Thank The Books It´s Friday

Hola, bookish family.

Guess what? It´s Friday…

squirrel fuck


Thank fuck, indeed. It´s been a busy one, I can tell ya that much. Reading. Thinking. Blogging. It´s no wonder I´m in desperate need of all those cocktails I pictured myself drinking throughout the week.

But nonetheless- I had a great time roaming the internet and reading all sorts of book-related blog posts ( more about that next week ).

Since it´s Friday I thought we´d cast all the negative shit from the book community aside and shift our focus on what´s really important: Enjoying a few days off.

My grand plan is: To have no plans for the weekend. Maybe I´ll do a little reading, relaxing and let my paper white skin fry in the June heat or maybe I´ll do none of that and just sit outside and listen to my neighbors threaten each other with the cops again.



As long as I have a cocktail to slurp then I don´t really care.


As for my reading options…

I´m going to play a round of `Eenie, Meenie, Miney, mo` with a stack of unread books. Hopefully, that´ll help me pick my next read ( because flipping a coin wasn´t creative enough for me ). I have 3 romances and 3 fantasies waiting for my attention.




Has anyone already read any of these? Are they any good? Make sure to drop me a line in the comments. I´d love to know what your thoughts are ( if you´ve read these, of course ).

Speaking of books. Remember my ramblings on book covers? Weeeell, I finally gave myself that much needed last kick and came up with a concept and even put it into action. Yay for me! One that hopefully works. What exactly my new concept is will be revealed next Thursday, so stay tuned folks. ❤  ( a little tip: One look at my blog menu will tell you everything )

I guess that´s pretty much it for this week. Lots of everything and nothing has happened. The usual, I´d say. And with that, I´ll leave you and wish you all a wonderful few days off.


Before I leave:

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have anything special planned? Or will it be another wonderful time doing absolutely nothing? Let me know so I can envy you.



Stay safe. Have a blast. Feel hugged.

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14 thoughts on “Thank The Books It´s Friday

  1. Lately I’m a huge fan of making zero plans and taking some time for myself. I actually have no plans either, though sadly my complex isn’t done with the pool renovations. I’m so ready to jump in!

    I’ll probably read up a storm this weekend and maybe hang out with this person I’ve been sort of dating lately. Yay for a sliver of a social life!

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    1. Your plans sound awesome. Who would have thought having no plans would be so exciting? As for the sliver of a social life – I hear you. My husband and I have this private joke going on where we act shocked when one of us actually leaves the house on the weekend. “You have friends?!” Which is, when you think about it, a little sad. Or we´ll drop little “You run out of books?” lines.

      I hope you enjoy your uneventful, yet eventful weekend. See if you can hang out with your date. Fingers crossed you´ll have a great time .

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      1. I know right? Just a year ago I was having monthly parties with my friends. Now that I’ve truly embraced my bookish self (while still tending to my friends when I get the chance), it’s almost mind boggling when someone asks me out. Thanks for the well wishes, we agreed to meet up tomorrow. Yay! 🙂

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        1. Ooh, I hope you had fun on your date? I think books are ( or can be ) a form of going out. Lol. Minus the drinks and music and company, of course. Right now everyone around me is at this weird ” We have to do something” age. I´m sitting here thinking ” I have to kick my shoes OFF not put them on.” 🙂 THAT is mind boggling too, when your friends suddenly show up at the door wanting to whisk you away for a few drinks.


          1. I did! This could be a real thing, so I’m kinda crushing right now. On cloud nine!

            Oh totally! I love to escape reality, and books are the best way.

            Yeah, my friends are starting to settle down, so they don’t show up unannounced too often, but if they do there will definitely be margaritas in my future!

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            1. Aaw, I´m so glad things are working out 🙂 ( You do know that you´re gonna have to give me updates on the date / relationship progress from now on. Won´t be able to sleep at night otherwise. Can´t leave a girl hanging like that!)
              Definitely. Books truly are a nice way to escape reality. This is why I read contemp romances a lot- My problems feel like peanuts compared to the ones characters are put through. 🙂

              Yupp, that´s what happens when friends begin to settle down. You know, my friends used to never drop by unannounced. This started when they realized it´s never a good time to catch me. They don´t care anymore. Since I won´t come to the cheese & crackers and drinks, they bring it to my place. * sigh * Can´t complain about that, though.

              Margaritas!!! YES!

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              1. Thanks! Yeah, we both kind of confessed that we were really vibing. That’s a huge step, given I haven’t gotten that far in maybe four years? I have extreme reservations on opening up to people via the dating path (maybe it’s a Taurus thing?) I have a date on Tuesday and Friday now, and I couldn’t be more excited!

                Oh yeah, the stuff our favorite characters go through are truly nightmarish, especially since I love horror and thrillers.

                Haha, nice! Well it means they miss ya and simply won’t take no for an answer. Sounds like besties to me haha! I’m so jelly! Means I’ll have to have a game night or something soon. *crosses fingers*


  2. Laughing out loud is not just clever text-speech. Ah, don’t you just love to hate the entertainment that is feuding neighbors? While I’m not so lucky as you, I’ll spend some time book shopping for my father this weekend. He is in much need of adding some female authors to his tbr. Plus, I have a coupon from my local bookshop. While my original weekend plans with my father were canceled on account of the weather, I’ll still get to see him–and this time, I’ll be bringing books.

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    1. Naaaw. That´s really lovely of you to introduce female authors to your dad. I remember when I tried to do that with my dad. Didn´t go down as I had planned. He just wasn´t in to what I suggested. I hope you enjoy some quality time with your dad. 🙂
      Uugh, I can honestly live without the neighbors racket. It´s amusing when they unleash their stupidity but it´s awful when they become vicious and try to involve everyone else. It truly is a love hate thing.


    1. Oooh, you´re lucky you´re able to sit on an air conditioned porch. No one has that over here. * sniffle * I don´t necessarily mind any fantasy level. I´ll take a full blown new world creation and a simple bibbidi – bobbidi -boo tied with reality. Anything dark, light, deep, simple or quick will do.

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