Book Reviews: The Wallflower Series – Lisa Kleypas

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I stumbled upon Lisa Kleypas back in 2011… when I was on a Historical Romance mission. One historical romance led to another and before I knew it I had almost purchased every ( and I mean this in a positive way ) cheesy bundle of exaggerated fluff written by the author.

I was Amazons customer of the month back then because I kept ordering and ordering until I ran out of Lisa Kleypas books to order- that´s how great I thought they were.

Now, if you´ve been following me for a while you´ve probably noticed that I don´t talk much about historical romances. That´s because they´re my guilty bookish pleasures. I´ll have phases where I´ll rant about HR and then there are phases where all I can do is swoon over the ridiculous etiquette and romance.

Historical romances are also the only genre I love to nitpick over. It´s because of the accuracy of the details. I love it when authors do their homework and absolutely hate it when they mix eras together.

The Wallflowers books offered exactly what I´m always looking for in historical romances. They have a dash of everything with a touch of cheesiness. Heroines who are strong yet still feminine. Exciting Heroes. Always a wonderful romance development and enough blush-worthy moments that would create enough scandal to last two lifetimes.

The Wallflowers is a 5 book series about 4 young ladies ( who each get their own book ) entering London´s society with the desire to find husbands. Desperate much? Definitely.


Secrets Of A Summer Night ( #1 ) – Lisa Kleypas


Secrets Of A Summer Night Out of all Wallflowers books, `Secrets Of A Summer Night´ is my favorite. I just love a romance about a stuck up chick slowly falling for the easy-going self-made man.

We meet Annabelle- Proper, well-spoken, beautiful and determined to find a husband who´ll save her and her family from financial ruin. Enter Simon Hunt- Not exactly the nobleman Annabelle´s looking for. Powerful, persistent and oh so irresistible Simon might not be the person Annabelle wants but he´s wealthy and willing to help Annabelle. Will the first wallflower find true love?

As I´ve said- This one is my favorite from all the Wallflower books because it has that push and pull romance I love so much. It has a Heroine who´s underestimated and judged from the start and a Hero who sees there´s more to the Heroine than her pretty face. A nice slow story development with holy hot steamy scenes. My kind of romance.

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It Happened One Autumn  ( #2 ) – Lisa Kleypas


It Happend One Autumn ( Wallflowers #2 )With book #2, `It Happened One Autumn` we meet Lillian Bowman, an independent young and wealthy American who´s ( yes, you´ve guessed correctly ) on the lookout for a husband. The highly opinionated beauty falls for the snobbish Marcus, Lord Westcliff, who couldn´t be more different from Lillian even if he tried. Because of their cultural differences, they have a bumpy and tense relationship but eventually slide into a smooth moving romantic pace.

This one was my second favorite Wallflower book. It´s not better or worse than the first one, just different. And I enjoyed it. `It Happened One Autumn` carries the enemies – to – lovers theme and has a great story development. What I loved most was the action-filled end scene. And the romance! Good Lawd, is Marcus and Lillian´s story romantic. Favorite part: The first secret garden scene.


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Devil In Winter  ( #3 ) – Lisa Kleypas


Devil In Winter ( Wallflowers #3)


Wallflower #3, Evangeline. I thought her story in `Devil In Winter` ( book #3 ) wasn´t as powerful as the ones of her fellow wallflowers. Evangeline is the most reserved and shiest of all 4 girls. Her stammer is a problem but her inheritance isn´t. Not for Viscount St. Vincent. When she meets the man with the dangerous reputation she offers him a deal. One he can´t turn down.

Okay. This story wasn´t terrible but it wasn´t as exciting as the first two were. I liked Evangeline but wasn´t so hot on the bad-boy-on-a-mission, St. Vincent. We first meet him in the first 2 books and even then I didn´t care much for him. I´m all for the villain – finally – sees – the – light themes but I sort of had the feeling that something was missing.

Still, a decent read with romantic parts.


