Welcome To Simply Book Covers

Hi and welcome.

What a pleasure it is for me to introduce you to my newest project – My baby. My soon to be pride and joy –

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The name pretty much gives you all the information you need. This project is Simply about Book Covers. It´s as simple as that.


What can Simply Book Covers offer you that hasn´t already been done before?

Aside from my personal take on book covers my goal is to discuss all things book covers. From the trends to the cover/story compatibility… There´s lots of ground to cover when discussing book covers.


First impressions matter, for good and bad –

Even when it comes to book covers.

As much as we don´t want to, we all judge a book by its cover. We only need a few seconds to decide if we´re interested in a book or not. It takes just as long to develop a negative or a positive response towards an image, colors, style, and quality.


Book covers have power.

A book cover design is probably the most important marketing tool for books. Because cover designs have the power to make or break a book. A great, eye catchy image can attract readers and push sales. And the opposite can happen if a cover design lacks creativity.


You´re not only paying for the story.

Books from traditional publishers have teams who deal with cover images. Self-published authors often create their own cover art or they hire a designer. Is there a difference between covers for self-published and traditional ones? There most certainly is. But the bottom line is- You´re not only spending your hard earned money on a story. The money also pays for the cover image/design.

With Simply Book Covers I would like to offer the three E´s.






I´d like to reveal What´s Hot and What´s Not. To explain the power of colors and designs and the effects they have on consumers. And last, but not least, spill some Tea on how cover images are chosen.

Book covers are, for the most part, a matter of taste. But that doesn´t mean we can´t discuss them, right?
How will Simply Book Covers judge book covers online?

I thought you´d never ask! Of course, how much or how little I have to say about a book cover depends on… well, a cover design.

Are the colors vibrant or dull? What effect does the design have on me as a potential reader? Is the cover too revealing? What´s the main focus, imagine or title?
And to top that off I´ll add a short two-point analysis, including a 1 – 5-star rating. Let´s not forget revealing pictures.

Trust me- All this sounds more complicated than it is.

And maybe, just maybe, I´ll include a BookTube book cover review.

Sound good?


On a positive note: Please remember that Simply Book Covers is about the product and NOT the person behind it.

Please keep in mind that everything I write/say is my personal opinion. My opinions are not facts. Should there be disagreements over any opinions I ask of you to be as civilized and mature as possible. If you feel you can´t do either then I kindly ask you to come back at another, less emotionally charged time.


Let´s have fun. Let´s take a look at some bookish eye candy together. Let´s chat.


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13 thoughts on “Welcome To Simply Book Covers

  1. Man (woman!) How exciting! This sounds like an excellent concept and I’m very much looking forward to it. I have certainly picked up books because their title reached out to me. Of course I then read the back info and took it from there but were it not for the cover it would have sat among the rest unnoticed. Looking forward to theoretically ripping them up! Cheers to your new venture! But I want a cover now! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 Thanks. * bows elegantly * I’ll probably break down a book cover to a point where it’s not even funny anymore. It might get boring. It might be exciting. I already have 2 Thursdays with cover features scheduled and to be honest- Those posts were hella fun.
      I definitely get what you mean about ‘ if it wasn’t for the cover…’ bit. Same here. Titles? Dear swear baby Jesus… don’t get me started on some titles. I’d need to quit my day job to discuss those. Lol.

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  2. Ah, of course covers matter… I’m usually on the opinion that if a cover doesn’t look professionally done, the story is prolly bad too. It’s not a conscious decision, just how they make me feel 😅

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    1. I hear you loud and clear! That’s what I automatically think as well. We should know better but thanks to * cough cough * the shift in the industry and precious experiences ( im pointing right at Kindle Unlimited ) we can’t help ourselves. I won’t buy a book with a poor cover. I’ll only buy it if someone spoils the story for me beforehand and I find out id actually like it . 😂


  3. One of my absolutely favorite experiences to have is “blind date with a book” so that, as a reader, I can judge a books quality based on the tags chosen and written on the wrapping. I agree that it is so difficult…well, impossible, for readers to not judge a book by its cover. Due to the influx lately in floral cover designs across multiple genres, when they have absolutely no connection to the content, critiquing and dissecting these choices sounds most intriguing. This was the first cover design trend I stood back and took notice of (titles are a different case altogether). So, I will be very interested to hear what you have to say about other design trends. What a great new venture for you–thought provoking and entirely discussion worth. All my best to you.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words.😊 Ooooh I haven’t tried the blind date with a book thing. To be honest- it terrifies me a little. How has it worked out for you? Were you always satisfied afterwards? Yes, exactly. That’s when I actually discovered my love for book covers- after noticing a trends. Trends happening in all genres. I hope you’re right about this being discussion worthy. Fingers crossed I won’t be hunted down for giving insight from a consumers POV.


