16 thoughts on “Dear Facebook. It´s Time To Say Farewell.

  1. Ugh, that experience was PAINFUL to read. I went off Facebook about seven years ago for totally different reasons, but I can say that I haven’t missed it at all. Sounds like you won’t, either 🙂 as a writer and avid reader, I’ll be sure to check back here often to see your reviews on what I should read next! I’ve done some blogging on books in the “P.C. Thinks” section of my blog, too, if you ever want to check out what’s on my recently-read-and-enjoyed list 🙂 https://thingsimthinking.blog

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    1. Meeh * wave off * It wasn´t actually painful, just annoying. I definitely won´t miss having a FB page. It doesn´t surprise me that you left Fb. Nothing drastic is happening there. Lol.
      I will make sure to take some time later to check out your blog. 🙂 ❤ Thanks for taking your time to check out my post and for leaving a comment. It´s much appreciated. ❤ ❤

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  2. I have only recently brought the blog to FB but have to say, I regret it daily haha. I relate to so much of this and ironically have been considering closing my page. My views and followers are terrible. It is one of the few social media platforms O fail miserably with. Well there is Tumblr.. but to be fair I put in no effort there. It feels like until I am ready to shell out funds for promos, etc.. fb is a lost cause. And I refuse to do it for now I am hanging on by a thread only.

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    1. Exactly. That´s why I´m leaving. I can´t be bothered to deal with a sinking ship.
      I´m not surprised you regret blogging on FB. It feels like it´s really not worth it.
      Best to stick with what really works and concentrate on that. I haven´t even tried Tumblr.. HAHA. I thought about it once then decided against it. There are other platforms for book bloggers that are way more effective ( so I´ve been told ).


        1. I´ve heard that Twitter is much better in terms of audience. Interaction is the key and that´s kind of tough to manage on FB. Uugh. I´m with you on the instagram one. I don´t invest enough on Instagram. Although… you´re doing much better there than I am. Lol.


      1. Exactly. I’ve heard that even with the paid ads the engagement doesn’t necessarily come from the target audience who will stay engaged. I did paid ads for my Dad’s small business but I can’t say it produced any lasting effects. Not like 7 years ago when we first started and FB actually helped!

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        1. Right? Back in the day FB was much easier to handle and more people were able to see posts or even like a page. Now, it´s like pulling teeth.
          I´m sorry the ads for your Dad´s business didn´t work as hoped. FB is just a shitty place for businesses.

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