The Art Of Surviving As A Book Blogger

And authors think they have a hard time. * snorts * Try asking some book bloggers how difficult they have it sometimes and I bet you´ll get a mile long list of things that have made their lives harder.

At some point, every book blogger is confronted with profession related difficulties. Whether it´s from simple human interaction or due to an occasional schedule hiccup… We struggle.

Kind of weird considering this book blogging business is “just” a hobby for the majority of us. A hobby that doesn´t pay ( much, if at all ). There are book bloggers that are actually making some bucks but the rest of us? We´re riding this train for fun.


So, where does the surviving part come in to all this? I´m glad you asked. Have a seat and a drink while I just unroll my trusty scroll. In all honesty though- How book bloggers survive completely depends on the book blogger. I cannot speak for everyone. Although, I might be able to speak for the majority of the book blogging community.


we survive 1

This might sound a little dramatic but there is no other way to describe what happens after we finish a book. It´s like being forced in to an open field where all sorts of emotions start to run lose. A book can evoke strong feelings from a reader and these feelings can leave invisible scars. Say you´ve read a beautiful book and it leaves you in a book funk. You´re ruined and can´t find the strength to touch another book. Or let´s say you´ve read the shittiest book EVER and feel like ranting about it. But hey, either way, you survive.




We survive 2

These questionable authors… Oh, how I´d love for them to all meet on a remote Island so they can have a go at each other instead of us having to deal with their unbelievable crap. You might not have had contact with a questionable author, but some of us blogging folk have. And it ain´t fun. Sometimes they´re picky, arrogant and so full of themselves. They can be demanding and exhausting. These authors are able to make book blogging less fun. Because questionable authors are down right rude. Hey, you want something from me? Be nice. Do you like my review but would like for me to rewrite it for whatever reason? Then write your own review.

Some things these questionable authors do often leave me speechless. Which isn´t easy to accomplish. But, hey… we always have the option to remove ourselves from the face of the earth and let them try finding someone else they can use if things don´t go as planned.




we survive 3

We might think we´re not in the limelight but sometimes we are. Aside from comments and the occasional like on our posts we have no way to track down who actually took their time to read our work. But we do find out when our posts are shared and analysed online. We also have friends who have friends who again, have friends. Word spreads fast and we eventually find out who´s been working the gossip mill. We all might be spread throughout the world but we´re still just a click away from one another. The internet has eyes, people. Never forget that.




we survive 4

Every book blogger can become a target for the angry fan mob. All it takes is a 3 star book review for their all time favorite book. There´s no point in hiding. These fanatics will find you  even if it´s the last thing they do. And when they find you, you have two options.

Option #1    Stand your ground and call up your inner William Wallace to defend your review.


Option #2     Run.


A combination of the two is also not a bad choice. First fight back then run away and hide. I´ve heard it works for some.

The important part is, though: We survive the angry literary fan base mob.




we survive 5

It´s quite an intimidating moment when a book blogger gives you ( wanted or unwanted ) feedback on your post. For most of the time the feedback us book bloggers receive is great. Words of encouragement are given, positive statements are left in the comments of our posts. But sometimes we publish things that strangely provoke other bloggers.

Here are a few totally random examples:

  • including pictures of animals ( it´s impolite )
  • using foul language  ( it´s fucking crude )
  • not having the right kind of empathy  ( it´s unacceptable and a crying shame )
  • not thinking in general  ( that´s what they think )

For whatever reason these book bloggers feel it´s their sole duty to lecture other book bloggers on book blogger etiquette ( as if there was such a thing ).

The self declared Lord Commanders of the Book Watch ( if you will ) are often more opinionated than any entertainment critic, dead or alive.  Yes, the idea of trying to give someone a lecture on how to go about things for a hobby that doesn´t require ANY type of qualification is ludicrous. Yet, it still happens to book bloggers.

And every time it happens we survive.




we survive 6

This sounds harmless, right? Well, it depends. We´re a busy bunch with having to juggle reading, writing reviews, reading ARCs, maintaining social contacts, working social media, etc etc. Blogging can get overwhelming. If we´re not super careful we can get carried away with adding new books and accepting cover reveal posts ( blog tours in general ). For some of us- Our biggest enemy is time and the fact that we´re constantly trying. Trying to squeeze in another post. Trying to do an author a favor. Trying to get those reviews up. One could say we try too hard. Because we don´t always succeed. Even with a packed schedule and the promise we made to include a cover reveal post for X author, we sometimes fail. This is because we´re only human. We fuck up. And we survive.

Of course there are well organized book bloggers who keep a well organized schedule. I´m not one of those. Are you?




we survive 7

This is not a book blogger´s fault. It´s the book that kept us up all night we should blame. “Just one more page / chapter.” and before we know it we hear birds announcing the ass crack of dawn. Some of us are able to survive on 2 hours of sleep. Some of us flip the clock off and start a new book ( because why the hell not? We technically have a good hour to spare before we hit the shower ). For reasonable people this is an unacceptable act that compares to idiocy but for us book people… We were able to get that page / chapter and so much more in, so we won at life.

