My Most Viewed Posts 2018

So, I had an idea. Granted, it´s nothing outrageous but I thought it would be interesting to review my own blog. To see what worked really well and what didn´t, ergo: which posts received the most views in 2018.

I´m not normally interested in numbers and stats. I work with numbers all day so I´m not too keen on checking more out in my spare time.

I will say though that I was a little surprised when I reviewed my own blog the other day. Shocked, even. From all the posts I´ve posted last year the ones I thought weren´t worth it generated the most views. And then I realized that my blog had gone through a phase where reviews were more popular than discission posts and the other way around.

I´m not sure if this has something to do with specific books or authors, or if it has something to do with the right targeting, using the correct keywords, but it was definitely something to think about.

If I´d sit down and take my time to analyse everything ( which I won´t because I don´t have any nerves left ) I might get behind the actual reason as to why certain posts gained a nice amount of views and why others haven´t.

So, without further ado here are my most viewed posts in 2018.



most viewed discussion

♥     Hot Book Topic – Faleena Hopkins Trademark Escapade

♥     What Does A Book Blogger Do?

♥     The Importance Of Reading Breaks

♥     Religion In Romance Novels

The one topic I never thought would get attention was the Faleena Hopkins post. Dear pink fluff, that one sky rocketed and showed me numbers I haven´t seen in years. For some reason, I wasn´t too late for that gossip and thought I´d try to write a post about it. If only I were better at the gossip game….

The next surprise was the What Does A Book Blogger Do post. I never thought anyone would be interested in finding out what it is us common foot folk do. I guess I thought wrong.

And then the Religion In Romance Novels post. This one is very tricky as it didn´t generate lots of views on the day I posted it but it is the post with the highest views in 2018. To be honest- I wasn´t sure in the first place if I was doing myself a favor by posting an article on religion in romance novels. I don´t believe in God and was afraid of the backlash from religious fanatics. In hindsight, I´m glad I took that risk, though.

most viewed fun


♥     15 Funniest Book Memes You´ll Relate To If Your A Book Lover

♥     Book Cover Trends: Part 1 ( Romance & Historical)

♥     Book Cover Trends: Part Two (Paranormal, Fantasy & Horror)

♥     10 Funny But Painfully True Book Memes

♥     10 Funny / Not So Funny Author Memes


These posts were extremely fun but so exhausting to create. I bow before all the hotshots who do these posts all the time because I couldn´t. Not even for all the glorious views they´ve generated. I have a few more book cover trends posts I want to upload this year but the rest? I need to be in a good mood to create another 10 funny…. .




most viewed reviews

♥     Book Review: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

♥     Book Review: The Silver Cage – Anonymous

♥     Book Review- The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

♥     Book Review: What He Doesn´t Know – Kandi Steiner

♥     Book Review: What He Always Knew – Kandi Steiner


Reviews are a universe of their own. Sometimes you generate views with a popular book and sometimes you don´t. Sometimes an older book gets all the spotlight. That´s just the way it is. Many things have to be taken in consideration when it comes to romance reviews.

1) Romance is not the most popular genre ( it´s children´s fiction and fantasy, for those of you who wanted to know ). Statistics show that women´s fiction doesn´t sell as well as YA fiction, historical fiction and mystery / thrillers do. I´m not surprised and can live with this.

2) Views vary with the type of publishing. I´ve had more views for a world wide bestseller than I have had with the majority of my books from self published authors.

3) Timing is everything. From what I´ve noticed, the timing plays a crucial role when it comes to reviews. If I wanted for my blog to achieve something then I should be glued to my laptop screen minutes before release day or for any new reveals. This generates views. Strike while the iron is hot. But since I´m a lousy book release spy I end up reading and reviewing new releases much later and that generates less views ( for me ).




most popular months

♥     July, August, November 

And here I thought people would be on vacation and doing… vacation things instead of reading posts during the summer. I was wrong. November doesn´t surprise me, though.



total posts posted

♥     178

Not bad considering how much I slacked. That´s roughly a post every other day.