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Scandal In Spring  ( #4 ) – Lisa Kleypas


Scandal In Spring ( Wallflower #4 )


It´s Daisy Bowman´s ( sister to Lillian ( book #2 ) ) turn to find herself a suitable husband and in book #4, `Scandal In Spring` she finds the wrong candidate, or is he the right one?
I´m not sure what I expected but it certainly wasn´t this. `Scandal In Spring` is a satisfying historical romance but it didn´t touch me the way book #1 and book #2 did. If I´m honest- I can compare this one with book #3 a little. Nice but not earth-shattering.


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Only one book is missing in this feature- The Christmas novella  `A Wallflower Christmas` ( book # 4.5 ).

Wallflower Christmas


`A Wallflower Christmas` is a cute novella where the wallflowers meet up again. Uuhm, personally, I´m not too fazed about this addition. I´d say this novella was written for the dedicated fans and no one else. I enjoyed it but I could have done without as the Wallflowers, for me, ended with book #4.


All in all The Wallflowers books are fun and so SO romantic. For fans of Lisa Kleypas a MUST READ.


My overall rating for all books


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You can purchase The Wallflowers by clicking the titles below. Enjoy reading. ❤

( Book #1 )   Secrets Of A Sumer Night

( Book #2 )   It Happened One Autumn

( Book #3 )   Devil In Winter

( Book #4 )   Scandal In Spring

( Book #4.5 )  A Wallflower Christmas







Book Reviews: Griffin Family- Suzanne Enoch

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It´s Suzanne Enoch time, y´all! With all the Historical Romances I´ve been collecting over the years I thought it was time to write reviews for my guilty reading pleasures.

Are you familiar with Suzanne Enoch´s books? I wasn´t. It actually took me a while to discover the author or her books ( possibly because I was too caught up with finishing every Lisa Kleypas book out there ) but when I did stumble upon Suzanne Enoch on Amazon I was a happy Historical romance camper.

I remember having seen the cover of `Sin and Sensibility´ ( book #1 ), thinking I should give the book a go. Minutes later I ordered all books from the Griffin Family series. Days later, I inhaled all four books. I felt and still don´t feel any shame.

I will say this, though: Reading this series was a rollercoaster ride for me. Each book did something different for my emotional household.

Are you ready for the mini-reviews for book #1 – #4? Have a seat.


Sin and Sensibility ( book #1 ) – Suzanne Enoch


Sin And Sensibility #1


The brother´s best friend. Set in a time where etiquette felt like it was above the law, we meet Elenore Griffin, sister to overbearing older brothers. Elenore is ready for an adventure, but not ready to settle down and give in to the pressures of society. Just when Sebastian ( oldest brother ) has enough of Elenore´s wish for independence they both strike a deal. Only that deal is more twisted than it´s supposed to be.
Enter Valentine Corbett, London´s drop-dead gorgeous bad boy and best friend to Sebastian Griffin. Elenore can have her freedom IF she stays out of trouble. And what better way to make sure that doesn´t happen? One employs unofficially babysitter- namely, Valentine.

Seriously, I loved Sin and Sensibility. It´s cute and romantic and so full of emotional fluff that I can´t find it in me to find anything negative to say. I loved Valentine. His character was a true masterpiece. An arrogant ass waiting to be loved. Elenore was… As one would expect- a tad childish at times. That can be forgiven if you consider the era and how ignorant women were kept in those days. This was beautifully highlighted in this story.

So, the arrogant, worldly ass falls for the best friend´s sister who wants to see and experience the world before she meets her unwanted fate.

Best HR couple, ever. A story well told.

5 hearts






An Invitation To Sin  ( Book #2 ) – Suzanne Enoch


An Invitation To Sin #2


If you ever want to read a story that feels so random- Look no further. `An Invitation To Sin` will give you that feeling right from the start. Bah, my least favorite read from the Griffin bundle. If I´m honest- Elenore´s brother, Zachary, never interested me when his character popped up in the first book. It was clear he´d receive his own let´s-find-true-love story but I didn´t think I would dislike it as much as I did. His story felt so unnecessary. His supposed better half felt equally unnecessary. Not a good match. Not a great story.

Zachary gets shit from his older brother, Sebastian, the Duke, for basically being a good-for-nothing ( I could have told Zach that during book #1. But nooo. It takes the Duke to drive the point home ). One thing leads to another and we meet Caroline, the most egoistical Heroine in the book universe. Seriously, she was a pain. How and why Zachary and Caroline ended up together will forever be a mystery to me. With their lack of chemistry, you´d think she´d have cured him for life for ever thinking about a relationship.

