Being A Compulsive Book Finisher

What a title for a blog post, huh? Sounds terribly sinister. It´s almost as if I see this as some chronic disease- The book finishing disease. Hmm, okay. Sounds more like a first world problem than anything else, to be honest. But hey- Trust me on this one… It´s a true struggle. I just never gave this much thought because you sometimes don´t think about these things, you know? Not until you see something on the internet that reminds you of a problem you once had.

I stumbled upon an article the other day with the title It´s Okay to Give Up on Mediocre Books Because We´re All Going to Die.  

The second thing that made me stop was the tagline:


`Life’s too short to force yourself to finish books you don’t enjoy`


I can advise anyone who loves to read to take a few minutes to read this because it´s truly interesting.

The title and tagline, both, had me thinking about my own reading habits. Do I finish every book I start even if it´s really not my cup of tea?

I was that person. I was a compulsive book finisher. I forced myself to finish a book even if I wasn´t feeling the story. And I know why I did it. I know exactly how this reading habit started, too.

If I dig deep enough I find that I can put the majority of the blame on book blogging, or with the way I blogged.

I wasn´t always a compulsive book finisher. But I quickly became one through the book blogging business.

To make a long ( a very long ) story short: Sometime during the first half of my book blogging career, I noticed I was reading fewer bestseller books and more books from indie/self – published writers. Not at all what I had planned on doing. This eventually led to me accepting ARCs and even beta reading for authors. My book blogging schedule was filled to the brim, folks.

One can´t be too mad about receiving free books, right? But one can develop an unhealthy reading habit by accepting many advanced reader´s copies & agreeing to beta read.

“It´s amazing how you can read three books in a week!”

People would say this to me all the time. There were two things these people didn´t know and still don´t understand:


  1. Reading an Arc isn´t always fun. It´s an exchange. You receive an advanced copy of a book and have to present a review afterward. Beta reading for an author can be even less amusing because they need your detailed feedback.
  2. It´s even less amazing when you don´t like what you´re reading.


It´s actually comparable with watching a movie or a TV show you´re just not that in to but you force yourself to keep watching because you want to be able to talk about it afterward. Only, you have no agreement with the actors or directors. There´s no one eagerly waiting for your opinion. You do have an agreement with publishers and authors, though. Even if it´s a simple verbal, via chat agreement- You read and give feedback. You pay attention to what you´re reading.

Skimming wasn´t even an option. Some authors wanted to know specific thoughts regarding their book for whatever scenes they wrote. Imagine an author asking for your opinion on the 67th sex scene and you can´t give feedback because you skipped that particular part. Dreadful.

This is when I made it my mission to force myself to finish every book I started. And that has stuck with ever since.

So, through book blogging, I turned myself into a compulsive book finisher.  No matter how awful I thought the ARC or beta copy was- I pulled through, all for the sake of… I can´t remember. Was it because I had a shining reputation I couldn´t afford to lose? Maybe because I hate breaking off agreements? Who knows.

Am I mad about this? Well, I´m certainly not happy. As it is with any unhealthy habit- It´s hard to kick. When I realized what I was doing to myself I pulled the breaks.  Because who in their right mind would force themselves to read a book they don´t enjoy?






Even though I´ve somewhat freed myself from needing to finish every book I still catch myself continuing a book I´m not enjoying ( then end up finishing it because I´m too far in ).  As I said before – It´s a hard habit to kick. Sometimes I have no trouble stopping a book on page 50  and sometimes I don´t realize what I´m doing until it´s too late.


`Life’s too short to force yourself to finish books you don’t enjoy`

I wholeheartedly agree with this tagline. Books are meant to entertain us. We´re meant to enjoy what we read. We´re not meant to push ourselves through something we don´t like.




On A Kind Note:  I don´t blame self – published authors nor do I blame beta copies for my own stupidity. I made a conscious choice back then without fully understanding the possible outcomes. It was a mistake easily made.

