Typical Book Blog Posts I Don´t Do

Book hauls, monthly reads, weekly themes, cover reveals, author interviews, blog tours, reviews, lists, How-to´s, discussions, creative posts, photography,… There´s an impressive list of things book bloggers can use to make their blogs a fantastic place to visit. That´s what every book blogger wants – To attract an audience with their awesome features. Everyone wants their work to be seen. Why else offer your platform to the public, right?

Just the other day, as I was sitting here rethinking my whole book blog concept, I thought about all the fun stuff other book bloggers do on their blogs- Basically the stuff I don´t do.

So many have monthly blog recaps at the end of each month. Quite a few have book haul features where they show off their newest book purchases and talk about them. While nearly 99% of all bloggers I´ve checked out basically do the same type of book blog posts I somehow can´t be bothered to jump in on the fun and do exactly the same things everyone else is doing.


Monthly Blog Recaps? They´re popular, sure. And clever, too. You talk about every post you uploaded in the last month and link each post to the recap. This generates more views by helping people ( who missed out on the posts when they were originally uploaded ) find your posts. Makes sense. I tried to include this feature in my blog concept but can´t seem to warm up to it. It´s just so chewed up.


Book Hauls? Another popular thing many book bloggers do. The main reason why I´ve never included a book haul post in my concept is: I don´t see the point. To me, when someone does a book haul post they´re basically showing off what they bought. If you´re anything like me you don´t necessarily care if someone purchased 10 books or not. The worst book hauls are the YouTuber book hauls.


Weekly themes. Hold up! I´m actually a fan of these although they´d have to be original to make me appreciate them. Once I see a Manic Monday, Topic Tuesday, etc. I´ll move on.


Cover Reveal Posts.  ( and this is coming from a book cover judge extraordinaire ) I don´t think these are necessary. Many book bloggers make a point out of revealing book covers for upcoming book releases ( oftentimes months ahead ). Some have a whole category dedicated to this feature while others reveal covers sporadically. This is just another boring marketing strategy from authors and publishers to stir up the hype. They´re popular but they do absolutely nothing for me. Think about what happens to these cover reveal posts after a book´s been on the market after 2 years. But hey- this is just my take on the feature. NOTE: I used to do this feature a loooong time ago. Too bad I can´t remember when I last did a cover reveal post.


How-Tos. Gotta love a helpful post, right? Especially the book blog How-To posts about How To Blog, How To Gain More Followers, How To Write A Review, etc

The reason why I don´t do these types of posts is that I don´t feel I´m in the position to give advice. Book blogging isn´t something that comes with a manual. This is more of a trial by error sort of thing. Because what worked for someone doesn´t mean it´ll automatically work for you. I get that there are people wanting help and that people are willing to lend a hand but at the end of the day, it´s still trial by error. I also see another problem with this: When you receive advice from a book blogger who already has a decent following you can quickly become frustrated when you follow their directions to the T and don´t see immediate results.

The only positive thing I can get out of a How-To book blog post is when it´s something for how to build a book castle ( or something like that ).


Book Blog Tours… * Clears throat * I hate to bring this one up again ( since it gave me a good batch of gray hair when I first posted about this ). Many book bloggers love to add these posts to their blogs. I don´t. You´re welcome to read my reasons in my Why I Don´t Join Book Blog Tours Anymore blog post.


My greatest ( and only ) goal as a book blogger is to be original. And by this, I mean adding my personal touch to my book blog. I want to be transparent. Show the good and bad sides but still include the essentials. Weekly themes are a great way to show off creativity which is why I would always include something creative such as photography, discussion posts and maybe something that´s associated with reading e.g music, food…

I´d rather have someone read about my bookish experiences and maybe take something from that instead of giving direct advice.

As for book reviews– I´m not going to lie- I hate typing reviews but I still do it because I believe it belongs to a book blog. So, I´ll continue to publish reviews. * sigh *


This is not me saying other book bloggers are idiots for using these typical popular book blog features. No. I believe everyone should use whatever they think suits their purpose. If you´re a book blogger who´s been doing monthly blog recaps and you enjoy them then I´m more than happy for you. Everyone has their own agenda, including myself. I follow book blogs who are dead set on working the popular features and I think they´re doing a wonderful job. It works for them but not for me.



