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Happy Mug Monday!

Last week was a week filled with wonderful moments and gruelling challenges. It´s been a week filled with things I´ve learned.

I´ve learned that….

  • I´d rather throw another party for 7 year olds again than for 11 year olds.
  • All 7 year olds are deaf.
  • Sympathy crying is still a thing with 1st graders.
  • Noah ( a birthday guest from my 7-year-old daughter) likes to show his one-eyed snake.
  • My husband can scream like a girl in panic when Noah reaches for his one-eyed snake.
  • My husband can´t handle Noah declaring his love for our 7 year old daughter.
  • Too many helicopter parents in my garden are more stressful than 7 and 11 year olds.
  • I´m the only person who can bake a cake that´s burnt on the outside and raw on the inside… TWICE! ( I suck at baking)
  • Never gift my oldest daughter a book because she will abandon her party guests and hide for almost an hour to read. We found her in her bathroom. ( Nice move, Mirjam)

I survived 2 kids birthday parties. I survived Noah. I can´t speak for my husband, though. All in all… I call that a success.

That was the stressful part.

The wonderful part was when I hopped on to the computer Sunday evening and saw the little surprises left in my notification box on WordPress. Tucked between all the lovely comments and replies was this:

love post

This. I was totally flashed when I saw this. What a wonderful shout – out from another book blogger! I expected the fan – fiction mob wanting to kill me with their death threats but I didn´t expect anything this heartwarming.

Thank you, Debby  @alwaysbooking 

You´re a doll for taking your time to check out my blog / posts and for wanting to spread the word. These shout – outs don´t happen often so I am grateful for the support and love. ❤ ❤
People! Go and check out Debby´s blog. Her “About Me” is a da bomb!

It then occurred to me that Debby wasn´t the only one supporting me. Other blogs have been doing the same with their comments, retweets, likes and shares lately.

A big fat THANK YOU goes out to:

5171 Miles Book Blog 5171

For some time now, these 2 ladies have been supportive in more than one way. Ashley and Sabrina have wonderful minds and kind hearts and you can feel that kindness and lots of love on their blog. No matter what social media we bump into each other… we have fun. Do check out their AMAZING Instagram feed! ❤


Books, Vertigo & Tea books vertigo

Danielle is a power woman on so many levels. Not only does she write fabulous blog posts ( I love her style ), she also leaves so much positivity and encouragement in comments. ❤ Whatever you´re looking for- Danielle has it on her blog. She´s a tea and book enthusiast.  ❤ Go and show this woman some love because she deserves it all. ❤


Of All The Books In All The Libraries   

of allSuziey´s blog is what it´s supposed to be. A place for all her thoughts regarding books ( and maybe a non bookish topic ). AND I LOVE THAT about her blog. She´s a wonderful blogger with a sharp mind and great style. Suziey has been nothing but wonderful and supportive and for that I thank her dearly. Follow her! Pronto!



Hands down – This blog is lit. Arachnid Weaver and Spinette Spyder have created something out of this world cool! Love their style. Love their posts. Love everything they put out there. If you´re looking for entertainment and humor then you need to follow this blog immediately. Check out their posts. I´ve sat a few nights crying from laughing so hard.


The Cozy Pagescozy pagres

I just recently discovered this lovely blog and can say that I´m sticking to it like glue now. Nina has a colorful collection of blog content and she´s just such a joy to chat with. I´m looking forward to see what else she has in store for me / everyone else! Now it´s your turn to give this woman some love.


As for all the other blogs who have been super supportive –  I haven´t forgotten you. My body and mind haven´t fully recovered from last week´s birthday escapade. I hope I´m forgiven…

Still, before I set off into the land of blissful snores I want to leave an even bigger THANK YOU to the people who have had my back and supported me.

Even the silent ninjas who appreciate from the dark corners of the book world… THANK YOU for… staring / stalking.

It´s time for the Mug Monday presentation.

Are y´all ready? I hope you are. Just don´t get your hopes up because my lack of creativity has suffered a bit ( let´s blame that on Noah a.k.a the One – Eyed – Snake hunter)

mug o

There you have it. The mug is gray and the book, `To Kill A Kingdom` by Alexandra Christo, was just the right book to read after my mentally challenging week. Review will be up this Thursday. ❤

But what I can do is leave my favorite quote from `To Kill A Kingdom`…

“Technically, I’m a murderer, but I like to think that’s one of my better qualities.”

Doesn´t that sound awesome? It does. Sirens, humans, mermaids and…. pirates!

Okay. That´s enough. I need to stop right here before I end up spoiling the whole story.


Book bloggers,

I love you. I appreciate you. I think we should marry soon.


Yours truly,

Morgana ❤ ❤



15 thoughts on “Mug Monday & Special Thanks

  1. I think I might cry lol. I love you!! You’re amazing!! Bless Noah and his one-eyed snake lmao! 7 year olds, 11 year olds, and their parents. Yikes haha. I’m still wondering how you managed to both burn and undercook a cake?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, I have no idea how I do that. Everything else I put in the oven comes out perfectly fine. 😕 Cake and I have a rocky history. HEAVENS…Noah. What a kid. I guess it’s okay his one eyed snake gets enough fresh air😂🙈 Gotta see the positive sides, right?
      7 yr olds are like misunderstood 3 year olds. 11 yr olds are the spawn of Satan asking for WiFi passwords. Helicopter parents thought my garden was one big booby trap. I cant help that I like a natural growing garden ( lawn mower is broken ).
      Naaaw, thank you. But don’t cry. I love you too 😙 Surely, that’s not a reason to cry. 💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I swear… they can be mean little turds when you ‘re not fast with the passwords. 😂 I had 5 pre-teens giving me the ” we don’t have all day” look. I wanted to hop in my car and drive until I ran out of gas.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh ❤ Tears after this very hard day. You are incredible and really too kind to me – xx I am not sure I deserving of such words, but you are the best! Wish I could hug you.

    And haha I think all children are deaf. Is it wrong I keep giggling about Noah? And go Mirjam! I would have done the same 😉 Love that you read To Kill a Kingdom! I hope to pick it up soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naaaw. We´ll have to make do with virtual hugs ❤ * sending them all your way *
      HAHAHA. It´s definitely not wrong to giggle about Noah. I had a hard time holding back when he was here. LOL. He´s just a free spirited kid who… Well, he´s free spirited. I like him. Husbutt doesn´t anymore. LOL ❤

      Mirjam is an evil friend. And it looks like you have an evil side to yourself too! LMAO. Although, I did love the book she bought Eve. Black Beauty. So, Mirjam is forgiven ❤

      Oooh, I loved To Kill A Kingdom! You should definitely read it. Typing the review up this very moment. ❤ ❤


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