Mug Monday & Netgalley Musings

Mug Monday Feature:  My Monday mug, white

Book Discussion Topic:  Netgalley Pain


Hello and welcome back to Mug Monday!

So, a quick recap on what´s been going on since my last Mug Monday post:

Nothing good.

I´m glad we got that over with and can move onto more important topics- Like my mess with Netgalley.

Yes, I´ve fallen victim to the oversized ebook catalogue and I have no one else but myself to blame.

You see, as lovely as Netgalley is in a reader´s moment of helplessness it´s also a curse.

While sofa bound I became bored with Netflix and ended up with the brilliant idea to check Netgalley out and see if they had anything worth my time.

Mind you- This approach is just like going grocery shopping with an empty stomach. Never a wise idea.

As you may know, some Netgalley offers can be requested then approved / declined or can be read immediately. The titles I chose had to be requested, meaning I had to wait for approval from the publishers. Usually, I´m denied 3/4 of all the books I request ( for whatever reason ) and that often leaves me with no Netgalley reads. This is why I hit up at least 5 reads at once, in hopes some publishing house will have pity with me.

Not this time. Funnily enough, the book Gods thought it would be great to approve all of my requested reads. All 5.

And to top this whole fiasco off- The publishers contacted me after a week wanting to know where the feedback was.

This whole thing is my fault. I know that and fully accept my idiocy. This just shows that Netgalley is an unpredicable bitch who´s waiting for the right opportunity to screw a reader over. At least that´s my current feeling on the topic.

Alas…. `Tis time to get back into the reading cave….

But before I go I´ll leave you with this little Mug Monday special I created.

monday post

You´re welcome.

Now, if you´ll excuse me… My very much unloved Kindle is calling my name.


QOTD: How do you handle Netgalley? Do you get pressured by publishers for feedback? Do authors contact you inbetween? Let´s chat. ❤

I bid you all a wonderful Monday.

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8 thoughts on “Mug Monday & Netgalley Musings

  1. oh god NetGalley causes me so much stress too???? no one has ever contacted me and i’m so happy, bc if the publishers actually made contact w me to say “why aren’t u reading our book? why are you so ungrateful???” I WOULD PROBABLY IMMEDIATELY LOSE MY SANITY

    love this discussion sm ❤

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    1. Hi. Sorry for getting back with you so late. I´m sorry to hear that Netgalley causes you stress too. I have to admit, though… I´m totally surprised they haven´t contacted you. Lol. Not that I´d want that for you ( I wouldn´t! ) Maybe I need to just ignore them? Thanks for reading and I´m so glad you enjoyed. ❤

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    1. Hi. I´d like to apologies for replying so late ( fighting another flu here ). You know, you´re right. Can´t argue with you for not doing Netgalley. Sometimes I wonder why I still bother. Pfft, it IS unfortunate. Just my luck. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Uff, netgalley is a dangerous territory.
    I never had publisher getting back to me, asking where the feedback is. That usually happens when they contacted me directly, not when i requested the book.
    It happened with authors too, for a book i DNFd. I still cringe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meeh, you don´t want publishers knocking on your virtual door, wanting the feedback, preferably yesterday. It´s cringe worthy on so many levels. Like- Does my blog indicate that I can pull feedback out of my ass? Oo. Was the author not pleased with the DNF? BTW- sorry for getting back with you just now. ❤


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