From start to finish- I was not in the best of moods.

1 heart






Something Sinful  ( Book #3 ) – Suzanne Enoch 


Something Sinful #3


A Cat & Mouse read with some adventure! And definitely a far cry from being anything like the previous book.` Something Sinful` is truly a read that feels alive and… different. Was it as good as book #1? Not for me. But that´s okay. I kind of felt like the first would be the strongest of all four books.

We meet another brother, Lord Charlemagne Griffin, the “sharper” brother, who´s book feels more like it´s set in India than in London. Okay, I´m down with that. What I liked about this book was how “exotic” it felt but also hated how “exotic” it was. There was sex overload, which I wasn´t too fond of. But other than that the core of the story was interesting. As for the couple: Yeah… Meeh. Gonna have to pass.

2 hearts





Sins Of A Duke ( Book #4 ) – Suzanne Enoch


Ha! We´re back on the love-gush train. `Sins Of A Duke` was exactly what I had hoped it would be- A challenge for the Hero.

Sebastian- Oldest brother of the Griffin lot, match-maker extraordinaire and almost most powerful figure in London receives his own story. And it´s a quirky one, too.

When Sebastian is set to marry a Princess from a new country he turns on his killer Duke wits and senses fraud. Of course, it doesn´t help his case that the phony Princess is beautiful beyond words.

The best thing about this book is to read about someone as controlled as Sebastian loses his composure and the iron grip he had on many things. I love when the perfect becomes flawed.  This is kind of like watching an opera where the actors drop their masks after every act.

A worthy conclusion to the Griffin Family series.

4 hearts



As a whole, I´d say the Griffin Family series deserves a 3 – rating. There was a strong start with book #1 and a floppy middle with book #2 and #3 but book #4 picked things up again. Thankfully.

Suzanne Enoch´s writing is great. Smooth and engaging. Character development was satisfying. Details were spot on. Sadly enough, I haven´t had enough interest in checking more of the author´s books out. Maybe that´ll change in the future, though.



Would I recommend this series? Yes and no. It really depends what a Historical romance reader is looking for.

Would I reread this series? I´ve already reread book #1 and book #4. The others weren´t really my cup of tea.




Purchase Links

( Books in reading order )

Sin And Sensibility  ♥ 

An Invitation To Sin

Something Sinful

Sins Of A Duke






Book Review: How The States Got Their Shapes – Mark Stein

synopsis single

Why does Oklahoma have that panhandle? Did someone make a mistake?

We are so familiar with the map of the United States that our state borders seem as much a part of nature as mountains and rivers. Even the oddities—the entire state of Maryland(!)—have become so engrained that our map might as well be a giant jigsaw puzzle designed by Divine Providence. But that’s where the real mystery begins. Every edge of the familiar wooden jigsaw pieces of our childhood represents a revealing moment of history and of, well, humans drawing lines in the sand.

How the States Got Their Shapes is the first book to tackle why our state lines are where they are. Here are the stories behind the stories, right down to the tiny northward jog at the eastern end of Tennessee and the teeny-tiny (and little known) parts of Delaware that are not attached to Delaware but to New Jersey.

How the States Got Their Shapes examines:

Why West Virginia has a finger creeping up the side of Pennsylvania
Why Michigan has an upper peninsula that isn’t attached to Michigan
Why some Hawaiian islands are not Hawaii
Why Texas and California are so outsized, especially when so many Midwestern states are nearly identical in size
Packed with fun oddities and trivia, this entertaining guide also reveals the major fault lines of American history, from ideological intrigues and religious intolerance to major territorial acquisitions. Adding the fresh lens of local geographic disputes, military skirmishes, and land grabs, Mark Stein shows how the seemingly haphazard puzzle pieces of our nation fit together perfectly.



My Thoughts 2


If you´re interested in American state history then look no further. This book is exactly what you need to understand how borders formed and reshaped throughout the early period of America.

Interesting. Insightful. Fascinating.


