The Reason Why I DNF´d `Throne Of Glass`- Sarah J. Maas

As a book blogger I feel it´s important to talk about what I´m passionate about- Books. And with my self-proclaimed responsibilities as a book blogger I actually want to discuss every aspect of book blogging. The good, the bad, and everything else in between.

It´s actually important for me to share my thoughts ( or else why blog, right?) Totally misses the point if I don´t at least give my readers insight on my opinions.

Opinions. Yes. Those pesky things that get people in to trouble sometimes. With all the social do´s and don´t´s it´s hard to keep up on what etiquette demands / allows these days.



I read somewhere that it´s frowned upon to upload a review for a book that´s been DNF´d. The reason for that was / is simple. Didn´t finish the book? Then you can´t fully judge it. Makes sense, right? Sure it does. But what if someone DNF´d a book and still wants to talk about it? To give a deeper explanation on the why´s? Is that frowned upon, as well?

Technically, if a post isn´t stamped as a book review then it´s safe to share ones thoughts. At least that´s how I see it.

Not too long ago I decided to give some hyped books a go. Books I´ve successfully avoided for a very long time. One of those extremely hyped books is `Throne Of Glass` Throne of GLassby Sarah J. Maas. And there were a few reasons aside from the hyped issue for me to not go near this read.


  • I dislike the cover image ( yes, I´m petty like that )
  • It´s  a Young Adult fantasy romance ( an interesting combo )
  • The author has a certain story telling style I wasn´t able to warm up to


But I kept reading the praises and listening to a few of my friends rave in the highest notes about this book. With that in mind and knowing full well that different books from an author can be better ( or worse ) I finally caved. I´m a sucker for romance, so… why the hell not?

I was prepared for everything. What I wasn´t prepared for was my fast growing disinterest.



I get bored really fast. This isn´t the best basis for reading, I admit. Yet, I do have a reading system that works well for me. If the first 100 pages don´t grab my attention enough then it´s time to move on.

With `Throne Of Glass` I did just that- moved on. As much as I wanted to give this book a fair shot I just couldn´t continue the story. I´m not saying the first 100 pages were total shit… All I´m saying is:

  • It´s a story that´s made its rounds before. For me, this means I´ve already read close versions of this story. Some of these versions were better, some worse. I dislike sitting here thinking “Oh, not this again.” while reading. I´m aware that no one can reinvent the wheel but I would have liked a little more spark in this one or anything that would have separated this read from others in a positive way.


  • Celaena, the assassin. Yes, I know. She´s a fantasy figure. Trust me when I say I really tried to see the beauty of her character. I don´t think I can consider myself open minded enough to accept the awesomeness of her annoying attitude. I´m all for being bad ass and going against the mainstream but Celaena? The ungrateful slave / assassin / slave? Nope. I don´t have the energy to appreciate her. I saw so many comments on how mind blowing her character is. Celaena is powerful, awesome, etc etc. Yupp, nope. I hope this isn´t the new YA fantasy Heroine standard.


  • Tongue clicking. I´ve mentioned this before in my review for Sarah J. Mass´s `A Court Of Thorns And Roses` and now I´m convinced the author´s whole imaginary universe has tongue clicking characters. I really should have counted the tongue clickings from page 1 – 100 because there were more than enough. “He clicked his tounge”

Being repetitive isn´t a good thing.


  • The boring bits. Okay, so here´s the thing- Sometimes parts we consider to be boring often add value to a story later on. By giving up early a reader´s probably missing out on something great. The key word is: Probably. There´s no guarantee my expectations will be met and I won´t stick around to find out it that happens. For me, the boring bits felt like one big boring word salad.


As I´ve said, I tried. I truly did. And I failed. Or, the story failed me. Either way, I don´t believe I´ll give another Sarah J. Maas book a try. Her books aren´t for me.

Throne of GLass


That wasn´t so bad now, was it? A pseudo review for a hyped book.

And because I chose not to continue `Throne Of Glass` I will also not rate it or publish this anywhere else as a book review.




Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed. ❤

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17 thoughts on “The Reason Why I DNF´d `Throne Of Glass`- Sarah J. Maas

  1. I didn’t know DNF books shouldn’t be rated or reviewed.. One can rate on parts read and why it bored you to tears.
    I DNF but I rate and review… I try to skim read to see if gets better but on the whole, I feel there is nothing wrong if the book bores you. And you write that

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    1. I agree.💜 There is nothing wrong with reviewing a book you’ve dnf’d. Just as there’s nothing wrong with giving books 2 stars. The majority of this community would rather have you shut up about it than express your feelings. Which doesn’t make sense. Especially for a successful NYT bestselling author. I just have too many eyes on me atm and am choosing my words carefully 😉

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      1. Oooh I got the same brickbats for my review yesterday. I had people privately messaging me as to how I could not like the book… Hahaha.. I too want to like all books but I can’t… Well I try and then I write

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        1. Oh no! 😦 I´m sorry you had to deal with that. Isn´t it a shame people just can´t understand that not everyone will like every book they read? I´d never go that far and message someone because of a different opinion.


