Why You Shouldn´t Feel Bad About A Small Book Collection

This has been something that´s been bothering me for a while now. Enormous bookshelf collections.

You´ve seen the bookshelves from Bookstagrammers and BookTubers. You´ve seen the pretty colorful collections all neatly stacked or organized by color, size, genre, series / standalones.

And you´re sitting at home / work / school wondering: ” How?

Who wouldn´t feel a little book envy after seeing all those amazing bookshelves from book bloggers or avid readers? Uuhm… Not me. I have many questions before any sort of envy can pop up.

What do these people do for work?

How long have they been collecting?

Do they have a social life?

What jobs do they have to be able to afford so many books?

Do theses people know people who know people?

Have they slept with a librarian?

How many publishers have they had dinner and drinks with?


SO many books. So many bookshelves.


But guess what? There´s no need for book envy. Of course, we´ve all had those             “Aw, I´d like to have something like that one day.” moments. But if you really think about it- Those pictures are just pics from people showing off. Because most don´t just take a pic from a particular bookshelf spot ( as many do ). There are no cool angle shots. Nooo, they give us people a nice view of the whole deal, showing off their impressive book collection. Something like this:

rainbow book
Picture taken from Pinterest

Lovely, isn´t it? I actually pity the person who owns that. Just the thought of dusting off all those books ( and it looks like it´s close to 400 ) gives me a headache. This is a clear example of showing off the pretty. Which is fine. I show off pretties, too.


The amount of books you have does not show any of us how much of a devoted reader you are.


I have a feeling that this needs to be stressed out a little more, although I believe many readers share my view.

  • You are not more intelligent if you have a room full of books.
  • You are not worth more or less because of your book collection.
  • You should not feel ashamed for owning 20 books instead of 500.


While this isn´t necessarily a case of unrealistic expectations ( because I truly believe all those people ( who upload those kind of pics ) have a room full of books. It´s more of an intimidation issue.

It pains me to hear bookworms say ” My bookshelf isn´t impressive.” That sentence is so wrong on so many levels.  I can hear the sadness and imagine the shame in their words. Okay, fine. So you don´t have 500 books. Neither do I.  Who says you have to? You have books- That´s impressive enough. I know people who don´t own books. ( A shocking reality for us book people. I always imagine books in their homes when I visit.)

Look. I don´t have the money to buy tons of books every month. And to be honest- I don´t have that much time to read. But I am more than proud to own the collection I have.

Isn´t it enough to just own books? What difference does the size of a book collection make? A bookworm is a bookworm, am I right?

The bottom line is: There´s no rule on to how many books you have to own to be a member of the book loving gang.  As long as you find joy in reading. You can have 10, 20, 50, 100 or more books…. you´re still awesome.

Own the fact that your bookshelf is the size of a cooler. Be proud to have 1 bookshelf with all your favorite books.


You don´t read for anyone but yourself.


So, in celebration of being a happy owner of a micro library… Here is my personal book corner.

private library

One would think that, as a book blogger, I´d have more books. And, you´re right. I do have more. But I´m weird. I have all my golden copies ( that´s what I call my absolute favorite books ) in the bedroom in a drawer ( Yes, I have a book drawer. Stop judging. Lol. As I said- Weird ). I´ve also cleaned out my bookshelves recently ( books I wasn´t too fond of found new homes). But that´s another topic for another time. And and and * waves arms * You should also know that my husband and kids have their book spaces as well.


Feel free to add your 2 cents! I´d love to discuss book collection sizes. 

Feel hugged and appreciated.

Morgana ❤ ❤





22 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn´t Feel Bad About A Small Book Collection

  1. I had to laugh at this as I read it. I think I have 8 bookcases and nearing 500 books (I know because the nonhubs counted when making a point). And I do not have a social life, but I cannot blame my books. I am an introvert and live a life of additional solitude courtesy of chronic illness 😂 so not hating on my collection because I have worked extremely hard for it over many years and they are my saviors.

    But I agree with you that the books do not define you. And it is not anything to feel bad about or to compare. We all have different access and reasons 💗 and if it helps.. mine look like poo 💩😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😂😂😂😂 Babe, you haven’t seen the other side of my livingroom. Those bookshelves look like poo too! 😂the non hubs counts your books too? 🤦‍♀️ husbutt once accused ME for being reason why we won’t ever go on a 3 week fam vacation. I elegantly ignored how he did the math and presented me the cost of my books ( and this is where I know he’s not been listening because half are signed gifted copies 🙄🤦‍♀️) A constant pointless convo. * sigh *

    I think I’ve seen your bookshelves ( or glimpses of them ) on instagram😊
    Meeh *wave off* I don’t have a social life either. I saw a meme the other day that said “I’m am extroverted introvert” basically: a loud reader.😂😂

    I can imagine books being your saviors. I can imagine that being the case for many people ( including myself. Because life is just one truck load of dump sometimes) so, no hating from me.😊💗 I fully understand. I just hate the neat rainbow pics. They raise so many questions. Lol. Maybe this post would have been better if it was a reality vs. Internet? Lol. 💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh.. I was not notified of this comment 😭 I would never ignore you 🖤 3 week vacay?! Is that a thing? 2 maybe, but 3 is something we would never get time off for. Of course I will never manage even a full week with pay haha. I have to use mine for medical.

