A Book Blogger´s Wardrobe ( incl. Mug Monday)

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To wear sweats or to not wear sweats… I guarantee you no book blogger has ever asked themselves such a devious question. In fact – I´m sure the wardrobe issue has never popped up at all because… Us common foot folk don´t need to think about what to wear or break our heads over matching socks, makeup, great hair and what not. What for?


We Have Freedom Of Clothing And Appearance!


Sounds just as fantastic as it actually is, to be honest. There´s no catch. No “but”…. We have the ability to do as we please within our own four walls at any given time. It´s our special. Our way of unintentionally protesting against society´s restricted dress codes. We have the power to do whatever the hell we want!

Uncombed hair? No problem.

Food stains on a shirt? Who cares!

Favorite ratty sweats with a huge hole near the crotch area? Think of air circulation ( because we have to see things from a positive POV ).


A book blogger´s dress code is simply the finest. 


Now, before I go all fashion show on y´all´s asses I figured it would be kind of me to give a little shout out to the folks who aren´t into the timeless ratty home wear trend. It´s completely understandable if people care about their appearances when they´re home… alone… with having no one but themselves to appreciate their cozy glam chic. I feel you, hombres.

Just remember… I´m here should you ever consider coming to the dark and fun side of home fashion.


A small foreword before the tiny prêt à porter begins:

Contrary to popular belief, I do dress appropriate when leaving the house. In fact, I go the whole nine yards with my outfit and make sure colors, shoes, belts, purses and jewelry match. My hair is made and my half non existent makeup is immaculate ( one simply can´t do much damage with mascara, blush and highlighter ) In short: I´m polished for my standards. But at home? Dear heaven´s above- I´m someone completely different. And I love it. I embrace it. If I could I´d forever dress in husbutts sweats and fling a bathrobe on. But I can´t. I have shit to do like go to parent / teacher meetings and do adult stuff like work, mingle at other people´s places because I´d have no friends if I didn´t….


But it´s not always about wearing rags and faded shirts with holes under the armpits. Us book bloggers have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to working “books”. Okay, we don´t really but I can at least name a handful of different home styles. There´s something for every type of person!



  • Homeless – chic:  Clothes don´t match. Clothes have holes of all sizes in the weirdest places. Dirty. No makeup. Not giving two fucks what the world thinks.


  • Gamer – chic:   What started out as normal lounge wear turns into a mess. Shirt tucked in at one side, messy hair, dark circles from staring at the computer for hours. Possible unintentional food stains from poor aiming or not paying attention or simply from wiping greasy fingers on shirt / pants.


  • Cozy – chic:   Finding something cute to wear that gives off the feeling of “actually lounging”. Everything is neat and fixed. Think of matching sweater and sweats with matching socks and even a matching hair band. Or take the term literally and feel cozy in whatever doesn´t look like shit on you.


  • Glam – chic:  Lounge home wear has bling. Make up is set and not a hair is out of place. You look like you just came off of the book blogger fashion runway.


  • Wanna – be Homeless look but it turns into a boho lounge style – chic:   Worn by people who were born with a fashion sense and can´t seem to turn it off, not even when they “try” to look homeless.


Personally, I can do homeless, gamer and cozy without much effort ( because none of these require much effort! Ha! * slaps thigh with glee * Glam and boho – lounge chic don´t work for me at home because I sometimes work those looks when I leave the house ( AND I FEEL NO SHAME IN ADMITTING THAT!) I also don´t mind saying that jeans are the devil.

me mug
My Kindle shines brighter than yours.


If you want some TEA though, I´m going to say that all this depends on everyone´s personal preference. Not all book bloggers look like homeless people and not all book bloggers are dressed in business attire. There´s a gray area with lots of wiggle room for creativity.

If you ask me ( and I hope you do ) my personal go – to outfit consists of whatever I find. If I find clean sweater- great! If I so happened to come across a bathrobe – fantastic! As long as I don´t have to wear a bra then I´m a happy camper. Because bra´s restrict creativity (!!) and we can´t have that happening.



Tell me: What type of chic do you consider yourself to be? What´s your go – to lounge wear?


Thank you loads for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful day and don´t forget to share the book love,

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10 thoughts on “A Book Blogger´s Wardrobe ( incl. Mug Monday)

  1. Hahaha, lovely post!
    Thank fuck great hair isn’t required for book blogging! I wouldn’t have made it far 😀
    I don’t wear make up anywhere, so my face is pretty much always the same.
    I think i’m most close to what you described as gamer chic, with a hint of cozy chic. And of course the obligatory socks with animals on them 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, great hair is only necessary when leaving the house ( and often not even then )😊. Animal socks? A post idea is born! Seriously though, animal socks rock. We should make a weekend out of wearing animal socks and… just admiring them. 😃😉

      Liked by 2 people

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