All in all I can´t say 2018 wasn´t successful. And looking at how well some posts did I do think I have a better picture on what type of content works wonders for my blog and which don´t.


Have you reviewed your blog? Do you check your stats regularly? Let´s chat ❤


Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

much love,

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Hello & Welcome

Dear new Followers,

Hello & Welcome to Morgana´s Book Blog!

I thought of quite a few ways on how to show my appreciation for all the follows in the last few days but I wasn´t able to come up with anything overly genius or boujee enough that would show my gratitude. I guess you´ll have to settle with a simple yet meaningful


Thank you all for the kind support you´ve shown after Beth´s @Books Nest  post on her Twitter. ❤ And THANK YOU, Beth, for taking the time out of your day to share some book blogger love.

Sadly, it would take me ages to thank each and every one who has followed me this week. If you happen to belong to the Twitter bunch then I hope you feel the thanks. If you don´t belong to the Twitter gang then I hope you feel the same appreciation.

I think it would be a good opportunity to introduce myself. I mean- You really have no clue who you´re dealing with so it only makes sense to give a quick run down on what you all have gotten yourselves into. *gg*

Sure, you can read my About Me… But that´s boring ( going to have to update that in the near future…)

Ready? I know I am.

hiMy name is Morgana and I´m…. over 30. No, wait, I´m actually closer to 40 now but who cares about that, right? You´re only as old as you feel. 80% of the day I feel like 130 years old. The other 20%  of my emotional household is still stuck in my mid 20´s.

If you´re wondering about the name… Don´t worry. You´re not the only ones. Yes, I was named after the witch from the King Author legend. Dad was a fan of the movie Excalibur and I had to pay the price for his fan girling over Helen Mirren in the 80´s. Pronounce it the way you want because it´s not possible to butcher it even more than it has been. Makes good for a unique blog name, though. 🙂  ( Plus, I´m a fan as well, so…Dad´s forgiven )

I´m an american living in Germany,  a mom of 2 girls, married, I have a degree in Chemistry, my favorite color is blue, I´m short, extrovert, my hobby is taking naps and drinking hot chocolate…. I love to go out and meet with friends, favorite genre to read is romance and sometimes fantasy, and I´m a passionate book blogger. To help you paint a better picture of my life I´ve created a small graphic to help better understand.


I basically drink too much hot chocolate, nap whenever I can, think a lot, and read ( whenever the girls aren´t around )

As for the book blogging bit- I´m a semi experienced blogger turned hobby book blogger. Many many moons ago I decided to go pro in the book business but found it too exhausting and demanding. After a minor burnout I took a much needed 1 year break away from the blogsphere and ended up coming back with a different plan – One that suited my purpose much better. Here I am now, 9 years later with a clean slate working my blog at my own pace.

Speaking of blogging: Here´s what my book blogging life looks like.


  1. Spying. Because I´m a book ninja looking out for the newest reads, comparing prices, etc.
  2. Getting excited everytime I find something during my spy sessions. Most of the time I get excited when I spot a book (s).
  3. Ending up on the sofa with a mug in one hand and a book in the other.


Reading is high on my “How to make Morgana happy” list. Review writing isn´t. I don´t know… I´m not very fond of typing up reviews, especially when it´s a review for a less than 3 star read. I do it anyways, though, because I believe it´s necessary. You can´t have the good without the bad, right? As long as everything is done with respect then all is allowed.

My 3 most popular moods during or after reading:

Disappointed. Confused. In love. 


There´s really no other way to explain myself better.


There ya have it. That´s me neatly presented to you with a little over 700 words.


If you decide to follow my book blog regularly then you´ll find that I try to balance the normal read & review out with discussion posts and other fun features / themes. I also try to do at least 3 posts during the week and spend the weekends catching up on the blogs I follow.

Since my private life is filled with work, being a mom & wife and LOTS of reading I hardly have enough energy to hang around other social media much. Juggling Twitter, Instagram and my blog is a challenge sometimes so I´ll often just concentrate on my WordPress instead of hanging all over the place. If you do happen to want to hunt me down on Twitter or Instagram then feel free to hit me up there!