  4. This post has me thinking about all the different covers out there and how I think about them. Book covers can draw in readers, but I have quickly come to learn you can’t always judge a book by its cover. I’m not a big fan of fantasy novels, and yet I think they have some of the best covers. Once I read the blurb, I’m usually passing on them. Some books with the plainest or not so pretty covers have been my favorite, like Bright Side by Kim Holden and Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn. I also read a lot of indie books where covers are created from stock photos that may not be as good as ones traditionally published authors use. All of this has lead me to be open to the possibilities of books with bad covers.


    1. Guurl! * trying to give you a high five for mentioning Bright Side * YES! It really doesn´t get much more plain than Bright Side. I remember seeing that cover after it was revealed and thinking what a lovely idea to just keep things simple ( aside from the orange. Not much of an orange type ).

      I definitely know what you mean. You shouldn´t judge a book by its cover. Because you never know what you´re missing out on. Might be a fabulous book. Who knows. What got me into doing this cover thing was when I noticed indie books were being sold for far more than I was able to afford. That had me breaking down every single aspect ( cover, print, page amount, size, paper quality, etc ) Because I was curious. I don´t recall how long I spent comparing prices. The final blow happened when I realized an indie author was trying to make a fortune by multiplying her expenses by three. For a product ( the book ) that wasn´t appealing. That´s when I started thinking about book covers and the power they have. It´s not that I don´t understand that authors are trying to make a living off of writing. But some things are a little rude, in my opinion. Stock photos are great. Some of my favorite books ( Easy by Tammara Webber ) have stock cover images.
      Back in the day indie authors didn´t have the means to create great cover images or afford good quality ones. That´s changed. Indie authors have, thankfully stepped up their cover game.
      Publishers can be just as terrible/ great when it comes to cover image choices.


      1. That’s really interesting that you have found expensive indie author books. I’m guessing you’re talking paperbacks? The indie books I’ve found are usually cheaper since they’re self-published, but that’s digital. I have found a few with higher rates, but not higher than traditionally published books. Paperbacks can be the exception though.

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        1. Paperbacks, yes. But also e-books. Many indie authors have humble/decent e-book prices, but quite a few have put out some shocking numbers for a 230 page book. Yes, e-books from indie authors are much cheaper. The way some calculate their e-book prices is quite clever and logical. The ones who price their books for more than what´s standard are unrealistic ( in my opinion ). It´s off putting when you see a paperback going for 12 bucks and the e-book for 10. Those are traditional pub. prices and I´m not so quick to spend money on a 10 dollar e-book. I mean- The book has to be something I´d need to have in order for me to overlook a high e-book price ( for indie or traditional pub alike ). What I´ve also noticed ( maybe you have, as well ) is that some indie / self – pub books will have similar prices for all formats: 15 for a hardcover, 12 for a paperback and 13 for an e-book. I made a screenshot of that a month ago when I spotted it.
          But yes, I was referring to a paperback. I think I´ll do a post about that in the near future. ❤ Just out of curiosity: What was the most you´ve spent on an e-book?


          1. Hmm… I don’t know. I know I just spent $7.99 for Lauren Layne’s The Prenup. That was one she published Indie. I have probably spent in the $12 range for an e-book for my sister for her birthday. Honestly, I take part in the KU program and borrow a lot from my library. If I purchase an e-book it’s because I can’t get it either way and I really want to read it. I may hope for a cheaper price, but I am willing to pay for something I really want to read.
            I don’t like paying higher prices, especially for an e-book, but I also think about the fact that the book took the author’s time to write. It’s their creative work of art. They should be compensated for their time. When I put it that way, it’s actually a little sad that some books are only $.99. Authors should be able to support themselves with their writing and $.99 a book probably isn’t going to do that unless they’re a big name author.
            The books that I notice are similar in price between all formats are YA books. I actually probably own more physical YA books than e-books because if they’re the same price then I’m going to purchase the physical copy.

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            1. Same. Although, I really try to avoid e-books in general because i´m not fond of my Kindle ( or any e-book reader ). I have a scheduled post coming up soon for that. lol. I´d rather buy the paperback.
              I totally get what you´re saying about how writers should be compensated for the love, time and energy they invest in their stories. I agree. But all within reason, you know? It´s always a gamble with indie books. You never know what you´re going to get. You could get a wonderful and immaculate $.99 read or you could be very unlucky. It IS sad when undiscovered names offer their books for $.99. But then again- if you see things from the other side ( I like to follow conversations about this topic ) you tend to realize that $.99 books are often shoved in a negative light because of the price. That´s wrong on so many levels but it happens. Thus the reason why people like us need to promote indie authors more.
              Yeah, I´ve heard about readers having more YA paperbacks than paperbacks from other genres. And yes! If an e-book almost has the same price as a physical book then you might as well get that one.

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