On The Third Day Of Bookmas… ( Mug Monday)

Morgana´s Book Box December Bookmas Special

On the 3rd day of Bookmas….

With Christmas scooting closer each day I decided to gift you all with something different. Something more fun! What the flippin´ foo foo am I talking about? Ha. You´d be surprised how often I ask myself that everyday.

It´s time to give back to the book community. For all the love and support I´ve received I´d like to put my own selfish needs to rant about books aside and focus on giving life and other´s my undivided attention. How? Be prepared, padawans ❤ It´s going to get juicy and rather deep ( WHY does that sound like I´m preparing for a kink fest instead of a Christmas special? )

So, with that being said I´d like to start this Bookmas special with something simple.

Let´s talk about some personal fun facts…

bookmas 1

The Gift Of Giving

I might as well confess right now that I´m a giver. So much so that it´s almost crippling. I´m the type of person who would give a stranger my last shirt if that meant I could help. I´ve been told many times that this is a wonderful trait to have. For me – It´s not always wonderful. I don´t have the helper syndrome but I feel a strong urge to help people in need. I´m not out to make everyone happy. I just can´t see people suffer, especially children. So, I give. This is often linked to being something religious. I assure you- In my case it is NOT religious because I´m an atheist. You don´t have to be religious to give. You can give or help others without having someone beat the word of God into you.

Don´t worry, I won´t bore you with a list of things I do to help the community I live in. I won´t make you yawn by telling you what I do to help humanity and to tell you what charities I donate to. If I´m honest- It wouldn´t sit well with me if I told you about all the things I do. Because giving isn´t an achievement I´m proud of. And trust me- I LOVE to toot my own horn when I´ve achieved a goal. Giving is not a goal for me, though. It´s an act of kindness towards humanity. I don´t need or want a pat on the back for giving.

But, I´m a picky giver, too. I´m not blind and randomly throw money and gifts at strangers. ( Whoever does that must either have a heart of gold or is insane or shits money in their backyard ). No. I´m pretty selective when I give. This might sound harsh, but it´s the truth. If I don´t like you or you piss me off you won´t be worth the time of my day on any occasion ( birthdays and Christmas included ).

Speaking of Christmas…

Don´t fall off your chair or choke on your drink when I tell you that I´m not a Christmas person. The meaning of the holiday has been long forgotten and hardly anyone celebrates Christmas how it´s meant to be celebrated anymore. It´s a money making holiday. Nothing more, nothing less for me. I still respect and admire those who LOVE Christmas, though. It´s always lovely to see how much love and effort people put into decorations and the whole shibaz.

Don´t get me wrong – I have a tree ( it´s a fake one ) and I hang up a few lights around the house but that´s about it. I don´t go the whole 9 yards and turn my house into a Christmas wonderland. But I do use the holiday to my advantages. It´s the season to give… and boy, do I give.

The ones who profit greatly from my unhealthy urge are my children. If my finances would allow it, I’d buy them EVERYTHING they´ve ever asked for. And if I had the power I´d grant them all their wishes without batting an eyelash. Not only would this ruin me but it would also be pedagogically irresponsible. So, I don´t go overboard.

This year the husbutt and I decided to start gifting the kids gift cards and a few smaller gifts. I´m not totally sold on the gift cards bit but I´m on board with the smaller gifts.

This is my playground. I can shop. I´m good at shopping ( maybe too good at it, but what the hell, right? )

And I started shopping. The first Christmas gifts are already wrapped and hidden in the basement.

LE mug

I couldn´t resist getting the girls their very own Snoopy mugs. L for Lillian and E for Eve. And what a coincidence it was that those mugs were only available in my favorite bookstore!

2 mugs and 2 new books. How can I look away from books when I´m in a bookstore? I can´t. I caved and took two new gems with me on my way out. `Give The Dark My Love` and `Roar`. ( The Black Swan Affair was in my purse, along with bookmarks I bought a few months ago. I wondered where those bookmarks were )

And the best part? There´s more to come. More smaller gifts to give and more opportunities to give to others.

As for the Christmas holidays: I´m not a huge fan but I´m a fan of the giving part.

For me- The gift of giving is something special. Whether it´s in form of Christmas gifts or by giving someone a chance to get by another day without worrying- I light up like a Christmas tree throughout the whole year when I give.

Now it´s your turn:

Are you a Christmas person? What do you do to make someone´s day? I´d love to read your thoughts! ❤

Thank you so much for reading. xx

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One thought on “On The Third Day Of Bookmas… ( Mug Monday)

  1. I’m not really a xmas preson tbh.
    I like helping, but i do that all the time, not only in this month. 😀
    Like your gift choices!
    I’m gonna have a tree and will give friends and bf small prezzies. Bf is the sorta guy who has the things tech gadget wise he needs, so gonna get him pijamas or something along those lines 😁


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