The Art Of Pointing Fingers At Book Bloggers


It is advised to leave all pitch forks at the doorstep of this blog. Thank you.


Maybe the title of this blog post should be “The Art Of Calling People Out On Their Shit” because it truly suits the purpose of this post much better. Or perhaps I should turn this post into a ” How To Start A Bookish Witch Hunt” guide…. Not sure.

Either way- I saw something ( again ) that caught my interest.

I know, I know. Wasn´t it just a few weeks ago when I spotted the last bookish faux pas? It was and it pains me to point out the latest ( and loudest ) tactless acts in this oh so love – sharing book community done by certain online personalities.



So many people believe us book loving folks are harmless introverts who mind our own business because our noses are constantly stuck in book cracks. We´re all clones of 1970´s librarians. The reality, though, is that we´re just as human as non readers are, and therefore behave like normal everyday people ( unless we´re reading. Then I can´t guarantee what us book people are capable of ). Some of us are genuine and nice and others are just mean shits with too much time on their hands.


So, the other day I spotted quite a few posts on how people didn´t quite approve of  Instagrammers “fake coffee”.



Instagrammers creating fake coffee for pics? Does this mean someone´s trying to sell us all a lie? You mean to tell me, ME, that there ain´t no coffee in those wonderful mug pics I see all the time?



Well, no, Bitch…. I´m not shook. Not in the slightest. It´s no secret that most Instagram coffee shots don´t have actual coffee in them. Seeing recent posts from quite a few book – people bitch over this matter wasn´t earth shattering. Just simple complaints over the fact that the world is sneaky and corrupt. I can live with that.

But here´s where it gets interesting:

The more complaints I saw the more every complaint sounded like they came from frustrated people. Some even went as far and virtually pointed fingers at certain book bloggers who openly discussed their bookstagram / coffee voodoo. And the more I investigated the more I spotted  hurt people ratting out other people by adding blog links.



Really? Is this what we´ve reduced ourselves to? ( not including myself here ) Complaining about fake coffee and trying to put others on the spot for doing so?




Soph Is Blogging published a blog post on Bookstagrammers And Their Fake Coffee and even cared enough to reveal her own secrets on how to create great coffee dupes for the ever unforgiving Instagram ( I am mentioning Soph because a link to her blog was posted by one of the many complainants ).

You can tell her post was created to act as a little guide on how to do the fake coffee trick. I don´t know about you but I find this extremely interesting, even as a non coffee drinker. In no way is this a terrible thing. Soph is welcoming others to do the same.

I was always aware of the fact that something wasn´t 100% right with those Insta- coffee pics but I also never cared enough to dig deeper into matter. Because I´m not passionate enough about it but I still find it really cool to find out how coffee dupes are made.

Here´s the thing- Fake coffee is nothing different from the beautiful pimped burgers in Tv commercials. Am I sad about it? No, not really. Soph is more or less offering her pics to her fans / followers, presenting them with something that looks stunning. It´s her creation and she´s spending time getting something up that´s perfect for her.

Now, this doesn´t mean I´m a fan of fake coffee pics. This just means I don´t care enough about them.

I, too, fake some of my Instagram pics and like Soph… I´m not making a secret out of it. Because it should go without saying that most Instagram shots don´t resemble reality. I certainly don´t always have a mug near me when I´m reading. And I sure as hell don´t set my book down and keep it in that position when I´m reading. I don´t even read near the window because my window sills ( as lovely as they are ) don´t allow comfortable seating. My bones would protest after 30 minutes! But my window sill does work wonders for Bookstagram pics. So does the forest in my back yard, and trust me on this one… I do NOT go there for random chapter reads ( mainly due to ticks, boars, foxes, and random creeps. What can I say? I´m careful and shit). Safety is high on my life list so whatever I do with books for Instagram- It´s not what I usually do.

For example: I don´t have chilled walks in the middle of a normally busy road with a book in hand.

And my Disney moment in the woods? Yeah. It´s fake.



My point is- Bookstagram pictures are often staged shots. And that´s okay. Because that´s what Instagram has become- A place to show off creativity. It is not a place where “shallow”  people ( as one complainant kindly stated ) play.

