Sunshine Blogger Award

Woop Woop!

Hugs and virtual chocolates go out to Norrie @ Reading Under The Blankie for nominating me to participate in the Sunshine Blogger tag. I shall do my bestest of bestest to answer all questions provided by Her Blankie Majesty….


Here we go…..


#1    Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes and no. Let´s just say I get spooked easily and I also have a wild imagination. I´m also a chicken shit when I´m alone at night. I once nearly attacked my own reflection with a baseball bat. ( The Tv was off, the lights were dimmed, I was reading while husbutt was out. I had my trusty baseball bat at my side. I turned a page from my book, saw from the corner of my eye my own reflection in the Tv and got armed.) IF I´d believe in ghosts I´d seriously be fucked with a baseball bat. I don´t believe though, so…



#2    Have you ever sneaked out of the house to go to a party in your wild teen years?

Guilty on multiple accounts. I was successful for most of the time, too. It all slowed down when I once tried climbing out of my window ( at age 16 ) and spotted my mom standing under my window with her arms crossed, just waiting for me. You can´t imagine how fast I fell back into my room. Then my sneaking out of the house days stopped when ( at age 18 ) when I had one admirer in the livingroom and one at the front door. My only option was to escape through my bedroom window again. Fuckers both caught me. I gave up afterwards.


#3    What´s your take on flowery food? (Lavender biscuits, wild flowers in salads, and so on). Yey or nay?

Sure, why not? Flowery foods wouldn´t be my first pick off the menu but I´d never say no if I were invited to a flowery food dinner party.



#4    What’s a book that you thought was kind of trashy but you still enjoyed?

That would be Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Omg, that book was just so trashy in a college trashy over exaggerated way but I still enjoyed it. Even grab it for occasional reread sessions.



#5     Imagine it’s time for a cookie. Do you dip it in milk, sip coffee with it, or munch on it in its dry glory?

I like my cookies sand – paper – dry.



#6     Would you say you are a morning person?

I´m happy I don´t kill myself in the morning by accident. That´s the only thing I´m happy about and it´s the only happy thought I harbor until lunch.



#7     Winter sports. Yey or nay?

I hate to say nay because winter sports are kind of cool in their own right… So, I´ll say this: Sports indoors, during the winter are awesome.



#8     Has it ever happened that you liked a film or series adaptation of a book? If so, which book was it?

I can´t think of one. There probably is…



#9     Do you find house chores (cleaning, dish-washing, etc.) relaxing, or necessary evil?

Depends on the room. The kitchen is an evil place so naturally, everything happening there is always evil and designed to make my life a living hell. I do find mopping floors relaxing and oh so satisfying.



#10     Do you chill in your pjs all day when you don’t need to leave the house?



#11     What was the last book that knocked your socks off?

That would be The Book Of Love, by Fionnuala Kearney. Still can´t get over it.


That´s it, dear bookish Chicititas. I hope you enjoyed. ❤

Now let´s see what Aurora LibrialisSuzieyBrina, and Nina have to say about these wonderful Q´s. No pressure, loves….. ❤ Get ready for Life´s Favorites…

#1 What´s your favorite era / decade? Why?

#2 What´s your least favorite genre to read? Why?

#3 What´s your favorite day of the week?

#4 What´s your favorite movie / Show? Why?

#5 What´s your favorite song?

#6 Who´s your favorite literary villain?

#7 Do you sing along with your favorite song when you hear it?

#8 Your favorite author has retired. What would you do to get him/ her to write a book just for you?

#9 Who´s your favorite person?

#10 Would you rather ride your favorite bike or drive your favorite car?


8 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Aw, thanks for answering!
    We have a lot in common with regards to winter sports and getting spooked. I’m still laughing as i imagine you attacked your reflection. I never got that far, but last week i was alone and someone knocked on the door after 9 pm and i was frozen, and just held my breath till they left. I was convinced it was some psycho murderer. 😂

    Love the sneak out story!!! Haha 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. EEEEP! I react the exact same way when someone knocks on my door at night and I´m alone! You have my full sympathy for reacting like that. 🙂 Pfft. Yeah, you can´t really leave me to fend for myself. I even throw empty laundry baskets in the basement when I´m doing laundry and husbutt´s out. I just need a noise and I become a pathetic ninja who believes a laundry basket will kill a psycho murderer. So, I feel your pain.
      God, the sneak out phase was fun. lol. Did you sneak out a lot?
      🙂 You asked the right questions… I had to answer them. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! I actually never sneaked out 😀 We lived on the first floor in a block of flats, so it was kind of mission impossible. My mum was quite relaxed tho, so from when i was around 16, i was allowed to go out, so i was actually fine 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. But I can’t hope to compare to these hilarious answers. LOL. Sneaking out the house is crazy funny! And who the heck doesn’t stay in their PJs if they can stay home all day?!
    Will give the tag a shot…. soon…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naaaw, trust me, my hilarious experiences weren´t hilarious at the time. Lol. Right? A day at home is like a silent invitation for wearing PJs 24/7 🙂 YAY! Can´t wait to read your answers. No pressure, though. Get to them when you find time. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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