Surviving `Beautiful Creatures`The Movie

Oops. I guess I´m 6 years too late for this one.



I remember how I got all excited in 2013 when I found out about the book to movie adaptation but it somehow slipped my mind that one of my favorite YA Fantasy reads was in theaters. The perks of being old- You automatically turn into Dory from Finding Nemo. Thanks to the suggestions based on my daughter´s Netflix movie tastes I was reminded once again that `Beautiful Creatures` had been made into a movie.




Let me give you a walkthrough on how my `Beautiful Creatures` movie experience went. It all started with the husbutt actually wanting to watch the movie with me. Oookay. Fine by me. So, we started. And the first thing husbutt says is:

“Wait a second. You have that book, don´t you?”

How very observant of him. Yes. I have the book. I actually have `Beautiful Creatures` ( book #1 ) and `Beautiful Darkness`( book #2) on my bookshelf. One is a paperback and the other is a hardcover ( which really doesn´t sit well with me ).

“What´s the story about again?” He asked.

My inner Dory then made another appearance again because I only had a rough idea of what the story was about. Who can blame me after having first and last read the books after they were published back in 2010 ( give or take a year )? Exactly.

“Uuhm, Young Adult. Teenagers having witchy issues.”

My communication skills can´t be topped. But to my defense- I was munching on Doritos. Speaking too much could cause a chip flake to go down the wrong pipe. Death by Doritos doesn´t seem too bad. Knowing `Beautiful Creatures` would be my last movie if I had choked on a Dorito? I wasn´t willing to take that risk.

So, we started the movie knowing it was about witches. And we watched. And watched. Turns out, I didn´t forget all too much about the book. How did I know?

Because I was constantly complaining about the things that weren´t included in the movie. Small yet significant details that made the book great- The things that made the characters great.

beautiful creatures
The book.

Without wanting to spoil the movie ( or book, for that matter ) I won´t get into details but I will say this: That library scene, the first of quite a few, had me rolling on the floor gasping for air.  And that curse threat? I can gladly inform everyone that it was not all too life-threatening. Not for me, nor for the movie characters. In fact- It felt like some useless side info.

What I did appreciate was the tiny `Carrie` moment the female lead had in the beginning. A little more of those scenes would have done wonders for this movie.

So, with all that being said, I didn´t like `Beautiful Creatures`, the movie. Like – At all. It was as dry and very non-curse driven. It was far less mysterious or magical.

My husband´s final words were:

” Imagine going to the butchers and asking for a nice slab of ribs then watching the butcher slam the meat very unlovingly on the work counter. That´s how this movie felt: A book to movie adaptation thrown unlovingly to the crowd.”  And he didn´t read the book.

The book, though, is really great. Much darker than the movie. It has depth and keeps a reader in an upright position until the very last page. One of the few YA Fantasy reads I truly adore.

Let´s keep our fingers crossed for the next book – to – movie adaptation!


Did you watch `Beautiful Creatures`? Did you read the book? Let´s discuss it. ❤


I hope you all have a wonderful day. Feel hugged and share the book-love!


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16 thoughts on “Surviving `Beautiful Creatures`The Movie

  1. I saw the movie but couldn’t really form an opinion as I hadn’t read the book. I tried reading the book, but kind of saw something shiny about halfway through and dropped it. I definitely plan on going back, but I don’t know when.

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    1. HAHAHAHA. ` kind of saw something shiny and dropped it` I´m going to have to remember that one. Hmm, I´m not sure you should have another go with the book. If you got distracted the first time, who´s to say it won´t happen again, you know? Stories can be tricky like that. I always fail when I try to restart a book. Pft, the movie really wasn´t worth it. The book, though- If I´m honest, I think if I reread the story I wouldn´t love it as much as I did 10 years ago ( hence the reason why I won´t reread the books ) I´m too terrified my opinion has changed.


      1. Lol I’m easily distracted at times, but I think you’re right. If something is really good, I won’t get distracted, end of story.

        Fair point on rereads too. The only thing I’ve reread was the first Sookie Stackhouse novels. They are always really good!

        Oh btw I broke things off with that guy I was seeing. 😦 I’ll be mainlining chardonnay and trying to remember fun for the rest of the night.

