Thank The Books It´s Friday

Well, what do ya know… It´s our favorite day of the week- FRIDAY! A good enough reason to unleash the Friday squirrel.

squirrel fuck

With desperate squirrel out of the way I´d say it´s time to talk about what´s happened this week.




  1.   I discovered that fantasy author Sherrilyn Kenyon suspects her husband poisoned her. Well, this news popped up around mid January but I just found out. That´s some creepy shit right there, if you ask me. Looks like her hubby is a real piece of work. The article here states that he´s done it for financial gain and to ruin her career.  I guess hubby´s not that clever. If he wants financial gain then he shouldn´t want to ruin her career. What an eejit. Give her chocolate then divorce her. And to think her husband´s a lawyer. * snorts *


2.   Authors bribing fans to leave reviews on Amazon with Kindles. This is old as fuck. The only difference between the review begging from then and now is that it´s NOW happening publicly, whereas back in the day authors would offer Kindles and stuff within closed social media groups. I really don´t know how to feel about this. I´m torn between wanting to applaud authors for having the guts to bribe and wanting to flat out tell them you can´t buy reviews ( well, technically… you can but that´s not the point ). Oh, and to also exclude book bloggers from said bribery. Da fuq?


3.   My apocalyptic BookTube project is launching Monday, 11. Feb. 2019. YAY!


4.   More Netgalley approvals came through.

Not sure when I´ll be able to read all the Netgalley gems but Imma hoping it´ll happen this year. Just the thought of it is giving me heartburn.


5. My youngest daughter ( 7 ) finished reading her first book. 50 pages! It took her some time but she made it. Her final thoughts ( and I quote ): “The book was stupid.


6. Unsuccessful book hunt. Seems like authors are either extremely busy writing or they´re having a creative break at the moment. Aside from Netgalley. That place is buzzing with life.


7. I received an early birthday gift from my mother. A biography called

`Going Gray: What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, And Everything Else That Really Matters`. Lord, is that title a mouthful.

Going Grey

At first I thought she had bought the book for herself- I was wrong. She actually believes I´m counting my days. Not funny, Mom. But ( !!! ) Two can play this game and I so happen to be good at it. Soon my mom will be the new and proud owner of `Nursing Home Ninjas`

Nursing Home Ninjas


That´s it for the week. For next week I´m expecting a few days with a little more adventure or excitement. Fingers crossed.


How was your week? What plans do you have for the weekend? Let´s chat!


I hope you all have a safe weekend and enjoy whatever you have planned. ❤

See you all on Mug Monday!

Much love,

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9 thoughts on “Thank The Books It´s Friday

  1. I just love this post! The squirrels 🐿 made my day. Furthermore, my son turns 8 tomorrow and has requested ‘chapter books’… this should be interesting and if he completes them I’ll be ecstatic even if he says they were shit! Happy Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha. That´s exactly how I reacted. I was over the moon with happiness when she stood before me with her hand on her hip. HAHA. I was like “Baby! you read your first book! The first of many!” Hahaha. And then she was like “There are more stupid books?” HAHAHAHA. “Yes, kid, So many more.” HAHAHA. What an exciting moment when your kid reads chapter books for the first time. 🙂 I hope he enjoys his book. And a Happy Birthday to him 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She sounds like a superstar!
        Thank you, I shall pass that onto the not so little man. He has made it to chapter 6 already today! Yas! Go you little champion!


  2. OMG Nursing Home Ninja’s that is the best!! Well a couple of us have some sort of head colds in our house, go figure. I’m pretty sure I have tendonitis in my arm from exercising or laundry I’m not sure (that’s up for debate). I successfully picked up the eldest Birthday cupcakes for his little party this weekend. Which is a huge deal since I found a specialty bakery to make dairy & gluten free cupcakes that don’t look like mom decorated them 😀 Mind you his bday isn’t for a couple weekends but we have tons of Dance Competitions coming up so he had to celebrate early 😀 Normal mom life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A perfectly normal mom life! Your son dances? How awesome is that?! 🙂 I couldn´t even pay my girls to swing their hips. :-/ I´m like ” Please, stop being your father!” Lol. Naaw, but aren´t the mom decorated cakes the best? We invest so much love in “trying” and our failure is always appreciated with a luke warm “that´s great, mom.” I feel you for getting the cupcakes from the bakery. I hope he has a wonderul early birthday party 🙂 Tendonitis is painful 😦 So hope you´re not dealing with that. Head colds…. yeah, I have one suspect on the sofa now complaining about a near death experience and that it´s my fault because I scrubbed the house with Lysol. The lack of germs have prevented his immune system to build resistance. Uugh. Can I come live with you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HahHah I do have one of the two boys dancing right now all three kids danced at one point! But it’s my daughter who is on the competition team… the eldest boy used to be on the competition team until he decided basketball was better 🤷‍♀️ now the youngest still does hip hop for now… my daughter though dance = life! Hahaha sure if you enjoy craziness you can move in!


  3. Ahaha… your daughter is funny, and a potential book blogger material for sure! Sorry her first book sucked :/ One day she’ll learn the power of DNF and will be unstoppable!

    Criminal hubby is clearly stupid. Kinda reminds me of this book i read recently where a detective said 90% of criminals are just stupid shits, not intelligent masterminds 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO. I agree with that statement. I mean- IF there were intelligent criminals wouldn´t they have succeeded? DNFing. Yes, my older daughter broke the “news” to my youngest that she could have just stopped reading. I swear, you could tell by the look on her face that a whole new world had just opened for her.

      TBH- I can see her being a vicious book blogger one day * face palm * “That was shit. This is utter preposterous bullshit. Shit left and right. I refuse to work like this. I´m fucking done.”

      And the older one would be like ” Yeah, no. Not for me. Maybe the author needs to give up? Just a thought. Would definitely do the world a great service.”

      ( PS- The kids are unmistakenly mine. Now you can see what my review drafts look like )

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