Mug Monday & Late 2020 Resolutions

Happy Mug Monday!

It´s already the second Monday of the new year and boy, it´s something uneventful. I don´t want to bash on everyone’s Monday vibes. It´s just that things haven´t been as exciting for me lately.

As you might remember, I was gone for a while ( depending on how much of a dedicated follower you are to have noticed ). It looks like I disappeared into thin air without further notice. Which I did.

I´m going to flat out blame life for my lack of blogging.

Since I´m back on track, I have some things I need to get done. Catching up on the usual book blog stuff is one of those things. That´s something that´ll probably take up the majority of January.

Oh! Short interruption! The mug!

The `Love Yourself` mug. ( I´ll have you know that this mug can take nearly 400 ml ( that´s roughly around 1 1/2 cups ) of whatever. That´s a lot of hot chocolate, coffee or tea. I underestimated the size ) Back to the topic:

Then there are my 2020 resolutions. Yes, I decided to load my plate with self promises that I may or may not be able to keep.

A good ( and realistic ) 2020 resolution of mine is to be satisfied and content with life. That´s a goal I can definitely accomplish.

As for book blogging… I have a few new goals I think would improve my overall book blogging existence.

  1. Just flat out tell idiots to go to the place where the sun doesn´t shine or just ignore them ( depending on the idiot, of course ). I know, this doesn´t seem like the kindest way to deal with online hate. But, if you´ve tried everything else and still can´t seem to reason with idiots then there´s always the direct approach. Works in real life, so… This approach shouldn´t fail me here.
  2. Be more focused on my own book blog happiness. If I put all my energy into posts I think people would want to see rather than investing my all in the stuff that makes me happy then I´m book blogging for others and not myself. This is still a hobby I´m supposed to enjoy.
  3. Talk more about the book universe. Ha! If you think there isn´t much to tell then you´re wrong. I have a whole Google doc form filled with all sorts of book-related stuff. The main goal here is to make people aware of these unbelievable situations and to highlight the good and maybe have a good laugh in between. Yes, there are fantastic things happening all around us. We need more bookish goodness in our book-loaded lives.

That´s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I´m giving myself more book blogger freedom.

I wish I could come up with more genius ways to make 2020 an unforgettable year but I can´t think of anything else. 2019 wasn´t so terrible so I guess I´ll just continue as were only with a few adjustments.

What about you? Do you have any 2020 resolutions? Any goals ( other than the reading challenge ) you´d like to achieve? Let me know in the comments below. I´d love to chat ❤

That´s it for this week, dear bookish Padawans.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Hope to see ya soon ❤

Much book love,

12 thoughts on “Mug Monday & Late 2020 Resolutions

  1. Those are some good resolutions. Humble but still quietly ambitious. 😁 May the force be with them!

    My resolutions are still in the making though one is to be satisfied with my less than awesome reading rate. I’m a slow reader and have a busy life. I have a huge appetite for reading and keep adding to my TBR. These things don’t go together but they do I guess because they’re me. So I’m going to continue to long for more books but be happy with what I can ingest. After all writing is still my priority… 😁 I too want to find and ALLOW my best blogger voice. Maybe if I stop whatever I’ll find it for real…. cheers girl!

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    1. And may the force be with you and your 2020 resolutions! 🙂 You know- there´s nothing wrong with being a slow reader. It´s nowhere set in stone how quick/slow one should read. You do you! You absolutely have a blogger voice! Don´t need to look for that at all ❤

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  2. Great goals! Some idiots just need to be ignored.
    I don’t have resolutions per se. But i started yoga last year and want to carry on with that.
    And also read some books I’ve been postponing for a long time

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    1. You have great goals as well 🙂 Meeh, I don´t think you need massive goals anyways because you always sort of end up not reaching them, you know? Have smaller ( lesser ) things you want to achieve and take baby steps. I remember you mentioning yoga once. I´m glad you stuck with it. I wasn´t able to. It frustrated me to no end. Oooooh, reading postponed books is always a treat. It´s like finally getting something done ( at least for me it is ). I always feel great after reading books I´ve pushed back for a while.

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      1. Did you try yoga in a class or home via youtube? I did a class when i was 16 and went with my mum a few times – didn’t like that. They all insisted on sharing their feelings at the end :/
        Youtube yoga is better – but i almost exclusively follow Adriene. She’s so sweet ❤ And has some 10 minute practices – she started a new series on 1st Jan which is also pretty good even for beginners. Just in case you wanna try it again 🙂

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        1. Hmm, no. I didn´t do the youtube yoga. I visited one class at the gym a few years back and hated it. Paid for 90 euros for 10 units ( á 45 min. ) Then I went to another one ( because I found out there are a million different types of yoga ) with a friend. It took all I had not to end the friendship. Especially after they began sharing their fears and feelings at the end.
          I´ll definitely take a look at the youtube yoga. If you say it´s nothing like the typical classes you can take everywhere else then I´ll check Adriene out 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh lol! 😀
            Yea, i don’t fancy classes. They are usually 1 hour long. But I often don’t feel like doing it for that long, and just pick a 10 minute one. Or a 10 minute shoulder focused one and a 25 minute back focused one. And only the cat sees me and he has no opinions on the matter 😀


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