Why I Suck At Picking My Next Book To Read

“I´m pretty good at picking books. I usually end up liking all the books I pick.”

This comes from people who´re actually good at picking their reads. They´re not lying.  They pride themselves on the fact that they have no trouble at all.

Well, this is me when even thinking about picking my next book.



And this is often my reaction after having read 70% of the books I chose to read.



You´ve guessed correctly- I suck at picking my next reads.

Unlike other people, I don´t have that special luck when picking my next reads. I gravitate more towards books that aren´t my cup of tea. At some point, I wondered if that´s my calling – To be THAT person who´s supposed to read books that aren´t satisfying.

Maybe a higher power saw me as a child and thought “She´s the one.”  * insert Robbie Williams song She´s the One *

Or perhaps karma has found a way to get back at me for having shaved my cats’ tail back in 1993 ( I had to in order to keep my cat apart from my brothers’ cat. It was just the tip. I swear, Mosby was okay with it ). It´s also possible I just don´t have the book picking talent.

Not too long ago I started thinking: What if this picking the next book has nothing to do with talent? What if all this isn´t my fault? But if I´m not the problem then who or what could be held accountable for my sleazy choices? ( don´t answer that )

Now, I bet you´re thinking that no one can possibly pick crappy reads all the time. I can already hear you telling me to read excerpts, the synopsis, or reviews.

I do inform myself before picking my next read. I probably inform myself more than others ever would. This is why I´ve come to some conclusions: Either…


  1. Authors don´t write good books anymore ( such a bold statement )
  2. It has something to do with the genre  ( doubtful )
  3. I´m the problem  ( * sigh * )


I don´t ask for much when it comes to romances or other genres. All I ask for is a well-balanced story. I welcome nearly all tropes and will put up with clichés. Trigger topics aren´t a problem. As long as there´s a good start with a normal paced story with great character development and a smooth ending. I don´t care if I get a standalone, a duet, a trilogy or whatever… as long as things are well balanced. Even first, second and third-person narrative isn´t an issue.

So, what´s the problem? Why am I having such a hard time finding books I enjoy when I´m clearly standing here with open arms?



Here´s what I think:

I´m a realistic person and also very vocal when it comes to sharing my feelings. I get technical a lot and spend my time analyzing stuff. Things that tend to put a damper on my reading mojo.



How on earth does one close a fist? Isn´t a fist a closed hand? This is something I can cling to forever. WHY does a fist need to be closed when it´s already closed, you know? By the way- The book I spotted that in ended up being awesome.


So, yeah. I´m the unlucky book picking schmuck who approaches new book releases like a cat would a bath.





Is there anyone else with this problem? How good are you at picking your next read? Let me know in the comments below. I´d love to chat. ❤



Thank you for spending the time to read my post. I hope you enjoyed.



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13 thoughts on “Why I Suck At Picking My Next Book To Read

  1. I’ve done really well this year and would say I have enjoyed the vast majority of books I have read! But then I don’t know if I am so picky… I probably wouldn’t have picked out the whole ‘closing fist’ thing 🤷‍♂️

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    1. Then you´re very lucky, my friend. 🙂 I wish I were able to say the same.
      You know, I think I spotted the `closing fist` thing by accident. I´m a quick reader. The only things that truly stand out to me are misspellings. There are a few times I sit here and think “wait, what? Does that even make sense?” I´ll hunt down all the grammar nazis I know and ask their opinions.

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      1. Incorrect punctuation is what usually jumps out to me. But then I remember that this has got through an author, testing readers, proofreaders and editors, so actually, that was a very sneaky comma/semi-colon/exclamation mark/any other punctuation.

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        1. Sneaky incorrect punctuation can be forgiven. Same with sneaky misspellings. But when you have that throughout a 350 page read then you start to question how many rounds the book actually made before it was published ( this would be for many self-published books ) Question: Does incorrect punctuation bother you when reading reviews?


          1. Oh if the mistakes were every page or few pages I would get annoyed, but I haven’t seen that. Though, I admit that I haven’t read many self-published books. Answer: same as with a book really. Lots will, one or two won’t (since blog posts are short then more than this would annoy me).


  2. I’m fairly good at picking what to read and enjoying it. I fall down with the choosing of the book out of the 69,000 books that I have and often take ages because they are all books I want to read but I don’t actually know which I want to read – if that makes sense.

    I’m disappointed in you Gana, you use a Robbie Williams song reference and, yet, you are a yank and you must have heard of Creed but you left that reference alone.😒😕🙄 No accounting for taste.😂 You wrote “here with open arms” and you could have used Creeds song title “with arms wide open”. For shame.😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why does it sound like you don´t approve of the Robbie Williams reference? LMAO. Of course, I know Creed. They´re from my home town. Never liked their music, though.
      Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Totally get what you mean about the books. Lol. We deal with the worst kind of hardships possible.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I can feel our friendship drifting, Drew. How can you not approve of Robbie? The rebel. The one who got away. If you tell me you like Gary Barlow more then I´m putting an end to our blogship. LMAO.

          So true. The burden we carry as readers and bloggers is unbelievable. I give us another few good productive years before we start licking car tires.

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  3. I fall in your category too.. Once I went through the most popular reads, like, HP, PJ, Divergent, Hunger Games, Hercule Poirot stories, Fault In Our Stars, Mortal Instruments and so on and so forth, I was stumped. I kept going through so many books and I rated all of them the same – a 5-7 on 10. I coped with this by doing the only thing I could. If I found something above 7, I stuck with the author. If it falls below 5, I completely steered clear. And when my usual authors didn’t write anything new, I was in a circle with 5-7 rating authors cuz its safe territory. At least I know what to expect that way. Now, I’m into kdramas and I think I see a pattern here too 😦

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    1. It´s really good to know I´m not alone with this problem. I´ve been where you´re at. I stick with the same authors because I can ( sort of ) trust them/their books. I hardly give new authors a chance because I don´t want to go through the process of finding a book mediocre. Kdramas? You mean the shows? Or are there Kdrama books, too? Help me out here because I don´t think I´ve introduced myself to a kdrama book before. 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I fully appreciate it. Just remember- You´re not alone ❤


      1. Exactly! And yeah I mean korean dramas/series/shows 😛 It’s always a pleasure to read topics like these, so you’re most welcome. And I also get to wallow in self pity abt how I don’t write much and remind myself to try again :))


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