She came. She read. She wrote a review.

Welcome to morganasbookbox.com – a blog that´s dedicated to readers, bloggers, authors and friends!

My name is Morgana James, 35, and I´m a full-time blogger.

Here on Morgana´s Book Box  you´ll find a collection of my thoughts on books, book reviews, personal antics, ideas and features regarding anything that is to a book lovers interest.

Initially, this blog was established as a means to keep track of my thoughts revolving around certain books, but with time this blog has evolved into something more elaborate and meaningful.

The main focus is aimed towards the ever-growing book world, providing my personal insights on current book related topics and opinions.

In short:

I´m a book ninja, a hardcore book activist waiting to reveal all my dirty book secrets.

( Just kidding. Actually, I´m not. * g * )

Important to know is that this blog is a safe place for readers from all genres to engage via comments or any other form of communication. Also- opinions of all sorts, regarding this blog´s content, are welcomed and will be treated with respect. The same goes for the content I publish. You might get the occassional spoiler ( with a fair warning ahead) but you will not likely find unnecessary bashings or virtual witch hunts.


The Fun Part

WHen I´m not a blogger I´m a mom of 2 wonderful girls and a wife to a loving husband. What do I do in my spare time? If I´m not reading I´m usually watching the Discovery channel ( because it´s important to know which sharks / snakes / spiders are deadly ) or I´m pretending to do garden work. Food is the key to my heart. I´m a champ at taking naps. I´m color oriented. I´m a minimalistic person. Did I miss anything? Oh, education!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to have enjoyed alot of education that has absolutely nothing to do with literature.

Depending on how busy my life gets I read 2-3 books a week. Although I prefer to read romances, I´ll read anything that sounds remotely interesting or anything my trusted friends recommend.

If you happen to have a book recommendation for me or just want to have a chat.. Fee free to leave a comment, hunt me down via email @  morganasbookbox@gmail.com  or contact me through

Twitter ,  Goodreads  ,  Instagram

I´m always looking forward to reading comments, emails or messages. Even receiving feedback or any suggestions on improvement are welcomed and very much appreciated.

My book blog is all about great vibes, sharing the book love and having a great time. Don´t be a stranger- Become a friend!

I hope you enjoy Morgana´s Book Box.









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