10 Funny Book Dedications

Those words of thanks from an author to someone special…. They´re often found on the dedication page.

You know, the page most people love to skip because they want to immediately get started with the story? Yeah. That page.

Book dedications might not be of major importance to a story, but some dedications are totally worth taking a look at.


Here are 10 Funny Book Dedications


  1. Oh?

book meme 1




2. I hope I´m not on this author´s shit – list.

book meme 10


3. I bet Dad beamed with pride ( and waved back at the book )

hi dad


4. Sir Kmart Asshole.

book meme 3



5. Uuhm…. okay ( hangs head ). 

book meme 5



6. I´ve always wondered about that.

book meme 6



7. Dear author, I can relate.

book meme 7



8. Poor Mr. Marganit.

book meme 8



9. Best. Line. Ever.

book meme 9



10. Oops.

book meme 11


It´s worth looking at book dedications. You just never know what you´re going to read.


That´s it for now…. Stay tuned for more…. ❤ ❤

25 thoughts on “10 Funny Book Dedications

    1. Hello!
      So I am planning to reblog this post, but tomorrow, not today. I clicked the wrong button and it showed up today, and I ended up taking it down. It will be back up tomorrow so all my readers can laugh at these amazing dedications.

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      1. Hi again! Due to technical difficulties that I can’t seem to sort out, the post isn’t showing up properly once reblogged.
        Instead, I’m going to reblog another post of yours. Apologies on behalf of my idiotic computer.

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        1. Hi back!
          No problem what so ever. All computers are moody bitches. You´re forgiven. You´re computer…not. Lol. All´s good. Don´t worry. Do what works best for you and if nothing works then just flip the computer off. It doesn´t help but it might make you feel better. 🙂

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