      You should do a post sometimes sharing your bookcases! I would love to see them 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WHAT?! Not notified? Looks like I´m relpying to comments and they´re not going through.
        Yeah, it´s a thing here. By law you have a minimum of 24 workdays vacation. Whatever else you get is either from working overtime, shifts, etc. Then you can add to your vacation days. Stefans record was 6 weeks in total for a year.
        Sick leave is separate. You get your usual sick leave and normal salery until week 6. Then health insurance jumps in and pays your salery until you´re able to go back to work.

        MY bookcases? Good Lord… I need to clean the others before anything happens. HAHA. But you´ll see em. ❤


  3. Lmao! I always question big libraries. Because yes, I would like one but it’s not feasible lol. So the library envy is real. But my questions are more like “but how many of those have you actually read?” followed by “how many of those books do you enjoy reading?” and “how many are different versions of the same book?”. Did you sleep with a librarian? Dead. Lmao

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  4. “Have they slept with a librarian” lol!!! 😀
    Pfff…. having a lot of books is nice, but when i had to move 9 times during the past 11 years, i wasn’t that impressed, so i got rid of a lot of them.
    Now i mostly buy books for kindle, so nobody really sees how many books i have. But even if i borrowed them from the library… it’s nobody’s business. 😀

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    1. Good point. It´s no one´s business. But you can´t fault people questioning the rainbow bookshelves. Lol. It seems so unreal.
      9 times in 11 years? Pfft. I wouldn´t have any printed books anymore after so many moves. ❤

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  5. Libraries are what got so many of us into reading, why are we forgetting they exist lol the whole point is that libraries are mass sharing, you don’t keep them.
    Also, if I don’t like a book, I unhaul it pretty quickly. Why would I keep a 2 star book when I could replace it with a 5 star?

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      1. I love libraries, I just wish I used mine more! I LOVE overdrive for audiobooks, but my local branch is downtown and the parking is a nightmare so i tend to avoid it lolol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s a damn pity 😕 Libraries are awesome. But at least you have one near you. I’m stuck in a village far off from civilization. The only library I can visit is the one from my bestie.. And she has a wicked genre style.


  6. You show off with your book shelf!! 😀 😀
    Aber mal im Ernst: ich frag mich auch immer woher die das ganze Geld haben. Vor allem sind es ja nicht mal Arbeitnehmer, es sind viele Studenten und Schüler. Also ich konnte mir als Schüler und dann als Studentin nicht so viele Bücher leisten. Vielleicht haben die nettere Eltern? 😀 😀
    Und dann auch die ganzen Farben… Ich schau mir meine book collection an und sehe viel schwarz oder blau, also eher dunkle Farben. Da sind auch viele farbenfrohe Bücher bei aber ich kann an einer Hand abzählen wie viel gelbe, orange und rote Bücher ich habe. Manchmal glaube ich ja die kaufen nur die Bücher wegen der Farben. Das bookshelf braucht mehr orange, also kaufe ich einfach mal 10 Bücher in orange. Aber das ist auch nur eine Vermutung.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ja. Unsere Eltern sind einfach nicht nett genug gewesen ( NOTE TO SELF: Call mom and ask for the books she failed to gift me as a teenager. )
      Ja. Klar! I show off. HAHAHA. Aber mal im Ernst? Damit kann man weniger glänzen. Im gegensatz zu den regenbogen bookstagrammers sieht mein Buch haufen etwas mickrig aus. Und dunkel. DU HAST DA SOWAS VON RECHT!! Irgendwie sind die meisten Bücher cover etwas düster. Habe eine kleine ecke mit bunte covers. Das heisst- In 100 jahre habe ich genug bunte bücher um da mit zuhalten! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Himmel, ich kann nicht mehr. * tränen weg wisch *
      Aber ja. Ich stimme dir zu. Die ganze insta pics sind etwas dubios. Es gibt aber auch viele die mehrere editionen vom gleichen buch haben.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Und ich hab auch keine Lust wahrlos Bücher zu kaufen nur meinen bookhelf bunter aussehen zu lassen… Ach ja, so ist das. 😛

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  7. Looooving this post! I always wonder about those mega-bookstagrammers too. How do they afford all of the books and how do they color coordinate them all? How long does it take? Do they dust it everyday? 😂 Clearly I have a lot of questions.
    I’m proud to have my very favorites on my shelves. Of course, I’d love more, but the thought of moving someday with a buttload of books stresses me out too much. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! Maybe we should start a #BeatThis tag or a #RealBookshelves and just show how ours really look like. Or we could start a #RainbowShelvesAreJustPrettyToLookAt #IFeelNoShame #ProudBookHoarder #MessyBookGalore…. Something along those lines. HAHAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

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