Which brings me to my next point ( and this will not be a popular opinion ) :

I´m for naming this child by its name: People who complain about fake coffee are envious. Or (!!!) they feel like they´ve been cheated on by society. Because I´m positive these complaints don´t come from a place of awe and appreciation.

It´s the same thing with children during art class. There´s always one special booger who will call out on the one artsy kid who dared to cheat the system by taking their wet paint brush and letting it glide over the colored pencil drawing to create a watercolor effect instead of using normal watercolors.

Yes, sometimes bookstagrammers can make other bookstagrammers feel inadequate. But that´s entirely up to the bookstagrammer to see the difference between reality and a lie. Once a person whines about something being “unfair” and “makes their lives difficult” then it´s no one elses problem but theirs. These people have no right to complain over peanuts.

I create “fake” ( although, I´m still having troubles seeing the fake aspect of all this ) because I want to challenge myself. Can I be as creative as…. ? Can I do that too? What if I recreated that Christmas book tree? And I even publish my failures and include the tutorial that led to the failure.

For someone to point their finger at a book blogger  for wanting to be helpful and even share a link to publicly put said book blogger on display ( also hoping to find sympathizers afterwards ) is not the way to go about things in this book community.

No one likes a tattletale, especially when it´s done on the internet. Because that shit can backfire.


If you feel I´ve addressed you in particular then I´m sorry I won´t be able to help you. This is a beautiful yet tough love community. Pull those big girl panties up and move on because there are larger issues to tackle in this neck of the woods ( such as self published authors and their sky high book prices ).



Hurt bookstagrammers, offended book people and the literary sheriffs are able to collect their pitch forks again. Make sure to direct yourselves in the direction of your usually prefered hangouts to discuss this matter in private. Thank you.  


Should you be like me and feel utterly annoyed by this issue ( tbh- it´s bugging the shit out of me ) then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Imma dying to see what your thoughts on fake coffee are and if you think it´s okay to point fingers at others publicly.

And and and * waves hands enthusiastically * IF you´re against fake coffee, and you´re willing to have a civilized conversation about it, then please give us annoyed foot folk some insight on what exactly annoys you about the subject. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

With that being said…. I bid you all a farewell, my dear bookish Padawans. May the literary force be with you.

Much love,

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25 thoughts on “The Art Of Pointing Fingers At Book Bloggers

  1. I’m neither here nor there when it comes to ‘faking’ stuff for instagram. People have been staging photos since *forever* and it’s just A Thing That Happens.

    The thing I do find odd is why not just use actual coffee? I saw a comment somewhere about not wanting to waste a cup of proper coffee, but then went on to list a variety of alternatives which seemed like more work! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree. Staged photos aren’t uncommon. They should be either appreciated or ignored.
      And yes, lol. It is indeed odd to not use actual coffee. It doesn’t quite make sense for someone not to want to waste coffee but then have no problems wasting coke or soy sauce. But to each is their own. If it works for them they have my mental support. Thank you for commenting. I really appreciated it. Hope you have a lovely day. 😊

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  2. I am shooketh. Honestly. What? How was this even a thing that people got riled at? Fake coffee?? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or throw the laptop out the window. I give up. If this is something that’s actually been raised by a person or people, then seriously, they need to read a newspaper, or watch the news on the TV or internet because REALLY there are much bigger things going on in the world. Never once have I looked at a Bookstagram post and thought ‘I wonder if that’s real coffee? I hope it’s real coffee! If it’s not, I may have to find this Bookstagrammer and shoot them into outer space until they see the error of their ways’ HAHAHAHA. Dear goodness. I have seen it all now.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. 😂😂😂 I’ve been asking myself the same questions, Muchacha. Life is too short. But I am disappointed you haven’t shown more interest for Instagrams fake coffee on Instagram. 😂🤦‍♀️ and you’re wrong- you haven’t seen it all yet. Trust me- there’s more to come soon… eventually. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. * picks up pitchfork & smooths down t-shirt that reads ‘cute but psycho’ *

    So… first of all, how is this even a thing?! I mean, LOL!! I don’t want to come across like someone who doesn’t care about anything, but most of these things people whine about all the time couldn’t interest me less. I don’t even have the words… I imagine these people sitting there zooming in on other people’s pictures, analyzing whether the coffee is fake or real. Jeez.