Thank you again for the follows. I´m looking forward to reading all the future goodies you´ll be sharing on your blogs.

Feel hugged.

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Bookmas Blogger Spotlight

It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas another

Bookmas Blogger Spotlight!


Hello, friends, family, followers and people who´ve never been here before! Welcome to another fabulous Meet The Book Blogger feature!


Today´s feature is for a book blogger I deeply admire. She´s as badass as a book blogger can get. She has sass and just the right attitude for this line of work. I´m talking about Nada from Early Bookish Birds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This fine lady works Instagram like no other with her creativity and her blog posts range from informative to fun. Based in Egypt ( how cool is that?!) she´s a hard working bookworm on a mission to spread the book – word!

Let´s get to know the power woman behind Early Bookish Birds a little better! Ready?




Morgana:   Nada! My girl! Thank you so much for wanting to partake in this interview! I´m floored you found the time in your busy schedule ( because us book bloggers are busy babes this time of year ). Totally appreciate this. Why don´t we have a seat and order some food? What will you have? I read in your Goodreads Bio that you love to eat. Girl, I can see us turning this interview into a foodie exchange rather than book talk.



Nada:   Heyyy Morgana!

God it feels so good to do this with you, I’m genuinely happy that I got to know you , girl. And actually doing something together!  I have never done this before, So I’m super excited to do this!

Food you say? Oh I will have a cheese burger and texas chilli fries, please. But I gotta warn ya, it may get messy.


Morgana:    Hello, burgers and fries! My personal comfort food. Messy? Honey, it ain´t a burger if you / your plate stays clean. But wait- Are we talking about the homemade kind of McDonalds burgers?






Morgana:    What I love most about your posts is that they´re so down to earth. Everytime I read one of your posts I immediately feel at home. You make book blogging seem effortless. How do you do it?


Nada:   Thank you for saying that, girl. I’m gonna blush or smth.

Well I do like to relate to things, whether if it was a book, a post, a pic or even a meme. So that’s what  I do when I write. I feel like if I managed to get one person to relate to my scrambled thoughts, I`d make it through. So I write about something that crossed my mind while reading or something I struggle with, being a bookworm and all.


Morgana:    I can totally relate. Sometime you just see something you can relate to and feel inspired and then you find likeminded people who can also relate… That´s something to push you forward. ❤






Morgana:    You recently published My Not So Called 2018 Reads #1 post.  You mentioned something I think is really important: “A book should never be judged by it´s publication date.” I couldn´t agree more. What inspired you to write this post?


Nada:   The fuss of new releases. It’s getting rather annoying.

There’re so many new releases out there, and while, yes it’s nice that there’s always someone out there publishing their book, there are still beautiful books on our shelves that we got 5 years ago. Why do I have to keep reading new releases to get attention? I wanna read what catches my attention, whenever it was published.


Morgana:    Preach! I wholeheartedly agree! 







Morgana:    What advice can you give someone who wants to start their own book blog?


Nada:    I’d say, start blogging right now. If you got an idea start your blog right now, right this second. It’s never too late to do so. And keep in mind that there’s always someone out there who’s interested in reading your thoughts, they are precious  ;). And when you do so, start reading loads of blog posts until you can find your own style and zone.

And when it get messy, cause it will get messy, remember that you have a reader. That your stats aren’t always right, and that you started this blog for yourself, so you keep going for her.


Morgana:     YES! Start now because if you don´t then you might end up never going it. Word, chica!







Morgana:    Speaking of book blogs: Is there a book blog you look up to / a book blog you see as a role model? If so, do share who it is and why.



Nada:    Role Model? Wow that’s a big word for me. I don’t really have Role models, I’m my Own Role Model, I do always try to be a better version of myself.

But I do love getting inspirations from fellow book bloggers, and always, always giving them credit!

