Some Book Blogger I am.

It´s been quite some time since I´ve book blogged.

May has been a challenging month for me. A few weeks back I´ve been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism ( underactive thyroid ). I´ve been told it´s not a “big deal” because my levels are minimal… but still. The news had me rethinking my whole lifestyle.

I took a step back from the book world to think. Well, I thought a lot and came to one conclusion: There wasn´t much to rethink.

I´m already living relatively healthy.  It´s the lack of Iodine that´s the problem.

So, the doctors suggestions were: No meds ( yet, as I don´t suffer from any thyroid typical symptoms and I don´t have alarming test results ), eat fish and go to the gym.
His final words were:
“Don´t worry. It´s not uncommon for women your age to have this problem.”

What a way to cheer someone up.

Guess what I´ve been doing for a solid month now? Including fish in my diet and working out. Am I enjoying my new life? Absolutely not. I miss my naps.

Let´s see how that all pans out. Let´s keep our fingers crossed that I won´t have to take meds after my next check up in September.

Besides looking out for myself more I´ve played the best man / best sister for my brother´s wedding! I met new relatives ( I call them new because I´ve never seen them before nor have I known of their existence ). And my best man´s speech didn´t go down so well. But that was expected since I suck at speaking infront of a crowd. I only hope 80 % were drunk and weren´t able understand a thing I said. I´ve heard no complaints yet.


On to the books…


Between the chaos I managed to create a reading list and actually reached my reading goal for the month of May! Who would have thought ( certainly not me. Lol ). I also managed to think of new post ideas.

I had a wonderful mix of everything and even had the chance to add a few books from my TBR list to my May reads.


Completed List

The Little Book Of Hygge – Meik Wiking

Little Black Book – Otegha Uwagba

Ash Princess – Laura Sebastian

A Court Of Frost And Starlight – Sarah J. Maas


Added Reads

Cry, Heart, But Never Break – Glenn Ringtved ( children´s )

The First Touch Of Sunlight – Len Webster  ( romance )

The Wicked Deep by – Shea Ernshaw  ( Fantasy, YA )


That´s 7 (!!) books in a month. I can´t believe it myself but I did it.

Just on a friendly note: My deepest apologies for not replying or commenting on blog posts I follow ( or haven´t yet followed but have been meaning to ). I´ll be sure to take some time off to catch up on ALL the good stuff I´ve missed out on. Looking forward to read some awesomeness from the book blog world!


So, now let´s group hug and move on to the next month.

Here´s to more challenges and that you all and I over come them with ease!

Much love,

Morgana ❤ ❤







11 thoughts on “Some Book Blogger I am.

  1. Sorry about the hypothyroidism. The nonhubs has it (severe though, had to increase meds three times over last two months). I am sending positive vibes your changes are a fix. I was just about to hunt you down and ask where you were. Also, did you decide to keep the Facebook? I saw a post I thought? Not sure, been in a lame haze with these meds. Sending love 🖤


    1. Naaw. Thanks.<3 Yeah, I´ve heard of quite a few people who have a severe case of hypothyroidism. I know I can consider myself lucky ( for now ) but it´s still nothing I want to ignore, you know? If there´s a chance to get it under control without meds then I´m going to do everything possible to do it. Bah. I´m just scared.
      Oh, I was around, just not on WP. You know, I deleted my page account on FB but it said that it´ll be terminated after 14 days. They´re giving me unwanted reconsideration time and they´ve also been sending me notifications that I should return. It´s quite annoying, tbh. Everything you see being posted on the page are scheduled posts I´ve done a month ago. I´m not sure how many posts will go up or when exactly the page will vanish. I´ve made my peace with FB. So, you aren´t suffering from delusions… it´s FB´s fault. 🙂 Sending love back at ya!<3
      ( I´ll get back later and check out what you´ve been up to on your blog. 🙂 Also, love the new profile pic! <3)

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  2. Some doctors, eh? Hopefully his fish & gym strategy will work for you. ❤
    My doctor uses my age as an explanation too, but the other way round. Like when i tell them my stomach hurts all the time they be like "you are too young to have anything serious"… well ok thanks, i feel much better. Not. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤣😂😂😂 I get that too. It depends on the illness. My shoulder hurts for a few days? I’m too young to have arthritis. Thyroid issue? Pfft. Live with it. You’re at that age. Do you also get the feeling Doctors are winging it most of the time?😂🙄
      I’m also one to question back: “yeah, but what if I’m not too young?” He’ll throw the “but what if I die in a car crash tomorrow?” line. 🤦‍♀️ well, I’d have to find a new doctor. So, don’t die yet, hombre. Find out what I have first. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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      1. All the time!
        Once the doctor took my blood pressure, it was 120/70, and then she walked to this little chart on the wall to see if it’s within the normal range. I was quite worried at that point cuz even i know it is 😀

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