Books & Wine Monday & Being Bookish Productive


This self-isolation business…. I think it´s great. The time I´m able to spend on reading is incredible. Book blogging has crawled up the priority ladder. I´m finally able to get shit done since everything else has taken a back seat. I´m actually enjoying my healthy self in my little isolated bubble * knocks on wood 3x *.

So yeah, I´ve been reading.

3 books last week and 2 the week before that. I´m mostly finishing up on duets and trilogies and sneaking in a standalone, which I´m loving. This feels just like the old days when I used to constantly read.

There was a moment of weakness when I thought about picking up a hyped book but then decided against it. As much as I liked the idea of giving a hyped book a chance I just can´t jump over my shadow. Once a hyped book, always a hyped book. I´d rather reread my favorites than cave in and buy an overly praised book.

 Other than that I’ve been working on some book sleeves which I´m excited to feature this week. All I´ll say is: Making a book sleeve was an adventure.

So what else is new? Well, I bleached my hair by myself. Didn´t necessarily turn out the way I would´ve liked it to but okay. I´m at home. It´s not like people will get to admire the multi-shades of yellow. Kind of looks like I have a yellow helmet on my head. * sigh *

Ooooh! I also watched the Tiger King on Netflix. People said it was bad. I think it´s just one sad piece of film work as it doesn´t really focus on the problem at hand- Big cat ownerships. I mean, with all due respect… Does a guy with a mullet who wears glitzy shirts need 150 tigers? Does anyone need a tiger?
What can the human race learn from someone who calls themselves Joe Exotic? Nothing. The Tiger King was a huge miss for me.

I guess that´s it for now. Not much excitement in my neck of the woods but that´s okay. I´m thriving. Living off of books and wine!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Books & Wine Monday. ❤

Sending out much bookish love,


5 thoughts on “Books & Wine Monday & Being Bookish Productive

  1. Oooh, well done with the hair! And doesn’t matter that the color is a bit off! At least all your hair is still there too 🙂
    I have not dared put bleach on mine after watching some disastrous results on youtube.

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    1. DO NOT WATCH BLEACH TUTORIALS OR FAILS! I swear, thats the same as googling your symptoms. Lol. I´m actually a trained hairdresser so I kind of knew how to not fry my hair. The huge problem was- I didn´t have the right stuff here at home and Amazon hasn´t been cooperating smoothly. I gave up after my hair color order said it would arrive in 3 weeks. Had to make due with what I had at home.
      I had 3 options: Continue to look like a forest witch, wait 3 weeks or just accept the fact that I´d walk around like a minion. LMAO. TOugh choices during this dire time. Back to the YOUTUBE hair fail videos: The one´s where they cut their own bangs too short are HILARIOUS. HAhahaha.

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  2. Congrats on more reading time! I’ve been working way too much but am forcing myself to slow down a bit.

    On Tiger King, thank you for your honest opinion. My friends kept telling me to check it out and I did for like five minutes.

    I seriously thought it was fiction, but when I discovered it was a documentary series I dropped it. Totally disgusted by the premise of it all.

    You know cats are my spirit animal, and I’m not gonna watch that kind of crap and get mad about it, because in the end the tigers are being exploited and abused.

    They deserve a better life than the one they’ve been given with dingleberry whatever his name is.

    *heavy sigh* sorry, looks like I did get upset lol.

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    1. Hello friend! Yes, you definitely need to slow down. Wouldn´t want you to burn out.
      Tiger King – PREACH! I thought I´d get to see a doc about big cat ownerships and how someone takes action against private zoos and freeing wild animals. That´s a documentary I´d gladly watch. But the whole thing wasn´t about that, which is terrible. All I saw was this stupid hick prancing in front of the camera and making unbelievable remarks . If someone had told me I´d be watching a documentary about some tacky person who so happens to have a shit load of tigers then I wouldn´t have given the show another thought. Not interested in that stuff. Lock him up and see that those tigers get back into the wild.
      Those tigers… everytime the hick went into their cages I hoped one of em would eat him alive, á la Game of Thrones style. Because that´s what Mr. Exotic deserved.

      You´re right. Totally agree that those cats deserve a better life.

      Naaw, don´t apologize for getting upset. I know it´s heartbreaking but, we can´t fix stupid.

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      1. Oh believe me, I’ve already reached burn out. So my new thing is not pushing myself very much. I’ve dialed things WAY down, and in turn I’ve managed to keep about the same pace as before. Funny how that works.

        Haha, why thank you! *bows* It just really comes to show how low we’ve sunk as a society that Netflix would even humor showing this kind of documentary.

        I’m curious what their thoughts were when they accepted this into their platform.

        Oh believe me, I was hoping right there with you, if only for the five minutes I watched. Like “come on, kitty, you know you’re hungry and tired of his shit!”

        You’re right, definitely can’t fix stupid. I guess the best thing is to just get our opinion out there and not watch any more crap like it.

        Way better things out there to watch, like October Faction. I’m enjoying that one at the moment.


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