Mug Monday & Bookish Happiness

Hello everyone and welcome to Mug Monday!

With everything that´s been going down in the book community lately, I think it´s time for a little happiness. Because all us book people need more happiness in our lives.


Happiness is a good book


`Happiness is a good book.` says Snoopy on one of my favorite Snoopy mugs. And he´s right- Happiness is a good book. But happiness is also many other things.

For me happiness is…

  •  Book blogging. As demanding as book blogging sometimes is- I still everything about it. I´m truly happy when I can share my thoughts, my ideas with others.


  • Connecting with others. I love to meet new people. Whether it´s through comments on my posts or on social media… I´m happy when I´m able to find new friends and connect with likeminded people. Communication is a wonderful thing.


  • The little bookish things. It doesn´t matter if it´s something as simple as a bookmark or a book sleeve… These things bring me so much joy.


  • Bookmail. I´m that person who´s on first name terms with the postman. Because he brings me happiness in a package. Author mail, amazon mail, letters, cards… I LOVE book mail.


  • Book related news. This could be a cover reveal for an upcoming release or other author announcements. I´m always happy when someone has something new to share.


  • Positive feedback. This is something that brings me immense joy: When someone gives positive feedback on my posts or on someone else´s post. It´s truly something special when a book blogger is able to make someone´s day, week, month.


  • Hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top and a sprinkle of cinnamon. HEAVENLY!


Now to what makes my OCDs sing.  Happiness also is:

  • When the spine of a book doesn´t crack
  • When book cover colors match on my bookshelves
  • When a bookmark matches colors with the book I´m reading


What about you? What is Happiness for you? Shower the comments section with what brings you joy ( book-related or not ). ❤


Thank you so much for reading this week´s Mug Monday post. I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful Monday.

Many warm hugs,


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8 thoughts on “Mug Monday & Bookish Happiness

  1. Love this post! We all need a ton more positivity in our lives for sure.

    I also love, love, LOVE getting bookish things in the mail. I got two books delivered this week and am stoked to read them, especially because they are both indie authors I have had the pleasure of speaking to. 🙂

    I’m definitely going to start sending myself little presents in the mail again once I pay off my credit card balance in the next month (been working on getting it down to zero for years!). Gotta love yourself however you can, right? For me its little presents.

    I think happiness for me is setting aside a full day to just hang out. No plans, just to hang out and catch up on reading. It’s even better when it’s raining or snowing (in this case, obviously raining since its summer).

    I also am finding a lot of happiness in connecting with fellow authors and promoting them however I can (I have a backlog of author interviews to do, which has never happened before!)

    Glad you are feeling the positivity, you definitely brightened my day!

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    1. Naaw! I´m so happy I was able to brighten your day 🙂 You are absolutely right about using a day just to hang out. Gotta love a “lazy” day.
      Also- YAY working off your credit balance! That´s amazing news. I hope you´ll be able to treat yourself more often soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome!

        Totally. I’ve starting planning my weekends around having a day to just veg and hang out with no interruptions. Color me introverted lol.

        Yeah, I’m super excited! Just one month from today and I’ll be done. Then I’ll cancel my card and get to spoil myself a bit more.

        You can pretty much guaranteed see more books bought from this guy!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. COLOR ME INTROVERTED!! I love that :-). Gonna have to remember that one.
          Seriously, I´m really happy that you´ll be able to spoil yourself more. It´s important to treat yourself once in a while. You know, I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day about credit cards. We´re both american living abroad and have noticed that credit cards aren´t a thing here. People have them but don´t use them. Neither are checks. It´s cash or nothing. Which is slightly weird, you know? We came to the conclusion that the cash only option is actually healthier. Gives a lot of peace at mind.

          Oooh, the best way to treat yourself is OF COURSE by buying more books 🙂

          And yes, I think at a certain point in life everyone should plan a lazy day on the weekends. It´s so important to recharge. Life is busy enough. We should all allow ourselves to slow down, even if it´s just once a week. That´s often all it takes.


          1. Haha, you can totally steal that.

            Thanks, I’m excited too! Wow, see that’s why I’m paying stuff off now. Life really is better without the credit cards, and so much simpler.

            Haha yes, many books shall be bought.

            Yeah, it looks like I may not get a full day to myself and I’m a bit upset about it, but at least I’m spending some of that time with friends. 🙂


    1. YAY! I´m really glad I made your day with this post 🙂 So true. We all need a lot more positivity and less nagging. There´s too much complicated crap out there that it´s tough to feel any sorts of great in the community. * raising wine glass * HEre´s to more positivity.

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