On The 4th Day Of Bookmas… How I Come Up With My Blog Content

On The 4th Day Of Bookmas…

For some reason I have the urge to continue the 12 Days of Christmas song. If I wasn´t so lazy right now I probably would sing it. But since I can´t be bothered… I´m going to spill some Book Blogger T.


fourth day



How I Come Up With My Blog Content


Yupp, us book blogging folk are an organized chaotic bunch who do almost everything for books ( the keyword is `almost`. I haven´t seen book bloggers selling their bodies for books or in the name of books… yet. Although, who knows)

New blog post on `book bloggers stipping down` coming very soon.


I´ve mentioned before that sometimes our book blogging days can be easy going and some days can be dragging. It all depends on our moods and our abilities to come up with topics to write about.

It´s a 50 / 50 thing for me. I have my own good and bad book blogging days, just like everyone else does ( at least I hope that´s the case ).

But when the good days hit? I´m on a flippin´ roll!

My biggest problem is: I have ideas. I have quite a few ideas just waiting to come to life if only I didn´t sometimes have the memory of a goldfish. Meaning- I can be mopping the floor when an idea strikes and 3 seconds later.. POOF! Gone. Just like that.

What about writing down my blog post ideas? Sure. I do that. But when you´re mowing the lawn or picking up a hoard of pre teenagers from school you´re not going to think about a pen and paper. You´re not even going to pull out the phone out of fear some 12 year old will want to add you to their Snapchat.

Pre – teens are terrifying creatures.

It´s not easy for me to scribble something down real quick. But when I do manage to write down an idea I´m more than excited to work on it.

So, where do us book blogging people get our ideas?

I´d say the same way authors get theirs. Sometimes we see someone / something and an idea hits us. Sometimes we get inspired by someone else´s post. It really depends.

DO NOT confuse being inspired with stealing content. You might not believe it, but there´s a difference between the two. But that is another touchy bedtime story for a another night. And trust me when I say I WILL tackle the Being Inspired vs. Stealing topic very soon.

So, where do I get my ideas? I´m glad you asked.

For me- the best way to come up with ideas is by…

  • Chatting / talking with friends.     There´s nothing more fab than having a simple chat and being inspired by a topic.


  • Reading blog posts from fellow book bloggers.     While this may seem like stealing- It isn´t. Not if you either give credit or remodel the post to where you can call it your own. Communication is also something that helps prevent being accused of stealing.


  • Real life events.     This happens way too often. Remember my Stop Interrupting The Reader   post? That was born out of frustration. Hours before I typed that post my mother in – law got on my last nerve by constantly interrupting me while reading. I don´t have much time to read during the day as it is. And when in – law – dearest sees I´m reading and still decides to interrupt me a few times because she´s bored… I will get annoyed and inspired to write a blog post about it.


  • Reading books.     This is also very helpful. Reading books can inspire me to write about almost anything. Characters, Heroines, writing style, editing, tropes,.. you name it! It´s all there for the taking.


  • Observations.     I have lots of Eureka moments. I´ll be doing something and then suddenly realize I´m doing something weird. For example: I snack a lot while reading. A post idea for that would be “My Favorite Foods To Eat While Reading”. Or I´ll prepare my sofa with pillows and blankets before reading and realize I have a reading ritual. A “Reading Ritual” post is born!


  • Before Bedtime. This is the worst moment for me to come up with an idea (s). The absolute worst. When my head hits the pillow I have about 5 minutes before I´m out like a light. In those 5 minutes I become a flippin´mastermind and have so many ideas for future blog posts.


You see? It´s simple. Coming up with ideas is a piece of cake. But with that being said- Not every idea I have is a good idea or works out the way I want it to.

You should see my draft folder. It´s busting out of its seams with unfinished blog post ideas. Some of those ideas might never see the light of day. Some are being included in this December Bookmas special * wink *


I´m curious: How do you come up with your blog content? I´d love to find out what inspires you. ❤

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed the 4th Day of Bookmas!

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6 thoughts on “On The 4th Day Of Bookmas… How I Come Up With My Blog Content

  1. Well, as I’m trying to revive my blog, I can’t say the ideas are coming think and fast, or that I’m even having eureka moments. I think I need to do some planning and list out some of the things I want to cover.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that would be a great idea 🙂 It truly never hurts to make lists or to map out ideas to have a clear idea on what you want to upload. I´ll be revealing my notes in form of pics next week on the blog. Just to give an insight on what mess I create before everything looks neat. Lol. Your eureka and a – ha! moments will come soon. Think of the Field of Dreams movie. If you think it, they will come. *gggg* ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I mainly do reviews, so that’s an easy way for ideas 😀
    I don’t think getting inspired by others is stealing either. Like take those memes. Top 5/10 whatever Tuesday/Wednesday. We have a topic and we all talk about the same thing the same day 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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