I adore how creative Cher can get at her Blog She writes amazingly unique and new book talks

And Trang at Her reviews are always so fun to read, and she features the best quality of books.


Morgana:    Going to check these ladies out ASAP! 






Morgana:     From all the social media accounts where us book bloggers share our content… Which do you prefer?


Nada:    Well this is tricky, I started social media books lovin on Instagram, having a bookstagram was everything for me at some point, and it still is, when Instagram algorithm is kicking me in the butt. Photography is a passion of mine, and bookstagram introduced me to it.

But Having my Own blog? Talking and ranting about books, writing small poems ? This is one the finest feelings to me, I wouldn’t trade it with anything.


Morgana:   Personally, Instagram is my enemy. Can´t figure it out. Lol. But what you said about the blog… giving you a virtual high five! You summed that up pretty well. 






Morgana:    Now, let´s get real for a moment and talk about the nitty gritty: You receive awesome feedback on your posts. Has there ever been someone who´s challenged you / your content?


Nada:    Haters comments? No I haven’t experienced anything like this online.


Morgana:    That´s awesome! ❤ Just continue doing what you´re doing and I see a positive blogging future ahead for you.








Morgana:    Most people believe that all us book people do is stay indoors and read. Can you give us insight on what life outside Early Bookish Birds looks like? And don´t hold back!


Nada:    You Got me laughing, love, I literally just had a friend making fun of me, that I’d rather stay home and read than go out and get wild.

It may be just a little bit true? When I go out with someone, I like to get deep, small talks and pleasantry are what I loath. So if  going out means being with a squad that makes small talks and doesn’t have an interesting mindset; I´d very much prefer staying at home.

But I do go out, when i feel appreciated 😉


Morgana:    I hear ya. I´m not a friend of small talk, either. It´s just impersonal.






Morgana:    Here´s something fun: If you could go back in time and talk to anyone famous, who would it be?



Nada:    Id talk to Frank Sinatra.

I´d loovvvee to hear him live, This man voice can get me through anything!


Morgana:    Great choice! That man had an amazing voice.






Morgana:    Chici, it´s time to wrap this baby up. Thank you so much for making this happen. You´re a bookish doll! ❤  I hope we can do this again soon!


Nada:    I can’t thank you enough for hosting me, Morgana. This has been a great pleasure, having this talk with you and just getting to know you!

May your day  be filled with pages and free books, hehe.


Morgana:    That´s so sweet of you. ❤ The pleasure was all mine! May your day be filled with the same ( and so much more ).  



Be sure to follow Nada on her social media!

Stalk away and send her some bookish love!


early bookish


Early Bookish Books blog  ♥ Instagram    Twitter    Goodreads    


Book Review ( Before & After ): Easy- Tammara Webber

Out of all the books I´ve read since book blogging, `Easy` (Contours Of The Heart #1) by Tammara Webber is the one I don´t have to reread in order to remember the story ( THE WHOLE STORY ).

`Easy`was published back in 2012 and I was one of the quick little chicas who got their greedy little hands on the new release. Not because the story sounded good. No. I saw the hottie on the cover and thought ” Where have you been all my life, emo kid?!”

( Some useless information: I love men with hair. I´m probably the only woman left in this hygienic, polished world who loves a man with all body hair ) The fact that the guy on the cover had hair, and rough hands, and a tattoo peaking out on his wrist ( More useless information: I´m a sucker for guys covered in ink. Ink and hair ) had me feeling all kinds of desperate.

Knowing `Easy` was a romance was a nice bonus. I just wanted to stare at hot stuff.

Needless to say- I read the book in 2012. 6 years later, I noticed I had 2 paperback copies of `Easy` on my bookshelf.

To this day I cannot remember how I ended up with 2 copies. Doesn´t matter anymore. We´re here to compare my thoughts from 2012 to my 2018 thoughts.

Are we ready for a Before & After Book Review?


synopsis single

Rescued by a stranger.
Haunted by a secret.
Sometimes, love isn’t easy…

He watched her, but never knew her. Until thanks to a chance encounter, he became her savior…

The attraction between them was undeniable. Yet the past he’d worked so hard to overcome, and the future she’d put so much faith in, threatened to tear them apart.

