Book Review: Lie To Me ( Rising Star #1) – Lee Piper

synopsis single

Cold. Distant. Unattainable.

Reid Tate wasn’t always like this. He once cared for me. Made music with me. Gave his heart and soul to me.

But I ruined it.

The breathtaking boy I used to love is gone. In his place is a man who wants to rip my heart apart and lay my soul bare before thousands. He doesn’t care about the secret that will ruin me. His brand of retribution is destroying my band and ruining our future.

But I promised myself never to let Reid Tate steal my voice again.

Except that’s the problem when dancing with the devil. By the time the music starts it’s already too late.


My Thoughts 2

A definite case of  It´s – Not – The – Book – It´s – Me.

The package looked promising. Great cover design, great synopsis. Plus I have a weak spot for rockstar / to – be – rockstar novels. An all in all positive looking read. There´s no way I could be disappointed, right?

( Insert the loudest sigh ever heard by mankind )

I tried. I really did. `Lie To Me` ( Rising Star #1 ) by author Lee Piper just wasn´t written for me.Lie to me

Too much wit. Too much dialogue. Too much information reveal within the dialogue. Too much bipolar behavior in the romance department. And way too many smart ass comebacks  and remarks for my liking.

Don´t get me wrong- I´m always up for wit and quick thinking, great comebacks and such. Just don´t over do it. If everything is well balanced then there´s no problem. It´s all about balance.

Right. Balance. There was none in all areas. From the characters, their dialogue, the events happening, the dark secrets the characters dealt with… Everything lacked balance. I mean- This story was all over the place and couldn´t sit still for one flippin´ moment.


What I did NOT appreciate

  • The musician gear. Okay. This isn´t a full blown problem but I´m not interested in guitar brands or bass pedals. Fortunately I´m familiar with band equipment but what if someone who reads this book isn´t? Do readers have to take breaks from reading to google musician gear?


  • The hot / not so hot romance. Push and pull romances can be fantastic, if pulled off well. There´s a romance but then it´s freezing cold and boiling hot. A reader get´s a We Used – To – Be – In – Love and it quickly turns into Never – Seen – This – Person – Before. A tad exhausting for a reader when they have to run in circles. Plus, I didn´t feel any chemistry between the main characters. Like, none at all. Shiloh and Reid´s characters felt forced. Forced characters forced to have a past and a possible future with each other. Sometimes some things just don´t work out well together, you know?


  • The characters were taxing. Well, no. That´s not true. The sub – sub characters were fine. Of course, they were. They weren´t given enough limelight to show their witty side. Everyone else needed to tone it down. ( by it I mean everything )


  • The  use of full names. While I´m aware that this is a realistic thing, happening in our everyday lives, I still don´t like it. When something happens there´s always someone rattling down all the birth names. Tobias Richard Thackery!  The Heroine usually calls him is Tobias. I dislike this when I hear someone doing the names while grocery shopping and I dislike it even more when it pops up in books. Why would I care what the character´s middle name is? That does not add any relevant information to the story.


  •  Mr. Bossy Reid. Hear me out on this one: I´m good with bossy Heroes. I´m not good with bossy Heroes who don´t need to be bossy. Reid felt like a normal everyday Joe until he started his 1- 3 word commands. “We´re gonna fuck.” , said the Hero. And I´m sitting here, thinking ” Aye aye, Lord Commander. Do you have a specific date in mind when the mind shattering event should happen?”

Then there´s this gem of a scene.

Hero: Do you trust me?

Heroine: You told me not to. 

Hero: Shit´s different now.

( actual dialogue from the book )

Oh, in that case…. Let me remodel my life because Lord Commander said shit´s different now.


  • When the Heroine faces her fears she´s rewarded with sex. I guess the next time husbutt drags me up the Eiffel Tower he´ll have to include a happy ending for me.


  • I have yet to discover the music these bands play. My bets are on simple rock. Maybe pop rock? Or maybe the music direction was revealed and I´ve forgotten about it. Who knows.


And now for the most aggravating part…..


  •  Character details ( significant or not ) included in a dialogue. I don´t know about you but I like to be able to find out certain things the hard way instead of having it presented on a silver platter. If a character is suffering from an awful past then it would be nice if that´s eventually revealed by certain actions or sometime later in a  story. Don´t shove that info at me in a dialogue. That´s giving me, a reader, no element of surprise. I don´t like this happening in other books, either.


That´s a pretty long list of things I couldn´t appreciate. I bet you´re thinking I don´t have anything good to say about this book. Well, you´re right. I don´t.


When reading the synopsis you think you´re getting something highly emotional that brings those croc tears out. You think you´ll be suffering from the worst book hangover and live in a week long funk. That´ll probably happen for other readers. It certainly didn´t work that way for me. The synopsis IS intense. The story? Not.


A rather disappointing read for me.


Would I recommend this book? Personally, I wouldn´t recommend this book to anyone. But I do know any readers would just fall in love with this read so I´ll just go ahead and say,… maybe.


Would I reread this book? No.



The Cover – 4 Stars  ( Pretty )

The Story – 2 Stars  ( * shaking head * )

The Characters – 2 Stars  ( * Facepalm * )

My emotional state after finishing this read –  A struggle from start to finish. I´m exhausted.

2 stars



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