    Also, Morgana, i have to say i’m very disappointed you didn’t stand in the middle of a highway with your book. I mean, that’s just basic! 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 😂 Can you imagine someone actually zooming in on coffee pics? That’s like a new level of weird. I seriously don’t know how these people come up with the time to think about this. Here I thought I had problems. This is just another reason to stay indoors and avoid the special type of stupid that’s stupider than the normal stupid.

      * hangs head in shame * I know. * sniffles * I can’t help being basic. 😂 I try not to. But there’s always a voice shouting ” get off the fucking road!” And I’m like “huh?” Then I realize my dare devilish side is not appreciated on the highway. I don’t do it anymore because I fear of cans being thrown at me in a drive by 😂😂.

      Btw- I saw that pitch forks pick up move you did. Very elegant, I must say, how you smoothed your cute but psycho shirt out too. 😉💓

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hehehe 😀

        But yea, for real. I barely find the time to even quickly scroll through insta or twitter and the likes.
        My BF pointed out yesterday that i tend to over-analyze things. I told him i’m nowhere near the level of these people. Poor dude looked so confused 😀

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Hahahaha. They all look confused when they can´t see our point. I understand you, though. I´m an over thinker and tend to think about certain things to death. But I´m nowhere near the crazy level some over thinkers have. Oh yes, I totally get you on the barely finding time to scroll through any platform. How these questionable analysers do it is just amazingly spooky. Like- How?

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  4. Handled in a highly tactful and ladylike manner.😂😜

    I have no pitch fork, I’m not a bumpkin nor a farmer to carry one and you don’t bring a pitchfork to a gun fight anyway.😂🔫

    Well, well, well! I gotta ask, I saw this post on FB this morning in a group. Only a couple of people had commented on the link but oh boy, it seemed to be stirring the pot!🍯😂 Did the post get deleted? Did you get banned? Did you sit back and laugh?🤔😂

    Eurgh, at least you didn’t call it bullying! I’m involved and I refute it was bullying. At least on my part, I was my usual gentlemanly, suave and debonair self in the comments….yeah, I’m not buying that either, I just made some sarcastic comments which is my usual contribution to most things, sit in the corner, drink and take the piss out of everyone.😂

    Self published authors have to have sky high prices, gotta pay for their top quality covers somehow!😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. * bows elegantly * thank you. 😉 You don’t bring a pitch forks to a gun fight? Oh come on. Where’s the fun without pitch forks? 😂😂

      Well, you saw correctly. And yeah, a couple of people commented, rather rudely, in my humble opinion. But Hey, it’s not like I can’t take that type of blow. I knew it was coming so I got my big girl panties on and waited with my nutella bread. The comments weren’t bullying. So you kept track of the comments on that thread? I swear, there are quite a few very.. uuhm.. unhappy individuals. Not my fault they felt pissed on. I can stand by what I said and won’t bulge. I didn’t offend anyone. I didn’t do jack shit. 😂 yet I was told I was offensive. Did you see the part where I offered to have myself kicked out? Don’t like my shit or if you try to shit on me twice.. why put up with me, you know? I deleted my own post because one Chica began to nit pick and analyse my post ( not my blog post. The group post + comments ) and I was here thinking ” Oh for fucks sake. I’m too old for this shit. Discuss with me all you want. See if I care. But don’t start looking for shit that isn’t there.”

      I’ll eventually leave the group. Whatever I post from now on will cause a shit storm anyways unless I post a review or apologize 500x in advance for having an opinion in the first place. That’s not my style. 😂😂 And not worth my time.

      Self published authors gotta pay for their quality covers!!! Dude, absolutely true.😂😂😂🤜🤛

      Thank you for taking your time to comment. Fully appreciate it.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m a dude, someone might try and stick a pitchfork where the sun don’t shine!☀️😂 That’s why they are a no no!😜

        Sadly, no, I saw the post in the FB group in the morning and the couple of comments that had been written in reply to it and then read the actual blog post later in the day when I had time to actually read it.👍 Of anyone was keeping track and creeping around, it wasn’t me. Sounds like I should have made an effort to go back and check for comments later in the day though! Would have given me a giggle by the sounds of it, a right proper shit storm.😂 Stir the group up.

