Mug Monday & Birthday Month

Welcome back to Mug Monday! So glad you decided to pop in and see what new news I have in store for you.

Let´s get my well-being out of the way before we start this explosive post.

I have the flu…. again. It´s like this never ending nightmare that comes back. I´m a clever one, though. I figured out WHY i´m being attacked by viruses or germs. My girls drag it home from school. I swear on all that´s pink and fluffy, some parents need to learn to NOT send their little angels little shits little precious mini me´s to school when they´re sick. I´m slowly fed up and will probably end up contacting the school principal if this shit continues. Not that she will do anything…. But complaining does improve my mood.

I´ve been successfully living off soup, crackers, dry toast, tea, water and of course… I live in a sea of Kleenex. Fun times.

I wish I had a bathrobe like that.

Back to the topic:

It´s February. This might not mean much in general, other than it´s still winter. But for me, February means much more. It´s my birth month. In a few days from now I get to spend the one and only day of the year being pampered and get showered with Amazon gift cards ( because for some reason my family doesn´t believe in gifting Amazon gift cards on Christmas ).

It´ll be a one man fest ( until the kids come home from school ) and I will make sure to enjoy every single minute of my day without my mother in-law and her absurd demands for cake.

A little private fun fact from my trusty private treasure chest:

My mother in-law truly demands I serve cake and coffee on my birthday. She once explained that it´s not only polite but it´s also sort of an exchange. She gifts me something and I serve cake in return.

In other ( unspoken ) words: I don´t deserve a gift if I don´t have cake. Good thing I didn´t marry her * snorts *

As for books:

Forgive me if there hasn´t been much of that lately ( please re-read reasons above ). It´s been kind of rough for me. And you know what sucks even more? I have untouched book mail I haven´t had the energy to open yet. 5 Amazon and 2 Book Depository packages. I´m gutted.

Nevertheless- I´m determined to get back on track because I´m bored out of my wits.

So, my piss poor attempt at a Mug Monday Feature will hopefully be the start of something better. Voila!

mug stipe


See? I have my Kindle fired up and ready. * sigh * Maybe after my nap. And after I tried getting a review scheduled. God, haven´t done one of those in ages.

Okay, that´s it for today. My deepest apologies for boring the bejesus out of you all.

Have a wonderful day, my dear Padawans.

Much love,

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6 thoughts on “Mug Monday & Birthday Month

  1. I feel your pain on the sickness.. my minions keep bringing all sorts of lovely germs home. I have taken to as soon as they walk into the house spraying down all jackets and backpacks with Lysol. Also I make them wash their hand right away… I’m so ready for spring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naaw, you too? Would it be terrible for me to be happy that I´m not alone with this issue? I do that too but I seem to be too late with the spray down. :-/ I´m at the point where I wipe door handles in my house when someone drops by. * eye roll * I agree! Spring needs to arrive quick.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha you can be happy about it, honestly they sent one floor of our elementary school home for a whole day so they could scrub it down 🤭 it’s an epidemic here I swear! I cannot even keep up with who has what cold, flu, stomach virus anymore… I am officially over it 😐

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, no! Flu again? Hope you are feeling better by now!
    Aaand happy birthday 🙂
    That birthday logic is just… flawed? Haha. For the past few years, i’m not only not serving anything for my bday, but i take a trip and go away from everything. Sometimes with my bestie, sometimes with the BF. I do eat cake tho. In a restaurant, hehe 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, that´s the best idea ever ( to take a trip on your bday ). I do that once in a while as well. I usually go with my younger brother because our bdays are relatively close so we celebrate together out of the country. Oh of course! Cake is mandatory, no matter where you are. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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