`How The States Got Their Shapes`  is exactly what the title suggests. A book on how each of the 50 states got their shapes. Not necessarily important to know but interesting nonetheless. How the states got their shape

If you´re anything like me you´ll inhale this book and appreciate the knowledge handed out here. Some things I already knew about but some other things, like- the equality of height of the prairie states and the equality of width of the western states is just…


A great read with tons of facts on states. My expectations were met.

The only complaint I have is about how some states didn´t receive as much detailed spotlight as others. I don´t know why. Maybe there wasn´t enough available info? Who knows.

America is one big fat game of Tetris.



Would I recommend this book? Sure. It´s a quick read with loads of interesting facts.

Would I reread this book? Yes, I would.

Since this is a History / Geography book on American History I will skip my usual 4 point speed rating. 

4 stars


You can purchase `How The States Got Their Shapes` by Mark Stein on


Book Reviews: MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy – Kresley Cole

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A friend of mine urged me back in 2009 to check out what she referred to as “Wolfy Scot sex on Vampire fire”. A book with the title `A Hunger Like No Other´ by an author I hadn´t known- Kresley Cole. After having read a few books from the captivating  Immortal After Dark Series  ( and liking what I was reading from the author ) I was stuck with waiting for the story to continue. That´s when I noticed the author had more than just Vampires, Valkyries and Lykaes to offer. Kresley Cole also wrote Historical Romances? Highlander Historical Romances? Move out of my way!

The deal was sealed. I purchased the MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy, To be honest- I didn´t know what to expect when I ordered these books. All I hoped for was to receive the same captivating reading experience I had with her paranormal books.

Now, I´m able to say that these HR treasures are on my sacred golden bookshelf. They´re exactly what I crave for when it comes to reading. Great Heroes, lovable Heroines ( except for the first one. Didn´t care much for her ) and exciting stories. * sigh *



If You Dare  ( book #1 ) – Kresley Cole


If you 1

We meet Courtland, the first of the three fierce and cursed Scottish brothers, who´s a mercenary. He lands on the wrong side of the fight and ends up beaten by a river where he´s rescued by a beautiful hot-tempered woman named Annalia. From there on their journey is passion-filled and adventurous.

If you´ve read books from the author you know things won´t roll smooth for her characters. And her stories are most definitely not half-assed.  `If You Dare´ was an okay read, though. I loved the writing and the story but the Heroine was a buzz-kill. At times I wished the Hero would kill her by accident. That didn´t happen, though. Nonetheless- An exciting Highlander read with so many steamy scenes that I feared my glasses would fog up on their own. Although I enjoyed the story I will say that I thought book # 1 was the weakest of the trilogy.


hearts 3



If You Dare  ( #2 ) – Kresley Cole


If you 2


Meet Huge MacCarrick, second cursed brother of the MacCarrick lot. And because of this family curse, Hugh decides to forget his ultimate crush and leaves home, ultimately becoming an assassin. Years later he´s back and has a job to do- to protect the woman who stole his heart before he left home. From there on we accompany both on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

I loved this book so much. I loved how frustrating these characters were. Hugh, the reluctant, superstitious Highlander killer and the elegant English lass, Jane, with her sharp mind and quick mouth. They were explosive as a couple and miserable on their own. ` If You Desire ´ by Kresley Cole is one of those exciting and intense Historical Romances that makes a reader beg for more.


hearts 5



If You Deceive  ( #3 ) – Kresley Cole


If you 3


Hands down- This one was my favorite. It´s, in fact, my favorite HR from all HR I own. If You Deceive,  introduces the oldest and deadliest of all three cursed MacCarrick brothers. For me, Ethan is the ultimate Hero. Ruthless, dangerous, dark and such an asshole who´s gradually brought to his knees by a beautiful and clever young Madeleine. This is the type of story I could never get tired of. Lots of deceit, a few heartaches, and the glorious heroic ending. * sigh * I´m a lost cause when it comes to this book. Know that whatever I say will never do this story justice. My favorite from the trilogy.


hearts 5



The MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy by Kresley Cole is available on

If You Dare  ( book #1 )

If You Desire  ( book #2 )

If You Deceive   ( book #3 )