August Reading List


It´s unbelievable! We´re already 8 months into 2018.

Happy August! The summer is slowly ( very slowly ) coming to an end and soon it´ll be my second favorite time of year. Autumn! That´s what I keep telling myself to keep my spirits up. I can´t take this heat any longer.



Since I´ve been exceptionally good at keeping up with my monthly reading list announcements ( Insert sarcasm ) I thought I´d give it ANOTHER go and see what happens. Maybe I´ll find time this month to reach my reading goal. Or, maybe I´ll invest in an AC before I do anything else. Let´s see what the future brings.

Prepare yourselves, dear Padawans… August´s reading list might knock you over just like it did with me when I created it.



August Reading List



Hush, Hush ( Hush, Hush #1 ) – Becca Fitzpatrick


Hush Hush


I´m light years too late, I know. But I saw this in a bookstore on vacation and it sounded better than any other book I had in my arms. And the angel on the cover looks like he´s in pain. Not that I get off on that but I do sense that there´s some sort of battle in the paranormal romance novel. That, or… He´s plucking his own feathers because he´s heartbroken. I´ll find out soon enough, won´t I? NOTE: Spoilers  Thoughts on this book are very much welcomed in the comments below.



We, The Drowned – Carsten Jensen

We the drowned

A book recommendation from the lovely Aurora Librialis. I love the cover. I love the synopsis. The whole package looks like one big fat adventurous page turner, something I´m in desperate need of. Can´t wait to get this one started!



All Your Perfects – Colleen Hoover

All your perfects

I can´t have a reading list that doesn´t at least include one romance novel, right? I was a little hesitant about this one. I´m a fan of Colleen Hoover´s older works. Her newer novels ( basically anything published after Maybe Someday ) weren´t for me. When I heard about `All Your Perfects`I wasn´t doing cartwheels but after reading the synopsis I decided to give another Co-Ho book a try. I´m a sucker for troubled marriage romances. Let´s hope this won´t be as disappointing as the previous books were ( for me!!).



The Surface Breaks – Louise O´Neill

The Surface Breaks

The cover is something gorgeous! And, HELLO! Mermaids! What more can I want? What more can I say? Nothing, because I haven´t finished it, yet. I like reading this one while enjoying a foot spa outside (NOTE:  I call my pool a foot spa ).


My lovies, that´s it for this month. I may, or may not, add a few books from my dusty TBR list and include a few reads from Netgalley. Let´s see how that´ll work, if at all.


What are you reading this month? Share your titles and authors and feel free to pressure me into reading one of the books you´ve already read and loved!


Much book love,

Morgana ❤



13 thoughts on “August Reading List

    1. Lol. Thanks. 🙂 You know, I´ve had the same feelings towards this book. I kept seeing the cover, even put it on my TBR list then threw it off again…. Friends recommended it to be… Now, years later I´m like ” Oooh, what´s that?! Oh, it´s that.” The timing was right. HAHAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Same boat as Angelica! Hush Hush sounds like something I would like. But also something that would annoy me lol. We’re nope twins so if you don’t like it I probably won’t either. No pressure 😉 haha

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHAHAHA. I´m not feeling pressured. 🙂 Okay, so I´ll be starting Hush Hush first before I do anything else. I have a feeling this book is like a forgotten masterpiece. And if it isn´t as good as I hope it to be I might type up a 10.000 word review. HAHAHA. I will definitely let you know. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you’ll enjoy them all 🙂
    I haven’t read any of them, but i saw some lovely reviews about the mermaid book.
    Enjoy August & i hope you’ll have plenty of “foot spa” time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Bah. I don’t fancy this type of heat. I’m good with a nice 24C. Right now were suffering through a beastly 35-38C.🤯. I’m sweating like a grammar Nazi in as public restroom trying to correct all the misspellings.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Dang, all of the covers of these books are awesome. I’m going to look up the mermaid one! I finished All Your Perfects over the weekend. I LOVED it. I haven’t read all of her books, I haven’t even read Maybe Someday. So I’m interested to see your thoughts on this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I lost all sorts of patients and faith in COHO books. But All Your Perfects sounds like it’s right up my alley. We’ll see how it pans out.will definitely let you know.
      Totally! The covers aren’t too shabby😉 and as soon as it coole off aroubd here I’m going to get some speed reading done. 💗


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