen oder diese für immer ruhen zu lassen …


Buch #3, UNVERGÄNGLICH Wir, ist das letzte Buch von The Curse Trilogy. Ich habe gemischte Gefühle was es dieses Buch angeht. Auf der einen Seite hätte ich das dritte Buch nicht gebraucht. Das Ende von Buch #2 hatte einen schönen, klaren Abschluss. Also wieso dann noch ein drittes Buch? Es konnte nur noch um den “aftermath” gehen ( das dachte ich ). Auf der anderen Seite wollte ich schon noch das Sam und Payton´s Geschichte weitergeht.

Ich habe keine Opfer gebracht. Das Buch habe ich gerne gelesen und letztendlich gemocht. Habe ich es gebraucht? Nicht wirklich. Trotzdem war UNVERGÄNGLICH Wir ein netter Trilogie Abschluss. Jetzt ist die Geschichte komplett und ich kann wieder Nachts schlafen.

Das Cover – 4 Sterne:  Auch Buchcover #3 passt perfekt zu den anderen Büchern. I love it.

Die Geschichte – 3 Sterne:  War ganz okay. Weniger aufregend aber trotzdem nett. Alasdair und Nathaira´s Geschichte hat mich mal gar nicht tangiert.

Die Charaktäre – 3 Sterne:  Hmm… Es gibt keine wirkliche weiterentwickling. Alasdair und Nathaira mochte ich nicht, demnach interessierten die beiden mich seit Buch #1 und #2 nicht.

Mein finaler Gemütszustand:  Rumdrum happy.

Alles in allem ist The Curse Trilogie eine wunderschöne Geschichte die sehr schön geschrieben ist. Ich selbst war schon öfters in Schottland und konnte den Flair vom Land den die Autorin beschrieben hat gut erkennen. Es war klasse detailliert aber nicht über detailliert. Die Art wie die Geschichte geschrieben wurde gefiel mir unheimlich gut. Im nachhinein bin ich doch froh das ich diese Bücher gekauft habe.