It´s Time For A Book Blog Change


Here are a few questions I´ve been asking myself about my blog.

  • Why am I not feeling my blog?
  • Should I change my blog´s theme? 
  • Should I just keep my theme and give my blog a decorative make-over?
  • What about my weekly themes?


Was I asking myself these questions because I was slowly getting bored with blogging? No. That´s impossible. Or, maybe it´s not such a far fetched thought. Maybe, deep down, I don´t like my blog. I needed answers. I needed some opinions.

Over the past months, I´ve spoken with a few people about this little first-world problem of mine. People whose opinions I highly value. Some are book bloggers, some are internet gurus who´re basically married to their MacBooks. I wanted to know if they were able to see why I wasn´t feeling my own creations. I asked for each to take a look at my blog and point out what they think needed to be tossed. I asked for them to not hold back with their opinions on my design, my graphics, my layout, and even my weekly themes.


I was ready for critique. I wasn´t ready for a full-on bash parade. 


What everyone agreed on was the header.  “That´s gotta go.” Of course, I was butt hurt after having heard their critique. “You´re running a book blog. I don´t see any books.”, a few said. I immediately went into defense mode:

“The books are in the content. I have the word `book´ in my blog name.” 

Which brings us to the next critique point. One that had me wishing for a bucket of Ben & Jerry´s chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream.  My blog name.

” Morgana´s Book Box is long. It´s not easy to remember.”, three people kindly pointed out. Okay, fine. I saw their point. Not saying I liked what they said but I got the picture.

“What´s with the bitmoji images?”, a few asked while they took my blog apart. Well, that´s just a smoother version of myself. You know, sans wrinkles, dark circles under my eyes, pimples, skin discoloration, scars… Need I go on? Photoshop is my second worst enemy so… Why not use bitmoji, right?

Needless to say- There was a long list of get-rid-of´s. But why? All I asked for was for them to help me figure out why I wasn´t feeling my blog´s makeup. I took their opinions to heart. My ego was bruised. I bought myself a pint of cookies & cream from Häagen Dasz because I had an emotional emergency. I thought I´d never recover from their honesty. Be honest but don´t fucking slay me.

Six out of six people told me my concept was outdated. Copied, chewed up and dull.

“You´re basically doing what everyone else is doing.” * nod * So is everyone else. Which isn´t a terrible thing. You can only do so much with a book blog.

In hindsight- they were all right.

  • Weekly blog themes work but they don´t work for everyone.
  • Animated selfies are not the real deal.
  • Blogs are personal.


The worst part, for me, was when all said they wouldn´t follow my blog if we weren´t close. Which says a lot, if you ask me. They all agreed that my content was decent but that everything else needed more life.

Yes, I´ve been doing this concept for years. It´s a system that´s always worked. Why shouldn´t it continue to work, you know? They had an answer for that, too. One I don´t want to repeat or else I might feel the need to get another pint of ice-cream.

I asked for opinions and that´s exactly what I got. Now, I had two options:

  • Ignore the critique and suggestions on how to improve my blog
  • Think about everything and maybe make a few adjustments

I decided on giving the suggestions that were given to me a try. Some of my friends had great ideas I´d love to try out. Maybe the harsh critique was necessary.

Maybe I have been stuck in an endless book blogging loop. Maybe I need a break. Or a drink. Ice-cream would be good right now.

So, with all that being said, I guess you´ll see some crazy blog changes in the future. It´s definitely worth a try. I´ll probably remove some themes, change my reviews, add some new features… Who knows. Maybe I´ll start feeling my blog again. What I do know is that I won´t be changing my blog name.


Let´s chat: Do you think your blog needs a make-over? Have you ever asked for someone´s opinion regarding your blog? Let me know in the comments below. I´d love to discuss this. ❤


As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope you enjoyed.

Have a wonderful day and don´t forget to share the book – love.




10 thoughts on “It´s Time For A Book Blog Change

  1. Hhhmm…didn’t ask my opinion, I am blogging god, all should bow down to me.😂😂😂

    I mean…if your blog needs a makeover then mine is doomed! Especially as I have black and blogs according to many should be bright and colourful.😂

    I think that my blog name is longer than yours too and, has book in it too which by the sounds of it is irrelevant.🙄😮 Sad thing is, The Tattooed Book Geek and Morgana’s Book Box aren’t long blog names. They are quite lengthy, I guess but there are thousands out there who have far longer and far more obscure blog names than yours or mine.

    Memes are a tough one, they work for many and not for others. But, they seem to be the life blood of many blogs too.

    The following thing sucks big time to be honest. You are supposed to look at the personality of the person and not what they look like and the same should apply to a blog. You know? The personality of the blogger and the content should be reason to follow a blog regardless of what the f#cking blog looks like and it sucks that people don’t follow blogs due to the aesthetics. So, I take from that if the blog looks pretty then people follow it even if the content is crap and if you post awesome reviews and content but have a bland blog then you are screwed cos people won’t read it.

    I do agree with the bit moji bit, just seems that everyone is doing that at the moment and then the fad will fade and most will move on to something new.