        Ha, who wants to apologise anyway, apologising is over-rated and annoying people is fucking funny, obviously that wins out!😂

        Liked by 2 people

        1. You gotta live a little on the dangerous side, my friend. * wink * If someone ever tries shoving one up the good old mochaccino cave then you definitely can return the favor. It´s always tit for tat… 🙂

          I guess you can say I didn´t stir the pot, I just delivered the pot and let the others stir it. LMAO. Yeah, no kidding. They went at my post and I am 100% sure 2 out of the 4 commenters hadn´t read the blog post at all.

          I was asked if I had nothing better to write about? That I should just read some “fucking” books. And that I offended people. Very polite piranha welcoming committee. :-). 1 out of the 3 was civilized. The rest…. Dear Jesus on a popsicle. Next time I´ll have to prepare with a bottle of wine. And next time you need to stick my. Lol.

          Pfft. I don´t want to come across as arrogant but- I hate apologizing for unnecessary shit just to pacify someone´s mood. Makes me ill. But if I do apologize then it´s most likely a sarcastic one. Bah, you should have been there. Lol. You´d have had a field trip.

          At least I know now it doesn´t take much to annoy certain ladies. LMAO. God, what a short fuse some have.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hhhmm…..if anyone tries to shove something up my moccachino cave then I won’t be held responsible for the consequences and my actions.😂

            Ha, I suppose that’s a good way of putting it! Next time I’m accused of shit stirring I’ll tell them I simply delivered the pot, others stirred it.😂

            Hang on, they swore!? In the comments! Well shit! I got pulled up for swearing in a thread in that group once for using the most awesome of swear words, cunt.😂😂😂

            Totally agree, apologising for unnecessary stuff ain’t on and sarcasm all the way.👍 Though, what’s better is a really contrite and sincere apology, make it long and melodramatic and then end the post with ‘you thought I was serious, fuck you I’m not apologising’ .😂

            Oh, even I could have told you that and you got it wrong, they don’t have a short fuse, they were triggered!😂😂😂

            Liked by 2 people

            1. 🙂 Yupp. Because you gotta see things positive. You never start shit. You just deliver the pot. Lol.

              Oooooh, that´s a good one. Evil, but clever. lol. Never thought to use that kind of an apology / non apology.

              Och, cunt. A term I´m all too familiar with. Been called a cunt for posting a review although I was asked not to. It´s when I´m called an “ignorant cunt” is when I stand and yell “I OBJECT!” LMAO.

              I think the book blog world needs to start handing out vacations for book bloggers.

              Liked by 1 person

  5. Hahahahahaha. Shoot I wish I had time to be on instagram, create pics, or even freaking care! LOL. Seriously???? Do these ppl not have lives to live and books to read? reviews to write? How can this even be a thing? Me? I love my coffee far too much to leave it to get cold trying to take a picture. So I’ll insta-fudge any coffee pics if I ever do get around to doing that booksatgram thingy-ma-jig. What’s the link for tehhow-to page again? 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Wow…huh…yeah, wow… I’m not on Instagram per se so this is news to me. But not people faking stuff, I mean isn’t that the nature of the game? And every game out there? Music. TV. Movies. Photography. On and on? What bothers me is people who fake weight loss or fitness results. A cup of coffee is a prop. Unless you’re trying to sell me that coffee, in which case that’s no different than, like you said, the sandwich commercial, wait…EVERY FN FOOD COMMERCIAL OUT THERE! I was just recently complaining about this. Isn’t that false advertising? Because that is NOT the sandwich I’m going to get. Okay I’m ranting…

    I’ll leave it be after one more remark: isn’t the point of bookstagram the books?

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting post. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Of course, it’s false advertising to try to sell a product you won’t likely get. You’ll get the burger just not the commercial burger. 🤷‍♀️ although, I was at mcdonalds the other day ( out of town ) and got a relatively nice looking burger. Maybe someone was trying to recreate the commercial one. Lol.

      Yes, you’re right. A cup of coffee is a prop. I have yet to see an Instagram pic that offers real coffee for the sake of selling real coffee.
      Btw- rant away! 😉 helps to let off some steam.

      And yes!!! The point of bookstagram IS books!! Thank you for pointing that one out.

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