Mug Monday & Book Discussion Battles With My Brother

Happy Mug Monday!

I´m sad to say that I´m lacking originality with my mugs lately. Today´s mug feature is just another Ikea mug * hides face in shame * But on a positive note: I still managed to feature a mug! ( gotta always see the positives in a negative situation, right?)

Now that we´ve got the mug feature out of the way, let´s get to the subject of the day:

Book Discussion Battles With My Brother

Do you have siblings? I do. I have 2 brothers ( I´m the middle child ). But I´m only close with one- The youngest. Despite our six-year age gap, we have more in common than either of us have with our older brother. This includes the love for reading ( something my older brother doesn´t have. Hence the reason we think he was found by our parents )

Just recently my brother and I met up for drinks to catch up on life. This quickly turned into Netflix talk and eventually into book talk.

Me: “Dude! Have you seen the Witcher?”
Brother: “Nope. But I read the books and played the game.”
Me: ” But, but… Henry Cavill… ”
Brother: “Henry Cavill isn´t in the books.”

A cold-hearted statement but I ignored it. How anyone can ignore that man´s beauty is beyond me ( I´m a fan * hides face * ) After a loooong discussion about the importance of reading the books before watching a show ( yes, dear brother… I´m aware ) we pushed the Henry Cavill subject to the side and entered our usual book discussion battle.
What is a book discussion battle? It´s where two people ask each other the “Have you read__?” question and begin to discuss. Mind you- this type of conversation with anyone can get heated. Having a book discussion battle with a sibling, though, ( especially between my brother and I ) can get explosive.

Me: “Have you read “The Ruin Of Kings?” ( The Ruin Of Kings- Jenn Lyons )
Mason: “Yes, and it was full of shit.”
Me: * gasps *
Mason: “Your book tastes suck.”
Me: “Says the person who loved The Blade Itself.” ( The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie )
Mason: “Yeah, I have taste. That book is a piece of art.”
Me: “You wouldn´t know a piece of book art even if it hit you.”
Mason: “Game Of Thrones was awesome.”
Me: “Game of Thrones isn´t finished yet.”
Mason: “Not this again…”

This is an endless cycle of agreeing and playful insulting. Sometimes we get loud, sometimes we´re rude to each other and sometimes we just end up laughing everything off. Isn’t that what siblings usually do? ( I´d think so. We might be the exception, though ). We always end our discussions by agreeing on what a genius work of art The Lord Of The Rings is ( our favorite books ). Then we start arguing again because I can´t stop myself from reminding him that he still hasn´t read The Silmarillion.

Of course, I recall saying no such thing. I´m a book blogger. I don´t necessarily stop people from reading anything. It must have been the wine.

On the plus side– It´s good to know my own brother actually listens to some of my recommendations. Just as I always make mental notes if he recommends anything.

I love to have these one-on-one book discussion battles with my brother. It´s the safest and funniest way to do book talk. There´s no holding back. There are no hard feelings afterward.
Do we always read the same books? No. While I need to be in the mood for certain genres, Mason lives for fantasy. It can take a year before I pick up a book he´s already read. Sometimes we´ll buddy-read a non-fiction but other than that? Most of the time it´s a case of: he´s already read the book I´m thinking about buying. Once every blue moon it´s the other way around.

Back to Henry Cavill:

I haven´t read The Witcher books but I did invest time to take a look at it on Netflix. Jesus Christ and his twelve buddies… I swear those leather pants will be the death of me one day ( and those moves ) I´m not a fan of his “Witcher” voice, though. Couldn´t keep myself from laughing everytime he croaked “fuck”.

I´ll also admit that I had to watch a few Youtube videos on what the Hell The Witcher was about ( even after I watched all 8 episodes ). Only then did I fully understand what was going on. Those surprise time leaps threw me off. Am I alone with this?
What did we learn today? That my brother doesn´t care for Henry Cavill´s killer moves and rolled up sleeves. He doesn´t care for the actor at all. He loved the books and the game, though. He is planning to watch the Netflix version soon. I, on the other hand, care a great deal for Henry ( you can probably tell ). I liked the Netflix version ( it´s the only version I know ). Will probably watch the next season since I know what it´s about.

Dat ass!

Before I leave…

What about you? Do you have siblings? If so, do you share the book love? Have you watched The Witcher? What about Henry Cavill? Are you a fan?

That´s it for today, my dear bookish friends. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Feel book loved,

6 thoughts on “Mug Monday & Book Discussion Battles With My Brother

  1. Wait, Henry Cavill is The Witcher?!?! WTF?! I keep skipping over it on Netflix so I guess I never really paid attention?? Now I have a new show to binge lmao.

    I wish I had bookish siblings lol. But they do gift me books so that’s a plus haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl…. Henry Cavill is most definitely the Witcher. And a damn fine one at that. * fans face *
      Wait wait wait… you have one book sibling- Me 🙂 ❤ We´re twins, remember? Should all else fail you still have me to fall back to.
      You´re right though. As long as they gift books and gift cards then they won´t be shunned. LMAO


    1. Lol. You gave up on the books? Were they that bad?
      I loved the Ruin of Kings too!
      You´re not a brat. LMAO. I´d happily hand over one of my brothers if you like. Just say the word and I´ll have either ( or both ) knocked out and shipped to the UK within no time. HAHAHAHAHA

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was great, have you read the sequel? The Name of All Things? I thought that it was even better.👍📚

        Nah, I’m good thanks, I can do without a brother, you keep them, you aren’t getting any younger and you never know if/when you might need them ya know, bone marrow, a kidney, stuff like that.😜

        Well…yeah and no. I played the games first and just didn’t enjoy the books as much as the games. The short story collections are OK but when it got to the series there was so much politics involved and I wanted ploughing, snark and monster slaying.😂 I think what put me off the most though was the writing. The UK translation of the original Polish wasn’t great, didn’t flow well and was very dry compared to a lot of other fantasy and I just didn’t really enjoy it.


        1. Ooooh no, I didn´t read the sequel. I´ll have to remember to buy that one.
          BONE MARROW?! That wouldn´t be the only thing they´d be giving me. Pfft, I assure you- either of them would sell me if given the opportunity. Lol.
          That´s what I´m afraid of- That the books will be too technical. Too dry. It happens alot when books are translated. So much goes missing. But you have to admit- they don´t look too shabby in a bookstore/online.

          Liked by 1 person

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