Surviving `After` The Movie

It´s been an hour since I walked out of the movie theater. I am spent. Not because of the movie itself ( more about that below ) but because I´m trying to understand how it´s possible to like a movie more than the book.

Yes, I read `After` by Anna Todd ( REVIEW- After Series (book #1-#5) by Anna Todd ).

And yes, I did enjoy the first book a lot because it was a good story. I think, somewhere in my collective review for all the books, I mentioned that I believed the story could have been great with a solid ending on its own. A standalone, if you will. Sadly though, book #1 ends with a cliffy and everything else goes downhill from there on. All books in total have earned 1 star from me. But I enjoyed book #1.

Then word had it `After`was going to be turned in to a movie.

Actual reaction from then and now

God forbid- We can´t have a bestseller stay a simple bestseller. We have to turn it into a movie so every fanfic fanatic and D1 fan can go nuts all over again. One does not feed the  obsessive herd. One leaves ´em alone. Personally, I would have been able to die a happy woman without another book to movie adaptation. But noooo.

With time ditzy old me completely forgot about the disaster of the `After` saga, including the threat of a movie. Then came the trailer.

To be honest- The trailer looked like many things but not like the story I had read.


Judging by the trailer I was sure to get a rated PG – 13 version of 50 Shades of Grey.

Being the good book blogger I am I called my friend and forced her mark her calendar. We were going to watch `After`.

The Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked the movie more than the book. Ha! Who´d have thought. I´d even go so far and say that this book to movie adaptation is the first I approve of.

The 50 Shades of Grey movies were catastrophes. The acting felt forced, the dialogue was horrific and the sex scenes were so meeh. Look- If you´re going to do something then do it  right or don´t do it at all. Include the sex and make it the porn it truly is.


General mood after watching the 50 Shades of Grey movies

With `After ` everything was different. Aside from the ( I´m sorry, I just can´t help myself ) horrible lead actor. Just because you have a resting asshole face, a leather jacket and have random tattoos  doesn´t mean you´re a bad boy. Where are we? In the 90´s?


Hardin Scott- The After bad boy. 

With that being said- I felt the story came pretty close to the book in a positive way.

The focus was on the relationship. There was a nice gradual story development and the peak was actually better than in the book.

Heavens, I don´t know if I should be happy about this or not. With years of hating on book to movie adaptations this one has definitely thrown me off the hate wagon. I seriously don´t know what to do with myself now.



As for my friend… she hasn´t read the books and even she thought it was a decent romance. Her final comment on the movie: “Don´t tell me we have to wait a fucking year for the next one.” 

Aah, Marlene. My guess is that we´ll have to do just that. With 3 more books we´ll probably have to wait 3 more years to find out more. This means we´ll be 40 years old by the time movie #4 is out.

Even if I know book #2, #3, #4 ( I didn´t bother reading book #5 because it´s just a book on the Hero´s past. Sorry, not interested in that ) was NOT my cup of tea ( you´re welcome to read my reasons for that here )  I still think I should give the movies a go. Who knows… Maybe they´ll be great. Maybe the movie industry will change the story a little. Maybe I´ll like the changes… The possibilities are endless! One can only hope for a miracle.


So yes. I liked `After` the movie.



♥Have you seen the movie? Do you want to see it? Have you run into a book to movie adaption you liked? Let´s chat. ♥







8 thoughts on “Surviving `After` The Movie

  1. Meine Mitbewohnerin hat mal davon gesprochen sich den anzuschauen. Aber sie wusste nicht, ob sie den jetzt mit ihrer Tante schaut oder nicht. Sie würden den am liebsten in Englisch schauen (das wäre mit mir :D), da es mit ihrer Tante auf Deutsch wäre. Mal sehen. Sonst warte ich bis er auf Netflix oder Prime angeboten wird. 🙂
    Aber deine Rezension ist super! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aah, okay. Hmm.. Ich habe es auf original ton gesehen, kann also leider nicht sagen wie die deutsche version ist. Der film ist aber gut😉 Allerdings würde ich raten zu warten. Kino ist so ne sache. After ist definitiv kein kino film der nur aufm kinoleinwand mega zur geltung kommt sondern wirklich eher was für zuhause. War der film 20 euro wert? War die halbe stunde fahrt in die gross stadt wert? Nee. Es ist lediglich leichte teenager kost. 💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh Himmel. 😀 Also wenn würde ich den eh nur im OV gucken. Na ja, mal sehen, ob es sich ergibt und wenn nicht wird die Welt auch nicht untergehen. 😛


  2. I haven’t been at the movies in two years I think (Fast and the Furious 8? must be the last one I saw) so that’s not going to happen, but if it’s on tv I’ll definitely watch this! I love romcoms and romance movies on tv :-). I read After and I didn’t like it (sorry!). For a novel I missed depth but for a movie I really don’t need more so I’m pretty sure I’d like it more as a movie too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 2 years? Honey, you need to go to the movies more 🙂 You´re missing out. ( Well, no, you´re not ). I make it a point of going to the movies once a year ( it´s become SO expensive and I can´t afford more movie visits ) You made a good point- I think this is the type of movie that´s not meant for the theaters. It´s more of a TV romance.
      The books- I fully understand why you didn´t like it. It´s not your typical romance. It´s a tough one. But compared to book #2 – #4 the first book is wonderful. LMAO.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 You know, I had the same thought: I thought it was going to be trashy and wanted to see it just to be able to bitch about it. You can imagine how weirded out I was that I wasn´t able to give a good old fashion rant afterwards. The only thing that truly bugged me was the supposed “bad boy” actor. Such an annoying face. Lol. Go ahead and watch the movie. I´m sure you´ll find something to make fun of ( without having read the books before. Lol ). It IS cheesy. It IS so full of horse shit. But it´s not too shabby compared to the books. 😉 Thanks for commenting ❤


  3. I didn’t think the movie was too bad. I haven’t read the books page to page, but they did leave out too much stuff about Tessa and Hardin’s backgrounds and idiosyncrasies, particularly Hardin’s. The problem here is that if there is to be a sequel, the writers may struggle to portray character development. I’m hoping there’s a second and that it’s better than the first. I definitely think Josephine Langford bought the movie to life.


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