    No, I haven’t asked anyone for their opinion on my blog, I wouldn’t like the answers and then I’d be in a major grump and as I have a tenuous relationship with blogging anyway it’s not a good idea.😂

    Good luck with your changes, if you do change things.👍 I would say, I hope I’m not overstepping the mark but change what you want, if it’ll make you happy then change things up. Don’t do it just because some people, even if you respect them say to.

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    1. “… all should bow down to me.” I would if I could but you know… I have a knee tendon injury so.. I´ll bow in a few weeks if that´s okay?
      Ha! You´re not wrong about how many think blogs should be light and colorful. Seems like you and I aren´t going with the flow. YES! Following a blog because of someone´s personality would be the right thing to do. But appearances are apparently just as important. So, you get judged all around. Sucks double because having to deal with someone not enjoying your content is rough- Having them dismiss you because of your taste and possibly because of how you look is awful. Heartbreaking, even. TBH, I don´t like this at all but I´m willing to prove a point. Treat this as an experiment, you know? If the new appearance doesn´t change anything then I´ll know it´s just me. HAHA ( that sounds awful ).
      Oh I hear you. I didn´t know if I would survive the feedback I´d get and wasn´t really up for it. But I figured these people are my friends- What harm could friends do, right? I´d rather have someone I know give feedback than having some stranger throw shit at me.
      You know, I really appreciate the last bit of advice you gave. You´re not overstepping the mark at all. I´ve already started with a few changes. Small ones that kind of make a difference. The big shit will happen within the next few weeks ( probably end of the month ). They´re mostly visual changes that´ll have me hiding from the internet for a while. Lol.

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      1. I respect my elders, you don’t need to bow down. I know, at your advanced age that it’d be a struggle.😂😂😂

        Which is the clean version. I was gonna write that women don’t need to bow anyway as they are better on their knees but, ya know, that wouldn’t have been very gentlemanly of me.😝

        Obviously, I was just being sarcastic about the bow down bit in the comment anyway but, ya know, sometimes sarcasm gets lost in the written word, so, I wasn’t being serious.👍 Some people think that they are blogging gods and goddesses but I’m not one.

        I guess, if someone doesn’t enjoy your content then you have to accept that. Likewise, with your personality too. But, due to the design/colour/look/aesthetics of your blog? No, obviously it happens but I don’t agree with it and don’t do it. I don’t follow people who I think are twats but I wouldn’t just not follow someone due to how their blog looks.🙄

        I guess, fancy and bright blog, shit content, sorted. Off to go and brighten my blog.😂

        I will be interested to see your changes and what happens following the changes. What are you hoping to happen? More likes? Comments? Followers? Etc?

        Hiding from the Internet? You? You court controversy! You aren’t going to hide because of blog changes.😝

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        1. * Spits out coke * HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, I´ve heard that one one too many times before. I swear, if I had a dollar everytime someone told me women are better on their knees my knee caps would be made of gold by now. * wink * So, you´re forgiven for the unmistakable sarcasm 🙂 No harm done.

          Personally, I don´t care about blog appearance when it comes to other blogs. As long as the content is entertaining then all´s good. I know this is naive of me but I´d like to think many share our views, you know? Apparently, this isn´t the case for whatever shallow reason. Same- twats don´t get followed and I wouldn´t follow a blog for their looks.

          Hmm, good question. Maybe a combo of all you mentioned? Although, I believe none of that is in my hands. I can´t force people to comment/leave a like/follow. That´s not my choice and I don´t think a makeover can work wonders there. It´s not wrong to try to see if these things improve though, you know?

          Yes, me hiding from the internet. I´m a chicken shit sometimes. Lol. But once I´m in the middle of the happenings I´ll embrace whatever comes my way. It´s the tiny step that has me wanting to hide.

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  2. This is exciting! I’m really proud of you for asking for advice. I don’t think I have the guts to even get that far. I’m excited to see your changes and I’m sure they will be a great reflection of you and your passion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. It´s really hard to ask for advice especially when you´re not sure if you really want it. I wasn´t sure the advice would be worth it all, you know? Somehow I survived it all and am more determined, if that makes sense? Naaw ❤ Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

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  3. I don’t think your blog name is long and i actually like your theme too. Very clean and minimalist. Had no idea what bitmoji was, assuming the tiny cartoon pics. I’m not particularly a fan but they don’t offend me either. 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. ❤ I thought I couldn´t go wrong with minimalistic, you know? Not only does it reflect who I am but it also doesn´t give me a visual headache. About the Bitmojis ( yupp, the cartoony pics ) I´m starting to see why they´re not liked. * hides face *

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  4. I’ve never asked for someone’s opinion, but I’d love to get it – I recently had to change my theme because mine was archived, and I’d like some advice and help from other bloggers about headers, colors, pictures… but I don’t know a lot of other bloggers because I’m usually too shy to engage on people’s posts, and I don’t share my blog with my IRL friends for fear of their judgment, so I’m a bit stuck on this end.

    I do think my blog might be in need of a makeover, I just don’t know where to start. For example : my blog title is in french – it means “to read later”, which is basically the french equivalent of the name of the TBR pile. I knew it would not make sense in English when I created it, but I don’t really know how / to what I would change it. I’m open to suggestions, though !

    (Also : I like the title and theme of your blog very much ! It’s very clean and to the point, and it doesn’t distract you too much from the content, which I think is a really good thing !)


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