          1. Well I have heard publishers like bloggers who give the book 4 and 5 stars. Hence.. 🤷🏻‍♀️Everyone says honest review yet put a subtle pressure for a positive review…


  2. I personally enjoyed books 1 and 2 but the rest have been meh… and it’s sad because it could’ve been something big. I’m more interested in the side characters at this point than the one who started the whole series. I think DNF’ing and rating is fine, you aren’t ripping the author apart and explaining why it didn’t work for you. Not every book is for every person, we can’t do anything about that. I think a hundred pages is more than enough to decide if the book is for you or not 😀 great post!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Yeah, a hundred pages is kind of a lot but it helps me give the whole thing a chance. If the story were absolute crap I would definitely DNF before I hit the 100 mark but TOG wasn´t that. Exactly- As long as there´s still respect given despite the reasons for the DNF then things should be fine. You know, you´re the second person to say that the sub characters become more interesting. I, myself, had the same feeling while reading her ACOTAR books. I was dying to know more about her side characters than the MCs. ❤

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  3. The first book is the hardest to get through because it’s so different from the rest of the books. The praise for the series goes to books 2-7 not really the first one. Throne of Glass merely serves as the “pilot” book for the series. It seemed SJM wanted to test the waters before she continued unveiling her plans with this series. Also that love triangle stops come the second book so do not worry about that bleh. I recommend giving it another go sometime but start out from the point you DNFd so it seems shorter lol also I HATE THE COVERS I hope they come out with special editions one day

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    1. TBH- I can´t thank you enough for your comment. I take it you enjoyed the series… and you´re not wishing for me to suffer in the 7 pits of hell. ❤ I was absolutely terrified of receiving backlash because it´s a popular series. You really can´t be too careful with hyped books, you know?
      For some reason, that was the exact impression the first 100 pages gave me- That the author was dabbling into a new territory. Which isn´t a terrible thing, but it sometimes shows. A love triangle stops?! Girl, you´re killing me here. I LOVE love triangles ( if done properly, that is ) Lol. I think I´ll take your advice and get back to it another time. See if I can give it another go starting at the 100 page mark.

      YES! The covers need a makeover. They aren´t working AT ALL. It took me a long time to notice the neat front bad ass assassin then discover the backside chic assassin. But that didn´t make it better. Thank you for your comment. Really made my day ❤

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      1. The 6th book doesn’t even have the girl on it which breaks the uniformity of the whole series. Like what was the point then!??? Omg I’m so sorry! I hate love triangles! They make me so bleghhh like just get with a guy already dangit but it is done fairly well and the next love is great too.

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        1. HAHAHA. All´s good. No need to be sorry. I get why you´d not like love triangles. They´re truly not for everyone. 🙂 So, there´s more than one love interest? You do realize this is warming me up to the story again? 🙂 I just googled the covers- The Tower Of Dawn looks out of place. I´m with you on that one- What was the point of doing that? I had a cover discussion with a friend of mine earlier and she said those were pretty standard covers for the genre. I´m like – That can´t be. Lol.

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          1. They did that because Celaena isn’t in the book at all! It’s about the side characters. It’s literally just for fan service and not really anything too major plot wise but I loved it. And heck yes there are more love interests! The one in the second book is my favorite tho. A lot of people disagree but IDGAF


  4. I plan to try other book genres like this one, but now I am having a second thought. I always see this novel, with that cover, in my favorite bookstore and I also didn’t like it either. Nice review anyway.

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    1. Ooooh, never have second thoughts when wanting to try a different genre. In fact- I would highly recommend diving in to new genres every now and again. Definitely helps with book funks, etc. There are quite a few books in this category that are actually fantastic… this one was an exception. I can´t blame you for not liking the cover. It´s really not that great. Thank you for commenting. ❤

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  5. Now i wanna cry, maybe we should’ve started you from book 4 then. Honestly ToG is boring to me, but book 3 and onwards picked it all up for me. You find out why she’s the way she is in book 1 and 2, especially to that royal family because jfc….. the father is horrendous. I’m so sad, i’m giving up all hopes and just sitting in the corner wanting to die xD

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    1. DON`T CRY! 😦 You´re the third person who´s said that now and right now I´m beginning to wonder why I started with book 1 * hangs head * There will be no dying on my behalf, chici. Not because of a book! I will go on Amazon and get book #3 and #4. I´m determined to get to the bottom of this. ❤


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