The day might feel a little torturous for us but hey…. we´ll surive. We always do. There´s always the weekend to catch up on sleep, right?




we survive 8

With all the hard work book bloggers pour in to their hobby they don´t nearly receive the recognition they deserve. It doesn´t matter how big or small the book blog is or how well known they are –  the one thing that´s important is always missing.

Even if us book blogging folk love our hobby there´s no ignoring the position we are in.

We´re the middle men in this book universe, sandwiched between publishers / authors and the consumer. Money is always flowing around us, just not close enough for us to have our share. The publisher / author wants to make money and the comsumer spends money that travels over our heads and straight towards the publisher / author. For some strange reason money is not an option for the hard workers who read and recommend day and night.

But other things are. Book bloggers might not bathe in cash but they´re sometimes showered with books or other book related items as a token of appreciation for the love, sweat and energy given.

Just as important is the lack of verbal recognition. This doesn´t apply to every single person because some people actually share posts from fellow bloggers and even authors do a quick shout out for a book blogger. Which is wonderful. But it´s like a drop on a hot stone. More authors need to help spread the word. Sometimes book blogging feels like a one way street. More publishers should go out of their way and mention book bloggers in public more. This might not feed a book blogger but it´s balm for their souls to see their work has been noticed by the people who´re indirectly making money off them.

With all that book bloggers experience it´s safe to say, no matter what we´re confronted with, we always survive. How do we do it? Sadly enough, not many of us aren´t able to deal with these things and end up quitting book blogging. As for the rest who remain: we ignore, we drink cocktails or have late night snacks to digest it all. Or, we just read and more foward.


Is there something you would like to add to this list? Do you agree with these points? Let´s chat ❤



Thank you so much for taking your time to read The Art Of Surviving As A Book Blogger.

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19 thoughts on “The Art Of Surviving As A Book Blogger

  1. Bwahahahaha!😂😂😂😂 Blogging feedback and empathy, oh my!🤣🤣🤣

    Swearing is crude? Fuck that shit! You don’t like swearing, don’t read the post or follow the blogger, simple.👍

    Ha, authors, I like twat authors, gives me something to moan about.😂

    Lack of recognition actually sucks. It’s generally the same few all the time who get praise and shouted about and most others, who are just as deserving get nothing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😂 Yupp. The empathy thing IS a thing. Next time I’ll record a video to show my empathy. Which could also lead to my next problem- major resting bitch face/aloofness/ etc. Don’t think I can ever win that one.

      Swear words: so agree. 🤜🤛

      Oh oh oh- there’s a huge difference between a twat author and an asshole. Twat authors are truly entertaining.

      You’re so right. I’ve been noticing this pattern ( same few getting the most shout outs and recognition) and it’s disheartening. Despite all the efforts with tagging the shit out of an author, the 10 spotlights given, posting reviews everywhere there’s often not even a thank you. It shouldn’t be that way. We should start a “give a book blogger a hug” campaign, or something.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very true, it sucks, it perhaps shouldn’t but you can’t help but notice it when it is the same few over and over who get the praise and plaudits and the author fawns over the review yet others go completely ignored.

        Ha, give a book blogger a hug campaign! Lol! Don’t think that’d be a winner somehow, not where we are concerned, we are like naughty bloggers and the normal lot wouldn’t approve, then someone would get offended, then panties would get bunched and then apologies would be expected and zero fucks would be given.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh no no. It should be shouted out to the world that book bloggers feel neglected / wronged and even ignored. It sounds like we’re complaining but the reality is not us complaining- it’s wanting a fair shot. This is like picking a favorite child/pet. You give em all love instead of praising one and ignoring the other. I’m totally for this campaign😂. Just needs another name.

          As for the bloggers who wouldn’t approve of such kindness ( from which they would also gain from )… they can go to a place where the sun doesn’t shine. There are many of us out there… more than you could imagine.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I agree, it’s not complaining and there is nothing wrong with wanting a fair shot. I think it’s how it makes you feel too, ya know? You din’t get noticed, no-one bothers with your reviews and it makes you question why you bother. I read fantasy and at times, it sucks as no-one seems to care about your opinion unless you are one of the big websites/blogs and apart from the size of the blog there is no difference between me and them, our views are both valid, etc yet it feels like there is no point in reviewing because you get ignored. They like a book, it must be wonderful, they dislike it, it must be crap. You review it, no-one cares as no-one knows who you are, fuck that shit.

            Lol, I can only imagine what place that would be!

            ha, not sure that they would gain as they are usually the one’s who get recognition, etc and then state that they don’t do it for the recognition.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I think the demand for reviews has died down a little since many reviews are from readers who are constantly triggered.

