Mug Monday & The Truth

Hi everyone and welcome back to my apocalyptic Mug Monday special!

I hope you all are enjoying your day so far? If not- Do not fear. Tomorrow is Tuesday. All will be better in a few hours ( or so I keep telling myself ).

I don´t know why I keep wanting to reveal my latest blog news on Mondays. I belong to  those people who should never be approached at the beginning of the week. I´m moody and grumpy and just… bla. This is also usually a no filter day for me, too. Because of my bla mood I tend to act like I´m entitled to have all the chocolate in the world. Because it´s Monday and all. So, why I bother wanting to share news is beyond me. I should pick a Friday for these posts…

Still, I´m just going to go for it and see what happens.

The title says The Truth.  That´s what I´ll give you. I´m at a point in my blogging career where I feel like I´m not feeling to the book world anymore.  And this is not because I´m suffering from the Monday blues or because I think the content I´m publishing isn´t worth it. I´m sure some of you actually enjoy my concept ( I hope that´s the case ).

Reviews, discussion posts, tags…. It´s not like I belong to a selected few who do these things. I´ve already ditched the cover reveals for upcoming releases and have eliminated the book blog tours from my repertoire ( Why? You´ll get to read all about it soon ). I´ve reduced my book blogging to a simple read / review / discuss book related stuff concept.

It´s what I love to do. It´s also what I´ll continue to do.

Remember- No matter what niche in this business you´re working in ( book blogger, promoter, PA, professional reviewer, etc ) this is all supposed to be fun. It´s about getting in touch with like-minded people and sharing thoughts… even make a friend or eight ( or more ).

November has given me so much time to think about book blogging and what my hobby means to me. Does it still excite me? Do I feel like I´m adding to the community? Do I think I can do better / worse? These questions have been bugging the foo foo out of me.

And no matter how often I asked myself those questions, the answers are always the same: Yes. I feel like I´m supposed to be where I´m at. And I definitely feel like I can do better. The problem with excitement is: It´s temporary. I would like much more to feel like I´m doing whatever the hell I want, instead of feeling like I´m getting lost on a road I find exciting. Because I´m holding back. I´m keeping a lid on things for the sake of peace. We never want to offend a fellow book blogger or an author or a publisher, right? We never want to say things that could make people uncomfortable.I hate this feeling. It´s not who I am. It´s not who I want to continue to be.

All this is sounding like I´m about to give up book blogging. I assure you, I´m not. But I do feel like it´s time for a content make – over.

I don´t want to throw reviews at my followers/ friends and call it a day.  I want to be able to share the weird book related stuff I do offline with the book blog community.

I want to sit down and talk about things hardly anyone bothered to mention. Believe it or not- I bitch a lot about these things when I´m not online. I want to talk about book pricing and explain how they´re created. I want to reveal why a paperback ( sporting 250 pages ) by a self published author costs 16 euros ( 14 British Pounds , 18 USD ). I want to expose the wrong doings and highlight the brilliance of the community. And I want to add in personal stuff that surrounds book topics.

I have worked with authors and blogger for close to a decade and there´s always something to tell. I want to see where I can take this book blogging hobby of mine. If this means slightly branching out then… by all means – Let´s do it.

Starting December I will be gifting you with a new concept. How that will look and what it means for everyone who´s been following me… Be patient. You´ll see soon enough.

November still has a few days left. Let´s enjoy what´s left of this month with the old before we reveal the new right away. Still, I advise you to be prepared. * Insert evil laugh *

It wasn´t my intention to bring down the general mood of this post. So, before this gets more depressing I´ll leave you all on a good note and FINALLY reveal my Mug of the week.

pink mug
The blinding neon pink mug

See those books? Those are the gems from my TBR pile, waiting to be reviewed. See the mug? * face palm * My daughter asked why I never featured her mug. I had no other choice this time. This hot pink neon blinding mess of a color is far better than the one I have to feature next week ( because daughter #2 thinks I need to show her favorite mug, as well ). Dear bookish Padawans… I advise you to be prepared for the dinosaur horse mug next week.

Okay, lovelies,

I´ve had a blast tonight.

Share the book love and watch out for new features!

Much love,

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5 thoughts on “Mug Monday & The Truth

  1. hahahaha. I love the hot pink… and I’m intrigued about the dinosaur horse now too. As to the content you’re thinking about featuring, it all sounds good to me. I have no problem with the cover reveals and tags and reviews as they provide their own enjoyment. I also like posts that a bit different and what you’re talking about has definitely piqued my interest. Maybe not as much as daughter 2’s mug but how can you hope to compete with a dinosaur horse? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am literally terrified to show the horse dino. LMAO. But hey, if one gets a chance then the other does too. I´m all for keeping it fair ( maybe with another mug. Lol ) Thank you ❤ I´m really excited to venture out a bit more. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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