Only together could they fight the pain and guilt, face the truth – and find the unexpected power of love.

A groundbreaking novel in the New Adult genre, Easy faces one girl’s struggle to regain the trust she’s lost, find the inner strength to fight back against an attacker, and accept the peace she finds in the arms of a secretive boy.


before and after

Back in 2012 I was high on New Adult romances. I was so into the college romance phase and wanted nothing else to read. I couldn´t get enough of the simple and charming novels authors published back then. `Easy`belonged to those reads I lived for.

I remember I had a vague idea of what the story was about. Two college kids fall in love. That was it. The book cover interested me more back then. `Easy`was so much more, though.Easy

A slow burn romance that has a touch of innocence to it. That is- until a life changing event happens to Jacqueline ( Heroine ). Then there´s hardly anything innocent about this read. It´s about struggle and moving on. It´s about making the right choices and taking action.

And the romance. * sigh * Boy, I wanted myself a Landon / Lucas so bad for myself. He was the perfect mysterious Hero.

I remember finding this a fantastic short read with fab characters and a wonderful ending. I was in love.

Fast forward 6 years….

My feelings have changed. Not for the book cover, though. * cough * In those 6 years I found out the book cover model´s name and age ( the only book cover model I´ve ever looked up in my entire life ). My feelings towards the story changed. I´m not in my college romance phase anymore and I also have a different perspective of New Adult romances.

36 year old me thinks this is a good read. A cute romance with cute characters who deal with a realistic issue. Even the slow burn love between the characters feels different. Compared to other more modern New Adult romances, this book feels more like it belongs in the Young Adult genre than anywhere else. Because it´s way more innocent now. It´s tame. Don´t get me wrong- I´d still buy this book and I´d still love it but I wouldn´t go nuts over the whole package anymore.

With that being said…

Would I still, after all these years, recommend this book? I would. Because it belongs to one of those mandatory romance reads.

Would I reread this book? I don´t think I can. I spent a great amount of time discussing this book to death back in the day. I know this book inside and out.

The Cover –  5 Stars: The 5 stars go out to the emo kid. * sigh *

The Story – 4 Stars: It´s good. It´s romantic. It´s the whole package but less exciting.

My emotional state after finishing this read: Happy.

I remember giving this book 5 out of 5 stars in 2012. Right now, I´d give this book a 3 -4 stars, with leaning more towards 4 stars.

4 stars

This book can be purchased on

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Locked In A Book Store

Trust me, I can hardly believe the title myself, but it´s true. I was locked in a book store!

In fact, I just got back from my 3 hour after closing time stay. I actually experienced every book lover´s dream and I´m having a hard time coming to grips with it.

I bet you´re asking yourself how when and why… And I bet you´re wondering if this is even possible. I assure you- It is. And I will give you the long run-down on EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL.

Yesterday, my mother – in – law invited me to join her and her fossil gang for a special night out. My first instinct was to kindly decline her offer ( because I´m trying to reserve hip replacement discussions for birthday parties only ) but she started winking at me in the most odd way ever. I can be very dense at times and not understand body language right away. Her winking and smiles confused the flipping foo foo out of me.

It took my mother – in – law a while before she FINALLY spat out her good news.

“I was gifted a night being locked in a book store. I can take 6 people with me and I have one spot left. Would you like to join us?” 

And all of the sudden… I was desperate to hang out with the fossil gang and listen to their stories of deceased villagers they absolutely hated. Thanks to the fossil  gang I am now fully up to date on who passed away and who they think will be next to see the carrots grow from beneath.

Back to the book store lock up!

Of course, I accepted the invitation. How could I not? What book lover doesn´t want to be alone with hundreds of books after closing hours?!

Let´s stop right here for a moment.