What about your blog? Do you use weekly or monthly themes? Do you include any of the blog post features I´ve mentioned above? I´d love to know your thoughts on the subject and to find out what special features you have.


As always… Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you enjoyed. ❤


Many bookish hugs,








7 thoughts on “Typical Book Blog Posts I Don´t Do

  1. Agreed! I also don’t do many of these kinds of posts as they don’t really make me feel satisfied after I write them. I do a monthly wrap up, but of posts by other people that I liked, which for me is a fun way to go through my subscriptions again and I love doing & reading tags. I always feel proudest of my discussion posts & poetry analyses though.

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  2. I haven’t done a blog tour in months, can’t be bothered. Likewise, I haven’t had an author appear on my blog in months either, again, can’t be bothered.😂

    I do monthly wrap-up posts, simply, for something to do, that’s why I started them at the beginning of the year just because, to have a post and I do include snippets of my reviews in them to give them a bit more meat rather than the bare bones list of links.

    I do book hauls too, mostly one a month, possibly two. Many do them each week though as they get sent so many books. I do them to acknowledge the books that I’ve got, it might take me months to read them or, I won’t at all but, for me, at least, it’s not boasting or it’s not meant to be and it’s just ‘I got these, you might see a book that you like the sound of and check out’ and likewise, someone might have read a book that I received and might comment that they enjoyed it and that could make me want to read it when before I wasn’t bothered about it.

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  3. Oh, I’m with you on this. I don’t do most of these either.
    Tried to do haul posts, cuz i like reading them. Always get inspired. But i don’t buy books regularly. Sometimes 1 book a month, then nothing for ages, and then i get 20 in one go. 🙊

    In my monthly catch up i mostly write about personal stuff, not so much about books.

    I liked those lists, like top 5 tuesday, etc. But couldn’t participate every time cuz most topics didn’t inspire me. I do like to do lists tho, but when i feel like, not on a schedule.

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  4. Hey friend!

    Okay, so I plead the fifth. I do post monthly recaps of books and things I watch, as well as what I’m currently reading (www wednesday). The main reason I do those things is they kind of reinforce the reason why I blog. To talk about books and my love of them as much as possible.

    I’m also guilty of bragging about my book purchases, but what I really hope for is to bring some attention to the lesser known authors whose books I buy.

    Everybody’s gotta make a living, right? I’m just glad I’m still here doing what I love. 🙂 and glad you’re here too!

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    1. Jonny! Hey! How´s it going? I hope the new year´s been treating you well this far ( even if we´re only a few days in )?
      I completely understand why you do monthy recaps. It´s really a good way to keep up with blogging.
      I think bragging is too harsh. My bad for not having thought of a better term ( bragging sounds negative ). You´re right about how showcasting books brings attention to lesser known authors. * sigh * I feel like I should rewrite the whole blog post because it does sound like I´m some bitter old hag. * hides face behind t-shirt *

      YES! I´m glad you´re here as well and that you´re doing what you love. 🙂 That´s all that really counts ( that and health and happiness )

      Aaaah! You just reminded me about the FB post you did the other day! It sounded interesting and if I hadn´t been at a P/T meeting I would´ve commented 😦 Damn it. ( making a sticky note to hunt your FB post down in the a.m. )

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  5. Hey there! It’s pretty decent so far. I mean, it’s of course a rollercoaster ride already, but it’s one that is moving, so that’s good.

    Lol, no you weren’t bitter at all! Text can be hard to interpret, but I knew where you were coming from with everything. We all have an opinion here, and I really value yours. 🙂 What works for one person doesn’t always work for the other.

    My love of books has hit a new high (or is it a new low for me personally? I can’t decide, haha!), believe me. I said I was going to buy all these new clothes when I got my xmas bonus, but I just ended up buying my 5-star books from last year and calling it a day. It’s just more fulfilling, you know?

    So in a way, I kind of am bragging when I talk about my book hauls, but also hoping to shed light on those new authors. I LOVE filling up my actual bookshelf at home. Setting the book on its designated shelf and then backing up to look at how pretty it is… I don’t know, there are no words to describe it. Lol I’m crazy basically.

    Oh, speaking of health. I thought up a great way to take lots of time off from work. I’m taking off around any kind of holiday to boost it up into a mini vacay. How sweet is that? I beat all my coworkers to the punch so I got like ALL the days off. Muahaha! >:)

    Ooo which Facebook post? I post on there allll the time haha.


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