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        1. You’ve read the Sookie Stackhouse books? Be honest- are they really that good? Haven’t read them ( haven’t watched True Blood, either 🤦‍♀️🙈)
          What what what?! Naaw, what happened? I thought things were going well for the two of you.😟 Chardonnay? Is it that bad? If you like you can DM me on Twitter if you don’t want to talk about it here in the comments. I’m really sorry things didn’t work out. Such a bummer.

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          1. Well, I haven’t read ALL of them, just the first five or six. I’d say the first three are super great at least. True Blood is always entertaining too.

            Yeah, unfortunately he turned out to be a lying arse. Made me believe we were on the dating path (even went on a couple dates!) then ghosted me and I found him on Grindr and approached him, asking why with no response. So I am officially done. Can’t handle any games and there’s clearly something up. It really was a bummer. I really thought he was boyfriend material.

            Unfortunately, I don’t have Twitter, but I don’t mind sharing my stuff on here. I’m an open book!

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            1. Oh no. 😦 What a complete douche. You´d think people are more mature than that. He could have just told you straight up instead of leading you on like that. This is the reason why I´m losing faith in humanity. Too many idiots roaming around.
              You don´t have twitter? How do you do it?
              That´s very `open` of you to be direct and personal in the virtual public eye. I admire that. 🙂 I hope the ghoster get´s a taste of his own medicine one day.
              I´ll have to look the books up if you say they´re worth it 🙂


              1. Yeah, believe me this one came out of nowhere with the backstab. It’s okay though. I left work early to focus on me and got a haircut, a bit of dye, and some hilights. Identity crisis, lol! Nah, I just wanted to feel better about myself.

                But yes, I do agree with losing faith in humanity. It seems like a losing war sometimes.

                Well I tried Twitter out for a day and just got so confused I couldn’t do it.

                Thanks! I mean, we are all human. I get that some people prefer more privacy, but I’m really open, just always habe been.

                Yeah, totally! They’re famous enough that pretty much every library should have a copy. To die for muahaha!

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                1. * shaking head * I´m speechless. You shouldn´t have been subjected to that behavior ( as no one should ).
                  Oh I can imagine how Twitter confused you. Would you believe me if I told you that I´m in my tenth year of trying to figure the site out? I go there as little as possible because it´s… confusing. Anyone I talk to who´s an avid twitter user claims that it´s easy. * insert the lonely sound of crickets chirping * Easier than FB. That one had me cracking up.
                  The fact that you´re open is wonderful. So many people are closed up and hardly reveal anything, which makes it so hard to build any type of relationship with them, you know?
                  I just ordered the first book. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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                  1. Thanks for your support friend! Now I’m kind of experiencing anxiety issues, which is making me physically sick. I kind of hate him for making me feel this way to be honest, especially since it’s literally affecting me. I may need to go to my doctor and look into some medication if this doesn’t stop.

                    OMG I’m glad its not just me! Just the look of it once you login is crazy! I can’t even get past that.

                    Haha, I don’t know what it is, but WordPress and Facebook just come to me really easily for the most part.

                    Yeah, I definitely hear you there. I just prefer not to live that way. Sometimes its actually a good thing to wear your heart and opinions on your sleeve. Opens you up to more people in the long run.

                    Ooo good luck!


  2. My oldest stepdaughter read the book around the time the hype was at its peak and was super excited for the film. We waited for its DVD release (and rented it from the library), foregoing the theaters. I remember being completely lost, assuming a read of the source material was necessary to understand the story line, and quickly opted to un-join my stepdaughter in its viewing. She was also decidedly angry by the end of the film. She continued the book series but we never watched the film again (even though we were/are both huge fans of Emmy Rossum–thank you Phantom of the Opera).

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    1. Emma Rossum is a brilliant actress. I like watching her on screen. Phantom of the Opera- Yes!!! It’s one of my favorite stories, plays, musicals, and movies * sigh * I was even at the Palais Garnier in Paris just because I’m a fan. I’d recommend going there if you’re a fan.😊 I don’t blame your stepdaughter or you for not having watched the movie again. It was a hot mess. Didn’t do the book justice at all. A pity, really.


    1. 😂 I’m glad I was able to make you laugh. You’re right. The endings are different. Not that it makes the movie any better, though. You know what? I think if the movie would have been a little more mature then it would’ve been awesome. A tad darker. The spook factor was 0!!!! I need to call down. Lol

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