On Another Kind Note:  I also don´t see being a compulsive book finisher as a life-threatening issue. In my case, it´s just another annoying habit. It doesn´t affect my life in a negative way nor does it keep me from enjoying other things. I don´t accept ARCs anymore, though. Same with beta reading.



Let´s chat:

Do you finish books you don´t enjoy? Are you a compulsive book finisher? 

Share away in the comments below.



As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it.

Much book love,

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6 thoughts on “Being A Compulsive Book Finisher

  1. I’m a chronic non finisher 😅. And not only when it comes to books…
    I dnf ARCs if i don’t enjoy them.
    Or when I’m feeling adventurous in a restaurant but find i don’t like the food after all, I’m not going to eat it. Same goes if i cooked something that turns out vile 😅
    The other day i quit a yoga workout 10 min in cuz i didn’t like it…
    And the list goes on 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 You sound a lot like me. 😊
      Don’t like the food? I’ll stop eating it ( especially take out ) Although- I’m a it – has – to – look – good type of person. When the food looks vile I won’t go near it.
      I do NOT blame you for cutting off the yoga workout. I did too after I fell asleep during 3 classes. Took me 3 tries before I went to the yoga instructor and told her I would return. Told her I’m cured ( although I didn’t have any problems to begin with ). I’m not willing to pay 90 euros for 10 yoga units to nap. Now when the husbutt mentions my apocalyptic yoga training I flip him off. 🤣
      You have more unfinished adventures? Spill!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL… i guess in a way your yoga thing was successful?! Cuz you were so relaxed you passed out… 😀

        Oh, my unfinished hike for one… hehe. I love hiking / walking, all that, but one time we came across a patch of… land (?) covered in all sorts of shit. As in poo. Possibly from deer and rabbit. It was a bloody mine field. And it was unavoidable… I got so pissed off, i just basically turned around and went back to the car. We did maybe 1/3 of the walk already… 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Pfft. I can´t give the yoga class any credit for making me relax. I´m that person who falls alseep the minute I sit no matter where I am. My social life is one huge yawn. Movie nights? Takes me 10 minutes before my lights go out. Going to the movies? HAHAHA. I tried 4 times to watch Harry Potter in theaters. I got to the owls delivering the mail. Game night? I yawn and end up going home.

          HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg, your unfinished hike was THAT adventurous? Sounds like nature decided to “shit” on your plans. HAHAHAHAHA. ( I´m sorry. Can´t help myself ) It does make sense though that animals would pick a spot / area to unload. Is that even a thing with animals?


  2. I am an annoying book researcher. Let me explain. If a title or blurb catches my attention, I make a note to do some research before buying or borrowing. I read non-spoiler reviews (good and bad) and several, if not all, of the blurbs on the inside of the book. So, I do this because I tend to be a chronic finisher which is why I feel I owe it to myself to research, hoping this will avoid starting a book I may end up disliking. My husband says you can tell when I feel passionately about a book because I won’t shut up about it mid-read, again—good or bad, and even though he says, “Just stop reading it then,” should it be the latter, I tell him it’s just not possible. Sigh. I can proudly say that this year, I’ve been working very hard at dnf’ing if I dislike a book (but never ARCs—again, sigh), and have successfully done so with six of the 82 books I’ve started this year. That’s six more than last year. I’m coming along slowly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I truly hope you won´t be mad at me for finding your comment on being proud about how hard you´ve been working to dnf a book hilarious. I know the feeling all too well. I, too, feel so proud when I´m able to set my dnf aside and call it quits. I end up looking for my husband just to tell him what I did. It´s a little dishearting when he gives me the “Oh, God. I really married her.” look.
      Know that I have your back and am very proud that you´ve dnf´d 6 books already. That´s impressive when you usually don´t dnf. I applaud you for that.
      You do that much research? Would you like to be my new best friend forever? How awesome! I love how dedicated you are. There´s absolutely nothing annoying about doing your research before buying / borrowing a book. I don´t think anyone can blame you, to be honest. So much crap is on the market these days and it´s truly hard to sift out reads.


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