Apparently, I´ve been living a way too secluded life because some time a few years ago, book stores here in Germany started offering book store lock ups. For a certain amount ( I wasn´t able to catch the actual pricing ) one could practically rent a bookstore for 3 hours and spend some quality time there alone, or with a maximum of 6 guests of their choice. I was told that this is super popular.

And on the side, you get a bottle of prosecco and cookies.

I was able to turn down the prosecco but there was no way I was going to ignore the cookies! ( PS: I ate them all ).

I was told to meet the fossil clan at 7 p.m. in front of the next village´s local book store, where we would be let in and locked inside until 10 p.m.

And boy, did I ever make it on time. I´m a punctual person ( as punctual as anyone with kids can be ) but I made a point to be the first one at the book store. The shop owner and I chatted for a bit until the fossil gang arrived. Then it was lock up time.

And after that, the magic began.

Oh. My. Laawd! The feeling! The smell of all the printed books! Being trapped inside a shop with 5 other giggling fossils! An experience I will not forget in a looooong shot.


I spent 3 full hours looking at books, taking my sweet time checking everything out that looked remotely interesting. All while drinking orange juice from a champagne flute ( I´m not a fan of prosecco ). I felt like the queen of bookish county!

My queen of bookish county feeling didn´t last long, though. Three hours might seem like a short time for a book lover but three hours are more than enough.

I know. BLASPHEMY! How can I say that three hours were enough?! I should be tarred and feathered for even typing that. It´s true, though.

While shopping for books is a lovely thing ( and something I can actually do for hours, if I have the time and money to spare ) but there´s a difference between shopping in a small shop with limited books and shopping at a large chain store with a large book selection.


Don´t get me wrong. I do love the cozy flair and intimate atmosphere local book stores give. I love small rooms with hidden corners and nooks. The smell of tea and coffee mixed with the scent of new books. I even love the smiles from the local sales people, because they feel more genuine. Everything is more personal. But the book selection isn´t as large as it would be at a chain store.

What I´m trying to say is: I had troubles finding books I wanted to take home with me.

Not a terrible thing, in my opinion. I don´t always need to run home after a book shopping spree with a car load of books. But 3 hours…. That´s a long time looking for books that aren´t available.


So, after my excitement faded and my queeny feelings dimmed I decided to take a closer look at the kids section. Because, Christmas is around the corner and I have 2 book rats at home.

The entire Children´s section

The Children´s books corner is also tiny, but by God… It´s my favorite place in the whole book store! Especially with that old school desk. And the best part of that part of the book store….


There´s a hole. A peephole for kids to see the ” book dragon” that´s being held captive in the basement! We´re talking about a small local book store located in the middle of nowhere and they have a peephole and a dragon. This is a winner for me.
I spent an hour in the Children´s section then moved on to my second favorite part of the book store ( since romance novels don´t have a big shelf in the store )…..

The Cook Book Area.


Spices, wine, cooking oils and cook books. I grabbed Jamie Oliver´s 5 ingredient cook book and just enjoyed life while the fossil gang had a great time in the Thriller aisle with the prosecco.


When it was time to move on to the next area I spotted these babies.


Journals and notebooks. Because it´s not enough to have one addiction. And I fed my journal addiction tonight. * sigh *



As I´ve mentioned before: To spend 3 hours in a tiny book store is more than enough. But all in all: I had a lovely time.

It´s a weird feeling not having to hurry up due to closing hours. It´s also weird not having someone looking over your shoulder or offering help. But it´s an awesome feeling to just act like you´re the queen of bookish county!

Can I recommend being locked up in a book store after closing hours? Yes! I think this is something every book lover should experience at least once in their lifetime. What I would NOT recommend is giving 5 70 year olds access to prosecco.. in a book store. That shit can be dangerous.

Would I do it again? Yes and no. Maybe in a different city and in a different book store. It all depends on how large the romance collection is.

That´s it for today, dear bookish Padawans. I´m now completely and utterly exhausted.

Before I go: Do you have a rent a book store near you? Have you spent time locked up with books before? If so, what was your experience? If not, would you like to? 
Let´s chat!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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