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Hello & Welcome

Thank you for dropping by Morgana´s Book Box, the only place where you´ll find a whole lot of passion for books and anything book related.

My name is Morgana and I´m a book blogger. But I´m not just any book blogger. I´m an extrovert- A people person through and through. I love to express my emotions for the books I´ve read, good and bad. I´m a romance fan but will occasionally find myself drawn to the fantasy genre. I love to tackle difficult book-related topics and discuss the things happening in our very overcrowded yet wonderful book blogging community.

Aside from throwing a little shade and spreading some book love I enjoy being lazy. That´s right. There comes a time in life when you start to appreciate the little things a lot more. Reading, napping, drinking red wine, and doing absolutely nothing at all. Raise your hand if you can relate!

If you´re wondering about the name… Don´t worry. You´re not the only one. Yes, I was named after the witch from the King Author legend. Dad was a fan of the movie Excalibur and I had to pay the price for his fangirling over Helen Mirren in the ’80s. Pronounce it the way you want because it´s not possible to butcher it even more than it has been. It makes good for a unique blog name, though.   ( Plus, I´m a fan as well, so…Dad´s forgiven. )

Back to the blog:

All in all, I try to keep things light, fun, and somewhat informative. I like to have a balance between reviews, gossip, discussion posts, and book creativity. If this is something you like then WELCOME ABOARD! Make sure to hit that follow button and shower any ( or all ) blog posts with likes or comments. Being able to connect with likeminded people is something wonderful!

Should you have any questions or would like to connect on social media then feel free to hunt me down on Twitter or just write me an e-mail:  morganasbookbox@gmail.com

I hope you have a great day!

Much bookish love,

Morgana xoxo

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