              Book bloggers from all genres are suffering. Do you know which book bloggers get the recognition? The ones who don´t talk. The ones who keep their opinions to themselves. From a professional aspect, that´s a clever thing to do. But personally I find these book blogs a tad impersonal. Read / follow a blog because that person is interesting and has something valuable / random to say, you know?

              There are people who care about your opinion. I certainly do. And many others do as well. But I definitely get what you´re saying. There are ways, though, to get through. Ways I´ve ignored because it´s just too exhausting to deal with. ( I´ve become a lazy shit ). I say we should create a book hugging campaign. Lol.

              Yes, that special place…. it´s pretty damn dark there. HAHAHAHA.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. The one’s who don’t talk, the one’s who keep their opinions to themselves, the one’s otherwise known as the boring bland send you to sleep vanilla bloggers.😂

                Yeah, you are right.👍 From a professional aspect it makes perfect sense.

                Yeah, I get what you mean. I follow quite a few blogs in genres I don’t read because of the blogger. They have something valuable or random to say and they have personality to them and in their posts too which makes their posts interesting and fun to read. You can share banter and have a laugh with them too unlike the more stuffy stuck up ones.

                I am a lazy shit too! I can’t be arsed with their ways, I’ll stick with being me and just moaning about it whilst writing what shit I want.

                Oh my, dark and damp, possibly moist too in that cavernous hole.😂😂😂

                I’m game for that!👍 A book blogger hugging campaign. If it fails it could turn into a slap the twat campaign.😂😂😂


                1. Send you to sleep vanilla bloggers? * DYING*

                  Maybe we should create 2 groups. 1 for the huggers and the second for the moan friendly bunch like ourselves. HAHAHAHA.

                  A moist cavernous hole? You mean to say it´s damp up there? Possibly warm and squishy too? What the others might think of such a welcoming gesture? LMAO

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Well, yeah, ya know, some are rather boring, bland and vanilla.😂💤😂💤

                    Yeah, bound to be damp, squishy too. Probably also with a bit of seepage and a fusty dank odour too.😂

                    The moan friendly fucking awesome group.👍 Alas, we couldn’t create two groups because that would imply division and according to many there is no division in the community.😂

                    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry wasn’t finished ( damn fat finger syndrome🙈) I agree. We’re all adults ( at least I hope adults are following me. Lol ) I have little to no time to fish around for synonyms. It’s hard enough avoiding certain words/much loved phrases when the kids are around, you know?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes my favorite phrase when the kids are around is Fudge and Cookies and they have picked it up when they are mad they now say it! Heaven forbid I use a swear word because it will be all over the elementary school … lord save me!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This was quite interesting. I started blogging some years ago but wasn’t a “book blogger”. Then I stopped because I didn’t like how things were going (read: how I was running the show). So starting over I’m going ahead with saying my blog will be a book blog (among other things) therefore I will be a book blogger.

    Point is I don’t know just yet about the life of a book blogger but I can appreciate the things you’ve experienced. Don’t know if the negative attention is worth it for you but sounds like you’re tough and hey at least you’ve got people’s attention right!? :/

    The experience I do have is obviously with reading and how the heck to get all this reading done while not neglecting EVERYTHING ELSE. I also know that writing posts, especially reviews because I don’t think mine are so awesome, can cause anxiety. All that hoping you don’t sound like a duntz.

    Props to you for surviving! Inspiration for the rest [of us].

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naaw. You know what? I think you´d survive as a book blogger, too. The negative attention will always be there, no matter what you write about and how diplomatic you try to be- There will aways be a selected few asshats.

      Anxiety because you think your reviews aren´t awesome? Show me one person who´s reviews are actually amazing- There´s no such thing. Reviews are unique. Everyone has their own signature and either someone else likes it or not. 🙂

      Oh hun, welcome to the world of book blogging- The place where people struggle to find time to read and review and juggling life. LMAO. It´s a real struggle. Sometimes I don´t know up from down when it comes to my blog. If I survived I´m sure you will too 🙂


  3. You know, on #2 – i always feel a bit weirded out when authors directly contact me to ask if i’d read their stuff. To me it feels like something that shouldn’t happen. Like, i should be picking their book from Netgalley, or maybe their publisher or whoever should contact me, but not them. I mean, i don’t see Stephen King knocking on anyone’s virtual door…

    #5 i haven’t encountered it personally, but yea, i see it all around. Not thinking and lacking empathy is super annoying, and i got no patience for it.
    Lord commanders of the Book Watch should find a useful hobby…

    #7 i always go into a good book with the intention to read till late, but usually end up passing out at 10pm anyway 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But wouldn’t it be awesome if Stephen King knocked on our virtual door? I get what you mean, though. For me it feels like authors ( not all ) are being pushy.

      Be happy you haven’t been confronted with #5. Oh yes. The book watch needs a productive hobby- and they have so many choices to pick from, too. Helping starving kids, pick up the bag of rice that fell over in China,… so many possibilities. Lol.

      I hear you! I fight exhaustion and eventually pass out too. 😂


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