I Spied With My Bookish Eye: Catchy Book Covers

`I need to check something out at the book store really quick.`


Only someone with immense self-control would ever say that. I don´t have self-control when it comes to book stores. In fact – I wouldn´t be able to keep a straight face while saying that. Twelves words – All a lie.

I´ll have you know, though, that my last book store visit was truly a quick visit. I was on a tight schedule and only had an hour to spare. Better than nothing, right? I agree. * waiting patiently for your approval * Besides- I truly just wanted to check a few books out.

So I rushed through the aisles and let my eyes scan through the rows of books. I figured that there would be a book cover that would catch my attention. There had to be. There were actually two covers!

This is what caught my attention.




`City Of Girls` by Elizabeth Gilbert and `Stay Sexy & Don´t Get Murdered` by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark.

The cover for `City Of Girls` is, for me, more about the colors than anything else. I like the combination of a saturated pink and a cool teal shade. The feathers- Well, I´m not too fazed about them. Many book covers have decorative feathers. Many fantasy novels use feather images for their covers. `City Of Girls is historical fiction, though.  Who would have thought?! See how deceiving book covers can be? This cover could easily pass for a contemporary romance but it´s not. I totally love this.

The reason why I grabbed, `Stay Sexy & Don´t Get Murdered` was because of the stark contrasts. Black is always an eye-catcher. And when the title fills the cover, substituting an image, it´s an even larger eye catcher for me. I like these types of book covers because they´re not too revealing. You are forced to use your imagination. And with a title like that, your mind will most likely run wild. The story possibilities are endless. `Stay Sexy & Don´t Get Murdered ` is a non – fiction/biography I can´t wait to purchase.

Yes, I haven´t bought either of these reads. Not yet. Don´t you remember? I was in a hurry.  Ain´t no one got time to purchase books on a whim and on a tight book budget.

Maybe next month.

Would I buy these books based on the covers? I would.


What do you think of these covers? Would these book covers grab your attention? Let´s chat! ❤


Sending out much bookish love.

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9 thoughts on “I Spied With My Bookish Eye: Catchy Book Covers

  1. I love the cover if #SSADGM ! I’ve had my eye on the book before, it sounds really great! I know the show has a big following who call themselves something cool (yeah I forgot what it was but I do remember it was kind of cool). Lovely choices, happy reading!!

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  2. Ah, pretty witty wittle decorative book covers like ‘City of Girls’ (let’s not even get into the use of ‘girls’ in the title here). Okay. I mentioned in an earlier comment my hesitation towards floral cover designs, and now feather designs can be added to that same pile. This cover would, and has, actually deterred me from not only purchasing the book but reading it at all. Why the false marketing? I can see, to some extent, if the reason is for the publisher to draw in audiences as a way of expanding their reading genres, but me thinks this is not the reason. Pretty sells, in so many facets of life, and the publishing world is no exception.

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    1. HAHAHAHAHA. I hear you on the floral cover designs. They´re the new trend designs. Very girly, very romantic ( I´ve just decided on a floral cover post for July ). The false marketing- yes. That can be a pain if you´re looking for something specific. But you´re right. Pretty sells. Just as sex sells ( referring to the naked torsos on the millions of romance book covers ). It´s sad that we live in desperate times where books have to bend and submit to trends in order to be seen.


  3. Oooh, i do like those covers!
    I would be seriously tempted about the one with the feathers.
    The second, no… even tho i really like it, it’s a memoir and i’d never read it.
    With the first one, i’d need to have a serious talk with myself, like “you know it’s not your sort of stuff… but ya know, you may read it eventually”… i’d most probably buy a second hand copy tho.

    Haven’t bought a physical copy since April, and going back to digital only seriously helped. Money wise and space wise too 😀

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    1. WHAT?! But, but… physical books are so much friendlier. ( right now I´m having this weird American Gods image going on in my head where I´m trying to fight against technology. Jesus.)
      Why wouldn´t you read a memoir? Is it because you don´t like em in general?
      The feathers are really catchy. I´m kind of regretting not having had enough cash with me that day. BUT- I ended up buying the second one the other day. Now iit´s collecting dust on my bookshelf * sigh *
      The feathers- I wasn´t so sure about that one. Sometimes I have to sleep over a book purchase. The price was ( if I remember correctly ) 26 euros ( 23 pounds?) for the hardcover. I totally love that you have serious talks with yourself over books. 🙂 Kinda makes me feel better for having my own inner purchase battles at stupid o´clock.


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