On The 11th Day Of Bookmas ( Favorite Reading Snacks )

On The 11th Day Of Bookmas, my true love begged for me… To munch on all the good stuff I can eat with one hand without having to take my eyes away from a book page!


Yes, it´s time to tackle the food issue while reading.  Us readers are so good at getting lost in a great book. So good that we tend to neglect our basic needs sometimes ( not including bathroom breaks because we can take books with us to the loo ).

We completely forget our surroundings when invested in a story and sometimes some of us realize we´re hungry when it´s way past dinner time or close to midnight.

I´m one of those people who can ignore the signals my stomach gives off. But not for long. Sometimes my hunger get´s the best of me and I end up with a cheese plate and classify that as “dinner” when I want to finish a book. And sometimes, I just get the munchies and want a simple snack to round-up my nearly perfect reading session. Snacking allows us readers to keep our greedy eyes glued to the pages we hold.

But what foods are considered to be reading foods? Which foods are best suited for reading?

Over the years I´ve developed the talent of blind snacking. I bet you´re asking yourselves what´s so special about eating blind? To be honest – It´s an art. I kid you not.

Try eating a bowl of cereal with milk while reading a book. It´s hard, but not impossible. Or try a spoon full of chili con carne. It took me years to master the craft of eating without messing up a book I was reading. I can do it but do I think it´s necessary? No.

Categorize this under “The Stupid Shit People Do” if you like. I see snacking during reading as a supreme class of awesomeness.


What foods are actually great for reading?


From my own personal experiences I can say any dry foods are perfect for snacking. When reading some people want to keep it less messy and they want a way to have easy access without having to take their eyes away from their book.

  • Bird food ( pre peeled seeds, nuts, croutons, Pretzels. Mainly stuff you´d choke on without a drink afterwards )
  • Rabbit food ( crudités: raw veggies without dip )


And second runner-up are your everyday snack foods.

  • Cheese ( bite size )
  • Crackers / Cookies 
  • Potato Chips / Crisps
  • Sweets / Candy / Chocolate


But what if you´re hungry and aren´t so keen on munching a whole bag of potato chips? This is where you start to be more creative with your food choices.

  • Pastries / cake ( because you can shake off the crumbs )
  • Breakfast cereal without milk ( It´s like bird food )
  • Waffles / Pancakes with powdered sugar ( because that too can be removed with a swipe of a hand )
  • Fruits 


And then there´s the option of going all hard – core snacking. NOTE: These foods aren´t really suitable to snack on during a reading session. But hey, if you´re hungry you gotta eat, amirite? And you have to make the best of any situation.

  • Dips ( The MESS! )
  • Left over Chili Con Carne ( Too crumbly and leaves stains )
  • Salads ( Rabbit food with dressing. Doesn´t work for me )
  • Spaghetti ( How I wish this would work for me )
  • Soup ( I haven´t met a living soul who´s tried to eat soup while reading )


I bet you´re wondering who in their right mind would try to eat Spaghetti while reading. Well…. I tried.


We cannot leave out the beverages!

As with snacking, drinking can also be a small adventure when you refuse to put your book down. Why? Because with beverages, there´s more at stake! For one, your pages  ( or half the book )could get wet. Wet pages get wavy when they´re dry. And second- If you´re drinking something with sugar in it ans spill some of the drink on your book it´ll be a sticky mess and you can then kiss that scene you were reading good – bye ( because they´ll be stuck together for life ). The best and safest way to go about this would be by using a simple straw. But who has straws near by all the time? I don´t. But I have a few tricks that can be useful when it comes to drinks and reading.

  • Carbonated drinks are the devil. Although I´m a “sparkly water” person I do not drink carbonated water when reading. The bubbles get in my nose and I end up sneezing. Plus it´s dangerous to open a soda / water bottle when your S.O. danced the Cha-Cha with it minutes before he gave you the bottle. Not only will you be soaking wet, your book will drown too ( and probably everything else within a 20 centimeters radius ) 
  • Hot drinks are brilliant, especially when they´re hotter than f**k. If you can´t take a good sip because of the extreme hot temperature then you can´t make a mess, right? 
  • Drinking wine while reading is like playing russian roulette. It can go well. It can go etremely well until you´ve had one too many glasses and end up slightly tipsy. Then it´s a game of “will I… will I not..?” 


So you see… Almost every food can be considered as reading food. And not many drinks are actually cut out for blind reading sessions. And of course, all this is just not important if you´re one of those people who can put a book aside for a few seconds to actually see what you´re eating / drinking. I don´t belong to that fortunate group.

Unfortunately, I´m one of those people who just can´t stop reading and refuses to take a break to eat.

My personal go – to foods are:

  • Pistachios
  • Brownies
  • cheese cake / cream cheese cake pastries
  • Cheese balls
  • Nutella sandwich

And my go – to drinks are Coke and hot chocolate with cream. Those work the best for me.

Tell me:

What are your favorite foods to snack on when you´re reading? Or, do you even snack between pages? Share away!  I´d love to find out what your Food & Read ritual is. ❤


Thank you for reading ❤ I hope you enjoyed. ❤

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8 thoughts on “On The 11th Day Of Bookmas ( Favorite Reading Snacks )

  1. Salads are rabbit food omg yes!! I’ve said it for years. Of course my twin would understand! 😉

    Hm.. I stop reading to have a meal lol. I can’t multitask like that lmao. Unless I’m reading on my kindle! Easy to prop and swipe the page!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OF COURSE I understand * wink wink * Listen, the next time we have something in common I´m going to send you a one of those tacky heart necklaces where you´ll get one half and I´ll get the other. With each half saying “Twins from…” and the other half “another mother”.

      The only time I stop reading when food´s involved is when the book isn´t as good as the smell of what I´m about to eat. HAHAHA. I haven´t tried eating and kindling. You just gave me an idea! ❤


    1. Porridge? I´ve never tried to eat that and read. This calls for a try out! Couldn´t you make the porridge a little more fluidy and use a straw? Like a porridge smoothie? Would that even work? We need to find a way to make this possible. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Makes perfect sense. My porridge never lived long enough to get cold so I´ve never tried it or thought of trying to let it cool off.
          Maybe you and I could start a porridge smoothie experiment? Let the porridge cool down then just add milk and watery fruits in a mixer and THEN make a smoothie? Norrie! The possibilities!!

          Liked by 1 person

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