My `Final Destination` Moment

Hello, my dear bookish Padawans!

Today won´t be anything book related, folks. My deepest apologies. But, I do have a good reason for that.

I also would like to apologize for all the comments that I haven´t replied to lately. There´s a reason for that, too. Hell, there´s a good reason as to why I haven´t been doing much of anything on WordPress ( or elsewhere ). I wasn´t allowed to use my laptop. Not with one eye.

A few days back, I had my very first Final Destination moment. Kind of like a near-death experience where I had more luck than anything else. This almost cost me my eye. Almost.

This scene gets me every time.

Unlike in the movie, though, I came out of this ugly situation alive.
What happened? Have a seat while I share the scary details.

I was in my kitchen, peacefully enjoying a brownie when a moth-like object came flying at me and hit my glasses. The next thing I know I was covering my eye, screaming because something was in my eye.

Fun fact: I wear glasses. Also, I have super sensitive eyes. I can´t even talk about eyes without tearing up. I´m every Optometrists’ worst nightmare just as they are my worst nightmare. I suffer from Scotomaphobia: The irrational fear of blindness.

My screaming made my husband drop the wallpaper he was trying to stick to the bare walls and rush to me. After he pried my hand away from my eye he said the worst thing anyone can ever say to someone who´s panicking: “Holy shit.” Yeah, you don´t want to hear someone say that when you don´t know what´s happened yourself. My calm and collected husband decided to panic with me.
Needless to say: He pulled my glasses off my face and began cursing. I saw my glasses and wanted to vomit. Then he cursed some more, looked behind me and saw what hit me. It wasn´t a moth. It was a broken piece of a razor from a carpet knife. It was time to enter full-on panic mode.

What happened? We´re renovating our hallway. A carpet knife my husband used to cut the wallpaper around the door frame was on a nearby ladder. It somehow slipped off, fell on the floor with the tip of the blade stuck in the laminate floor, the blade broke in three pieces and one piece flew across the hall and into the kitchen where I was stood, munching on my brownie and hit my glasses. The glass cracked and sent little shards into my eyeball ( Insert the creepy Final Destination moment )

I spent three hours in the eye clinic. During those three hours, I had to watch how they plucked glass bits from my eye and go through a rough procedure of having my eyelid folded upward twice (!!) to remove glass dust. All without numbing. All without being knocked out. I could name a million other things that are more fun to experience.

After that, I was patched up, given some meds and told not to strain my eyes for the next few weeks. Read and book blog? That had to wait.

I was also told that I basically did everything right- I wore glasses. Personally, I don´t want to think about what would´ve happened if I hadn´t worn my glasses, even if the doctor was all too willing to share some worst-case scenarios.

On the car ride home I told my husband that his first attempt at murder sucked. The poor guy sported a nice shade of green after that.

Since my accident people have been greeting me with pirate slang. My kids were disappointed I didn´t get a black eye-patch.
Now to the recovery bit: I, thankfully, still have my eyesight. My vision is a little bruised but I can manage with the slightly annoying cornea scar.

So, that´s my Final Destination moment. * sigh * That’s why I wasn´t able to spend much time on WordPress. What did we learn from all this? Keep your glasses on at all times, even when eating brownies. Don´t leave a carpet knife on a ladder. You never know when Death wants to collect you.

I now have this nagging need to lock myself in a padded cell to protect myself from getting back on Death´s wish-list.

Thankfully, I´m back on track and can slowly start straining my eyes again. Reading, book blogging and whatever else I´ve neglected.

That´s about it for today.

I hope you weren´t too grossed out.

Sending everyone lots of bookish love,

Take care,

10 thoughts on “My `Final Destination` Moment

    1. Yeah, it wasn’t the best I’ve experienced, tbh. Thanks. I’m grateful I can still see with my right eye. Hahaha. You know, the kids wanted me to check and see if I could order a black eye patch on Amazon. Wouldn’t that have been a sight. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks💜. Yeah, my pirate life was exciting. Had a legit reason to yell ‘ahoy’ at people. Lol. Bah, but it was horrible. The hospital bit was definitely a lot more painful than anything else. The doc kept apologising for the rough treatment. I ended up feeling more sorry for her than for myself. Lol. I’m thinking of getting shatter-proof goggles now. Can’t be too careful, you know?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. 💗 Right?! That padded cell sounds so inviting. 😑🤦🏼‍♀️ chances are too high for it to happen again. Unless I find shatter-proof goggles somewhere. Or maybe even a 10 cm thick plexiglass helmet/bodysuit. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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