Spam Box Treasures: Part 4

Many moons have passed since I last presented my out of this world spam box treasures with you all.

I must say, though… It´s been rather quite in the spam folder. Months ago I was gifted with the most thoughtful spams and then they suddenly died down. I´m not sure if these spammers went on a creative break or took a long vacation because now, they´re back and they´re on a mission.

Alas- My latest spam treasures from the Spam Treasure Box.


  1. Charming Little Booger. Thank you SO MUCH, 188bet, for thinking I could be an author. My book might only have 5 pages but if you have faith in me, then I certainly will find a way to become a 5 page bestseller.



2. ???

What list are we talking about here? A financial list? Political list? Blogger list? Shopping list?




3. Dr. Online Casino

Uugh, I know. I thought about that this morning after I inhaled my Nutella toast and drank my blueberry muffin flavored tea.




4. Observant much?

Then I recommend you look at my blog in Chrome.




5. Be specific, man!

More of what? More reviews of the book? More of the author? Perhaps more of my reviews? You´re confusing me.




I don´t have a son. Get your facts straight before spamming the flippin foo foo out of me, live blackjack!



7. Uugh

Look, the last time I played poker was when I was 21 and that night ended with me falling asleep in my friend´s garden. When I woke up I was told that I was looking for my house keys in the backyard and never returned. Do you see why poker might not be a popular game?



Okay, lovelies… That was it for now.

Thank you so much for taking your time to see what treasures I have in my apocalyptic spam box!

Until next time.

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7 thoughts on “Spam Box Treasures: Part 4

    1. HAHAHAHA. I agree. But hey, if they make us laugh then all´s good. I just recently got a spam comment that´s literally the best I´ve ever received ( and probably will ever receive). Can´t wait to post that one. Might even dedicate a whole post for that one comment. HAHAHA


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